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[…] rules for the new expansion are available to download on the Stonemaier Games […]. Moa are totally extinct, so I hope you don’t end up going there. Asking because it could mean only in the same row or it could be adjacent in either row or column? Considering buying Wingspan Digital for Switch. Step 1 is “Use round end powers.” Step 2 is “Discard any unused nectar.” And a later step allows you to use game end powers, after discarding nectar. This expansion includes new player mats and a new food type, allowing players to explore different strategies in this new environment. Wingspan: Oceania Expansion Game Description. Do you have an estimate release date for the Oceania expansion? I like the current scavenger power, to gain food when another bird’s hunt succeeds, but I can see more birds like that interacting with the discard pile in the future. I’m excited for this. NZers are using the Maori names more and more for many of these birds, it would be amazing to have that represented! I don’t think it goes up for sale until 9:30 Central time. Oh, I will, for certain. You’re *done* with the design! So excited for this expansion. Thank you for your reply! What I think you’re asking for–and what most people seem to mean when they ask for “more player interaction”–is more *direct conflict*. When she is successful in gaining food can I then gain a food from the birdfeeder? The dimensions are about the size of a player board folded in half. For me personally, I would not normally play 6 player in person very often – but now, due to COVID – I’ve been playing Wingspan remotely online with friends who have their own copy – and it’s really EASY to assemble 6 players – although we don’t need the extra tableau. Obviously with the new expansion you are allowed to do so as there’s no other way to gain wheat from the birdfeeder. Now there is a goal tile that extends the game incrementally depending on which round it’s paired with. if the pre order runs out when will it be available next? Puffins fly! For Wingspan Oceania, the shipping cost to Singapore is $20. Will I be able to order more than one box? Some other suggestions: Parrots, rosellas and budgerigar, cockatoos and cockateils, lyrebirds and scrub-birds, kingfishers and kookaburras, doves and pigeons (there are some real beauties), honeyeaters, kiwis, rails including weka and takahe, emu, cassowaries, mound builders, cuckoos (koels and the channel billed cuckoos lay multiple eggs in the same nest), frogmouths, finches and penguins. And of course it interacts with the discard pile.”, “One of the books I read getting ready for this expansion was the fascinating, by biologist Tim Low. I continue to be amazed and impressed by the abilities that designer Elizabeth Hargrave thinks of and how they’re tied to the nature of each bird, and I continue to adore and appreciate the art that Natalia and Ana spend hundreds of hours crafting by hand for each expansion. Is it possible to buy playmats through an eu warehouse so we don’t have to pay vat and postal handling fees which doubles the prices of most products. Hi, we have an argument here, do we need to reset bird feeder after each round or not? We’ll have to balance playing it early in the game to strategize for what’s on the bonus cards vs. playing it later to have more cards to choose from (if there’s a specific one you’ve been looking for). From what I understand the ratios start the same so the percentages on the bonus cards would also be the same. I am sure this has already been said, and from the file it is from July so most likely fixed…but in the nectar section it talks about the plants giving off the sugars to pollinators, then in the second paragraph it talks about the eucalypts plant, but third sentence there is a typo, “Other insects excrete excess sugar from tree sap as substances known as lerp and honeydew.” it says insects excrete excess sugar from tree sap, shouldn’t this be plants? We ship the English version to most countries around, including Sweden. Im confused about shipping. I am fascinated by the birds in Australia & New Zealand, having taken a couple of business trips there in the past few years. Do the expansions fit in the original box? Wingspan is easily my #1 favorite board game. There’s nothing in the rules I see that instructs for extra cards to be dealt at the start of each round, just a refresh of the bird tray. Very excited about this expansion! As avid gamers, we just love it. Thanks! Become a Stonemaier Champion to save $10 on every order for a year: And I guess this means your trip to NZ last year was a tax deductible business trip for ‘research’, right… ;-). That was the plan from the start. I think the fairy penguin would make an interesting addition too, also known as the little penguin. Maybe with purple or green powers. If you’re dealing with the English version of the game and you notice any mistakes, feel free to email me: A pack of cards would be sufficient for me and it would also reduce shipping volume, plastic waste, etc. 2) Mimics. Are there other flightless birds in the have or european expansion already? Intriguing! So instead of 8/7/6/5, you could have an 8/8/7/6 game (29 actions) or fewer if it’s paired with a later round. Animals, Australia, Tile Placement : Required. Sleeved cards are a tight fit on the current mats and I’m wondering if they will now have a little more room to “spread their wings.”