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8 Posted: 6/12/2020 at 4:42 PM Governor's Ninth Supplementary Emergency Proclamation for COVID-19 Posted: 6/10/2020; Mayor’s COVID-19 Emergency Rule No. Pre-departure testing with results known and acted upon before travel begins will help identify infected travelers before they board airplanes.Air passengers will be required to get a viral test (a test for current infection) within the 3 days before their flight to the U.S. departs, and provide written documentation of their laboratory test result (paper or electronic copy) to the airline or provide documentation of having recovered from COVID-19. Travelers who do not have a negative test result prior to departing for Hawaii must self-quarantine for 10 days, without exception. All trans-Pacific travelers who board a plane on the final leg of their trip to the Hawaiian Islands without first securing a negative test will be subject to, Travelers heading to Hawaii must upload their negative test results to the Safe Travels system, This policy change applies to domestic trans-pacific flights and additionally includes all flights from international locations in which pre-travel testing programs are in place. It does not apply to inter-county travelers. Currently, all travelers must either undergo a 10-day quarantine, or -- … On Tuesday, Hawaii’s governor issued a stay-at-home order and travel restrictions for the island of Lanai after the state Department of … Travelers who, upon entry into the state, provide written confirmation from a state-approved COVID-19 testing facility of a negative test result from a test administered to the traveler within 72 hours from the final leg of departure, will be able to bypass Hawaii’s mandatory quarantine order. 2021 Hawaii Travel Guide. Sorry for the inconvenience, this page has moved. All transpacific travelers arriving on Kauai are subject to the state's 10-day mandatory self-quarantine regardless of testing. The Hawaii Department of Health (DOH), in partnership with aio Digital and the Hawaii Executive Collaborative (HEC), has launched AlohaSafe Alert, the free State of Hawaii officially approved exposure notification app to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19. Restaurants may serve guests, with no more than. The new Oahu program includes four tiers (tier 1 through 4), with tier 1 being the most restrictive and tier 4 the least restrictive. COVID-19: NEGATIVE TEST RESULT FROM A TRUSTED TESTING PARTNER REQUIRED BEFORE DEPARTURE FOR HAWAII TO BYPASS 10-DAY QUARANTINE. Upload negative test results to your Safe Travels account. Getty. For more information visit Traveling To Hawaii. There is no inter-county quarantine in place for travelers to Oahu. Initially, it was proposed to be February 1st, but that date has since been delayed until sometime in the Spring of 2021. Hawaii intends to open tourism with a negative COVID-19 pre-travel test, which will allow visitors to come to Hawaii without a quarantine. Trademarks and brands are the property of their respective owners. However, there is a pre- and post-travel testing program for visitors who stay in “resort bubble” hotels. Only DOH authorities will have access to data, and all data will be kept anonymous. *Despite the new test requirement by the CDC, international travelers to Hawaii must still have a negative test result from a State of Hawaii Trusted Testing and Travel Partner (before departure to Hawaii) in order to avoid the 10-day traveler quarantine. Registration instructions and costs can be found at the partners’ websites. Whether you are a returning resident or a visitor to the Hawaiian Islands, we want to ensure that all travelers remain safe and Travelers wishing to bypass the 10-day mandatory quarantine must have their negative COVID-19 test results - from a trusted testing partner - prior to departure for the State of Hawaii. You may post anonymously, but it will be held in moderation until approved. Once the post-travel test shows they are COVID-free, they will be released from quarantine and can leave the “resort bubble.”. The health of our residents and visitors is our primary concern, particularly with more people traveling to Hawaii over the holidays.". This. Safe Travels Hawaiʻi Keeping Hawai‘i Safe. Travelers heading to Hawaii must upload their negative test result to the Safe Travels system prior to departure or, as an alternative to uploading, bring a hard copy of their negative test result with … You will then be required to fill another Safe Travels Hawaii program application form that will apply to your trip from Honolulu to your final neighbor island destination airport. Travelers heading to Hawaii must upload their negative test result to the Safe Travels system prior to departure or, as an alternative to uploading, bring a hard copy of their negative test result with