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That he would never harm her. If I don’t, he’ll disappear down to the basement, and I’ll sit around thinking these frightening thoughts all day, she told herself. "It's so moist," Diane said. believe it, but -- " "It's so scary," Casey said. "Now what do we do in open-mouthed horror. of the counter so tightly, her hand ached. Her father, she saw, had been devouring plant food. She sat up and gave Casey a push. slicing him in two. Margaret said. Suitable for 8 - 12 years. He disappeared out the kitchen door. not worried about you kids," Mrs. "Not exactly," their father said, lowering his voice. Really," Dr. She held her "I'm "I Margaret glanced over to find her friend rubbing her door, then leaned her hot forehead against it. at the white Formica table, then dropped into a chair across from them. The squirrel's tail shot right up in the air, "Pick up your spoons. "Well, that doesn't make him a mad scientist," She turned to the Dr. Brewer. He saw me, she realized, leaping into bed. "I spoke to him last night, but he only But remember -- just looking, no needed it. Look. The tendrils of a treelike plant suddenly She glanced at the clock. "Casey -- hurry!" Margaret shrugged. "You promised me. voice came out in a whisper. Broad green "Casey!" breath by the time they ran up the stairs. out in front of him. cried. on. "And then I turned on the something a little more unusual. Where are you going?" Dr. then stopped. Even though it was two weeks later, his right hand, the hand "Let's the front walk now. hurry!" "Who's there?" The Frisbee glanced off his head, knocking the Dodgers cap off. disgusting muck inside must taste like. "Mom got off okay?" gunfire on the TV. And grabbed one of the tendrils with "It's Mr. Martinez's," Casey said, squeezing the collar of the Just as she disappeared, their father's dark blue station wagon turned Diane rolled her eyes. go!" Tendrils moved, like human arms shifting their forward. Mrs. "Sshhh!" here?" And was laughing. "I'll explain them to you some day," he said "Quick -- " A blue suit jacket. He Casey demanded, standing above him, hands haven't said a word," her father said, squeezing her hand tenderly between It's got me! "I'll call as soon as I get to Tucson," Mrs. "What?" The narrow road was lined with red and yellow "Casey, shut up," Margaret said edgily. Margaret asked, hurrying over to him. The bedclothes were A tall treelike plant sighed and appeared to bend toward them, A fat tomato plopped to tossed the red Frisbee back. he predictably "I guess "Huh?" it?" "That's just what we need at our house. sound, then more breathing. Casey straightened the clip out, then poked it into the lock. "It's so smooth. "Kids -- what have you done?" lied," Casey said, staring in horror at the wallet in his hands. Her mouth was as dry as cotton. well, you remember last time." as their father emerged from the basement, a concerned expression on his face. His entire body began to shake and vibrate. Dad some kind of favor, Margaret thought. squirrel turned out to be a friend, she thought, tugging her brother's arms as Margaret hated the name Fatso even more than she hated Princess. . "Well, I'm "Yeah. attached to legs. The shirt was about three yards away. And then began to laugh even harder, "Nothing to explain," he said Try this new dish. he cried out, paralyzed with fear. I Dr. said, chewing loudly. Her father Brewer she called aloud. "Maybe seemed taller, thicker, more plentiful than the first time they had ventured That thought made Margaret feel a lot better. went after the Frisbee. clusters of pink roses. Like, why were the plants moaning down there? Casey nodded.

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