. It would be very frustrating if a few “entrepreneurial” individuals decided to buy up all the copies then raise the price. […], This expansion is getting better and better with every update. Just think of all the chinchillas, gerbils, hamster, ferrets, flying squirrels, and all the little “miceys”. Draw 1 for each card you tucked.”. But I am colour blind so it could be darker than it appears to me. If you don’t get them until late in the game, they can still provide a nice points boost. According to wikipedia: Thank you! Cheers! If you play with nectar, you’ll need to use the new player mats, Oceania birds, and the Oceania food dice. It's designed by Elizabeth Hargrave and features birds illustrated by Natalia Rojas and Ana Maria Martinez. Hi all. Usually I just wait quietly until games reach my remote quarter of the world, but now I can’t. You and your company are truly special. Why specify the optional nectar if that’s always the case? Or you could do what I’m doing and shuffle all birds together. Additionally, this new player mat in the Oceania expansion does not completely replace the old mat. Thanks for your support for Australia, it is much appreciated. Hello! SKU: STM903 Categories: Expansions , For 1 Player , For 2-4 Players Tag: Board Games With Animals +1 for fantail! 0. Thanks for giving me a good laugh. So they give it away to pollinators as nectar, or they exude it in a substance called manna. As you mention in the rulebook that the bonus card percentages will still be right when including the EE, couldn’t you just play with the birds from this expansion, without using the base game birds (I know we’ll need the base game for the other components)? Actually the expected value of the cached fish is around 1,1 for each activation of the power (assuming the ratio of birds with fish cost do not change significantly during the game). They’re our “bin chickens”. The Oceania bird cards are designed to be shuffled into the bird cards from the base game, with or without other expansions.This expansion includes new player mats and a new food type, allowing players to explore different strategies in this new environment. Oh my goodness… I just can’t wait for this expansion to go on preorder!!! Thank you for creating this remarkable game and I look forward to the future continental expansions. These design diaries will continue for a little over a week (they’re written by publisher Jamey with contributions from designer Elizabeth), followed by advance copy reviews, the preorder in late October, and shipping in November. We’re not a tournament-focused company, but people are welcome to create their own local tournaments. Here’s a related post I made on the Wingspan Facebook group recently: Today I received a sample of something I’d like to share with you and gauge your interest. So if you need to pay 1 seed to tuck a card you can’t pay a nectar instead, you need to pay the seed. We don’t have any plans to update cards. Tomorrow I’ll share the meaning of the mysterious * in the Kakapo’s wingspan! […] Oceania Expansion is available at your local game store, online through Stonemaier Games or through […]. Damit ist die Komponentenliste auch komplett und ich bin positiv überrascht, was den Preis angeht. Wingspan: Oceania Expansion focuses on birds in Australia and New Zealand. It is almost impossible to get Wingspan at the moment in South Africa. Thanks Peter! First up are a variety of “when activated” birds. Any reason to lessen the amount of eggs a player can retrieve early on? We really like the European Expansion and can’t wait for Oceania !! Wingspan: Oceania Expansion focuses on birds in Australia and New Zealand. We’ll post a poll about that soon, and we’re planning for the neoprene mats to lay flat in the big box. While it is possible we will include a small number of nectar birds in future expansions, we’ll keep them to a bare minimum, as it would violate the core principle I mention above. It seeks to provide a relaxed way to play together for times when you want to try something a bit different. :). Brendan is looking forward to the Oceania expansion, which includes birds from the Australasian region, including the ‘Bin Chicken’ – […]. These birds are beautifully illustrated Natalia Rojas and Ana Maria Martinez. Would you consider creating updated cards for the hummingbirds in the base game so they reflect that the hummingbirds also consume nectar? Wingspan: Oceania Expansion focuses on birds in Australia and New Zealand. But I love the addition of nectar, and playtesters seemed to really enjoy it too. Does the french version will be available with pre-orders late October ? Hi there, Ive been thinking a bit more about the upcoming expansion and have a couple of ideas. Or will be Ok to mix with the original set of cards, or with the European expansion? By no means do I wish to be rude but ostriches are native to Africa, however the emu or one of the cassowaries are more likely since they are native to Oceania. And THANK YOU for supporting WIRES. Indeed, checking with the correct distributor is always a good idea ;). Buy Wingspan online in Australia for the cheapest price. I included my mother in my games because she loved birds and introduced me to our feathered friends when I was in high school. Thanks for a quick and accurate answer, as always! Wow, I am really excited about your new expansion. The store or this page? Wingspan Automa lead designer David Studley is here today to discuss the solo mode for Oceania. From then on, the primary way to get nectar is to gain it from the birdfeeder using the 5 new food dice, which replace the original dice when playing with Oceania. Have a good weekend! Thanks David! Yes they will. <3, Hi from Colorado. For all of our games, we’re happy for third-party accessory creators to create their own version of resource bits–they do that completely independent of us. The “2 any -> any graphic” is next to the Play a Bird section because it only applies to that action (you can’t do it during any other action). Oktober gibt es regelmäßig Infos zur Erweiterung auf Instagram, Twitter, Facebook und der offiziellen Seite zum Spiel. I look forward to hearing your thoughts and stories about nectar when you get Oceania to the table! We don’t know for sure, though we would never require anyone to have Oceania for an independent expansion. I guess we will see what exciting things they came up with! While goal tiles are typically randomized, if you want a slightly longer game, you could manually select it for the first round. It is nice as it is, but it could always use some more fine tuning. It would be nice if we could get a nice drawstring bag in a future expansion to aid with randomising the goal tiles :). Amazing! Bruno: As of yet, they haven’t made either expansion. Hi And for those that plan to shuffle in all expansions, the old mats are not compatible at all unless they search through and pull out all Oceania cards. The percentages changed for the German version of the game, at least for some bonus cards. Any chance of an update please? Important: Both of the Wingspan expansions require the Wingspan: Base game to be fully playable, so make sure you have that one before you buy an expansion. a ‘wild’. let’s assume the other bonus card is for the small birds. We’re planning to have 1 expansion per continent, so that leaves 4 more expansions. I have it, but wanted to play the base game a bit more before bringing it out. It also includes new bonus cards and more end-of-round goals, as well as a new colour of eggs. Her sister played with us recently and loved it !! Perhaps a suggestion for a next expansion: A trade platform for bird cards. I love the “bin chicken” card. Trying to figure it out, I just started my third solo game with the new expansion, after buying it yesterday. Alternatively actions that allow you to search the deck. Guys, you’ve posted the first part of the design diary in the FAQ section, and the Design Diary still says “to come”. Thanks to Natalia and Ana for bringing these birds to life with their vibrant illustrations! I’m a bit disappointed that in the redesigned player mat there is still no proper place for the “play a bird” action tokens. Maybe even a different resource to mix in like seed, or another fruit…or flowers/nectar. In the second expansion to Wingspan, we feature the colorful and awe-inspiring birds of Oceania. Until we sell out of copies. 2. In playtesting, did the nectar chips accumulate heavily? Scythe and Wingspan have both become staples at board game night. The Oceania bird cards are designed to be shuffled into the bird cards from the base game, with or without other expansions. I was trying to type this all on my phone. When Elizabeth and I were originally brainstorming ideas for this expansion, we kept coming back to the habitats themselves. Have I missed it? Can I use the Superb Lyrebird and Tui to copy a move bird power like the Chumney Swift and move to another habitat? Thanks Jamey, the shipping cost will be remained the same regardless of how many copies I bought right? I like that idea for an end-game ability! The appendix is written that way to cover both powers, but the birds are specific. The Kakapo is in the wrong area on its map? Afterpay offers simple payment plans for online shoppers, instantly at checkout. Very excited! Your siblings are right. Are the new dice identical? Thank you, Jamey. It doesn’t take a few turns to get the right food to play a big bird – just grab some nectar. Thanks Lauren! Right now we’re just focused on the charitable support. Do I reset the bird feeder? For some terms it’s not intuitive. This expansion includes new player mats and a new food type, allowing players Why Kakapo doesn’t have a value for Wingspan? Hah! I liked the end round goal, the “hoarder” and the power that you tuck a card behind every card with the tuck power (but I would change that. Your e-mail address is only used to send you our newsletter and information about the activities of Boardgame Stories, such as Giveaways, Games on Kickstarter and Latest Videos. Thank you :). Do any of the “copy a brown power” birds live in multiple habitats? Than I keep a running total who may be the ultimate winner! However, there are many more mimics and they are a diverse group (see for example this birdlife Australia quiz The Wedge-Tailed Eagle and Butcherbird both cache food and tuck cards on successful hunts. Congratulations on the generous donation. Fourth, some of you might be wondering why you’d even want neoprene player mats. Not at this time. It will be just a box and a modular organizer–no gameplay content.”, I cannot get the EU expansion into the core box the leave the eggs and half the cards in the expansion box in the cellar as it takes quite a few games to go through the cards as only two of us. In the second expansion to Wingspan, we feature the colorful and awe-inspiring birds of Oceania. As for other name-based bird cards, they’ve turned out to be the hardest to deal with when making expansions and translated versions of Wingspan, so I don’t predict that Elizabeth will create any more name-based bonus cards. Which flightless bird are you eager to add to your habitat? Does the Oceania expansion have blue powered cards as well as the new yellow powers? Many of them have a set-collection aspect to them, similar to some of the bonus cards. I see PNG up top and Australia, but not New Zealand (which is that comma looking bit to the bottom right of Australia). ), but as the number of birds increases over time this will become difficult and take some of the fun away. In my humble opinion Cockatiels and Budgies should be OP. Can you make bird pairs? But we worked at it and thanks to a cadre of awesome playtesters, I hope we’ve struck that nice balance of simple and fun. Can’t wait! To help players remember when the yellow abilities trigger at the end of the game, we added a new reference tile with a note about them. Zip offers simple payment plans for online shoppers, instantly at checkout. I recommend the WingMate app. Wingspan: Oceania Expansion focuses on birds in Australia and New Zealand. :). LOVE the creativity with the bonus cards and goal tiles! You can order anything together with Oceania during the preorder, and they’ll all ship when Oceania is available. Absolute massive fan of all Stonemaier games and absolutely frothing over wingspan. If you’re not in on the intense love-to-hate relationship that Australians have with the bin chicken, aka the Australian Ibis (or even if you are), check out this short mockumentary: Yes, of course it’s in the expansion. :). […] Seit dem 1. Wingspan: Oceania Expansion focuses on birds in Australia and New Zealand. Hi Jessica! The same Kookaburra is in the game, just with different art. Instead, I’m going to go find a place where I can donate those dollars myself! Before I dive into a major component in the Wingspan Oceania expansion, I want to briefly mention that we’re currently running a huge charity auction with 10 signed advance copies of Wingspan Oceania and 10 sets of special Meeplesource Oceania bird tokens (among other rewards) at stake for the winning bidders. As the outrageously successful Wingspan has shown, not every card has to be unique for powers. (I’m a little bit in love with penguins). It's designed by Elizabeth Hargrave and features birds illustrated by Natalia Anyway, this is shaping to be an expansion that really shakes up gameplay, which I appreciate a lot. Oh I know that not all of Australia is Outback. I am international. Perhaps as a brown effect the pied currawong could allow you to predate another nest in your sanctuary and tuck two cards (I’m not sure on balance, so maybe they could be from the deck) or maybe take as many eggs as you want from any nest and tuck that many cards or that many plus one. nom. Wingspan: Oceania Expansion focuses on birds in Australia and New Zealand.. I wonder what we will need to figure out how to handle. It’s still between your upcoming turn and your previous turn, so the ability triggers. I’ll be back tomorrow with the reveal of a major component! So, if I was going to add this element back to the brown powers, the rules needed to be barely noticeable, despite the fact these powers can do all sorts of different things. Thanks Jamey, please work on Automa mode thinking to solo player too . Sylvia: The production process begins as soon as we’ve submitted the final files to our manufacturer. For this first design diary post, I’ll just focus on a few elements I’ve already revealed aspects of, and tomorrow I’ll start discussing the new gameplay elements. If this is still in the planning phase please take into account those of us who sleeve our cards. Will zebra finches be included in the expansion? It would have to be updated with ever expansion. Will the cost be revealed on the day of the preorder or will we know a few days before? Whittling down the list of birds is certainly a tough job. Jamie – loving the expansion. The OE may change the percentages a little? The birds that are not pointing left or right (face-on) are also answered in the rulebook, as is the Great Crested Grebe and Wrybill examples. Whenever you play Wingspan with just the core game and/or the European expansion (or future expansions), you can use either the original player mats or the Oceania mats. Some of my favorite birds in the expansion, including these, got new yellow powers that only activate at the end of the game. Age: 10+ Time: 40-70 Min Players: 1-5 Players. Is the size of the new mat the same as the previous mat? Play. If you did a pre order for all then you could justify the cost of making selling and sending them from an eu warehouse. Imagine someone in love with your original board and who will play all your next extensions on it and without the Nectars and Nectar birds: I suppose the % on the Bonus card will be wrong then right? Take my money! We have played many games over the last few years and from our point of view nothing comes close to the fun that we get from Wingspan. We didn’t want to overwhelm players with information, something we discussed a lot during the development process. Release Details: The Wingspan Oceania Expansion will be available to preorder from Stonemaier Games on October 28 starting around 9:30 am CT, with preorders being shipped from fulfillment centers in the US, Canada, Australia, and the UK in November and December. Yes, there will be–the release date is up to 999 Games. Wingspan: Oceania Expansion focuses on birds in Australia and New Zealand. At first I thought the rounding down was a typo because if first place is 5 points, why would you round 2.5 down to 2 on a tie, wouldn’t you round 2.5 up to get 3? Yes, it’s pointing left. @Larry A question about the future expansions please: Dave: We playtested Wingspan at various lengths, and we found that the current number of rounds and actions per player works best. That will definitely be an interesting new part of the game… . It doesn’t grip the table like the original mat, but I also don’t think it’s at risk for sliding around all willy-nilly. Testing? Because of all this, if enough people are interested, we wouldn’t plan on making more units of the original neoprene playmat. This is a one-time decision. Thanks for helping in Australia and for leaking the next expansion! I think you could make a good case for the puffin fitting in this category. If you’re introducing new players to Wingspan, though, I’d recommend using the original mats. I absolutely love it, but I’ve noticed a few minor mistakes in the naming of birds. I just became a Champion. Here’s the rulebook explanation for flightless birds: A few birds in the deck have a * symbol for their wingspan. Thanks for joining me for another weekend post, and tomorrow I’ll delve into much-anticipated new yellow ability on bird cards! If its wingspan is [size here] tuck it behind this bird and cache a [mouse] from the Players and playtesters have asked for such options for a while now, and Elizabeth found this way of integrating them into the core interface. Those doesn’t apply to food specific bird powers. × This content is not authorized for posting on Steam. You can pay two other food to pay a nectar food cost to play a bird, but you don’t place a nectar on the “spent nectar” space on your player mat.

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