them when boarding their flight. Guests should consult their resort for transportation options as travelers will not be allowed to rent a car until released from quarantine. Businesses or operations not enforcing this rule may be subject to enforcement, including fines and mandatory closure. This does not include out-of-state travel to Kauai at this time. The inter-island quarantine continues through at least February 14th. In that same section, we've also included details about secondary post-arrival testing that may be required, depending on which island(s) you visit. We'll continue to monitor this developing story closely and we'll post updates here and on our Hawaii COVID-19 Vaccination page. The phone number is (808) 270-7855. Hawaii Pre-Travel Testing Partners & Test Costs, What's Open, Closed, and Reopening Soon in Hawaii, Hawaii Travel Requirements & COVID-19 Updates. Hawaii requires proof of a negative COVID-19 test before you take off in order to avoid the 14-day quarantine. Retailers and essential businesses, including big box stores, can begin to operate at 50% capacity. The requirements of this statewide mask mandate are set forth by the emergency proclamation, which will be enforced in each county. If a passenger does not provide documentation of a negative test or recovery, or chooses not to take a test, the airline must deny boarding to the passenger. We also receive a small commission from travel partners for some of the links found on this website. Oahu has introduced a new program for reducing the spread of COVID-19 on the island, with criteria set for loosening & tightening restrictions on both businesses and activities to keep the residents of Oahu safe. Take a post-travel test more than 72 hours after arriving on Kauai and receive a negative result. Some islands require a second test, post-arrival. You can find the most recent updates on Maui via the Maui county website. Failure to register with an exposure notification system before arrival into Maui County shall result in mandatory quarantine, except for any individual under the age of 18 or who does not possess a mobile device. We expect the list of International Testing Partners to grow substantially as more locations are added; including for travelers arriving from New Zealand, Taiwan, South Korea, etc. Below we've also made sure to provide detailed information on the individual restrictions on each county/island within the state of Hawaii. After three days on Kauai, take a post-travel test. Take a pre-travel test within 72 hours before traveling to Kauai and receive a negative test result. Post-arrival testing and results will also not be accepted once a traveler has arrived in Hawaii. All travelers must upload negative COVID-19 test results to the Safe Travels Hawaii platform within 72 hours from the final leg of departure or print out the negative test result prior to departure and have it in hand on arrival to Hawaii in order to avoid the 10-day quarantine. For more information visit www.alohasafealert.org. The requirements of this statewide mask mandate are set forth in Exhibit J, which will be enforced in each county. Oahu has introduced a new program for reducing the spread of COVID-19 on the island, with criteria set for loosening & tightening restrictions on both businesses and activities to keep the residents of Oahu safe. Travelers without smartphones or computers can ask a friend or relative for assistance or receive assistance at the arrival airport. The number of new COVID-19 infections on Oahu has steadily declined under the stay-at-home order, which was put in place four weeks ago when the island was seeing upwards of 300 new cases a day. The Safe Travels program is currently being updated to accommodate Kauai travelers. Additionally, inter-county passengers to Maui must now have their negative test results prior to arrival; as Maui County will no longer accept negative test results received post-arrival. Be sure to check with the individual county websites for the latest information. It allows travelers who participate in the program to enjoy the resort amenities for the first three days of their vacation until they are eligible to take their post-travel test. The Latest: Hawaii imposes new COVID-19 travel restrictions. Only test results from trusted testing partners approved by the Hawaii Department of Health are being accepted. Hawaii COVID Testing Requirements & Test Procedures, Hawaii Reopening to Visitors - What you need to know, individual restrictions on each county/island, Inter-County Trusted Testing and Travel Partners, Fifth Supplementary Emergency Proclamation, Enhanced Movement Quarantine (EMQ) "resort bubble" hotel, Hawaii Trusted trans-Pacific Travel Partners →, Hawaii Testing Requirements & Procedures →, Hawaii Trusted inter-island Hawaii pre-travel partners →, Hawaii International Travel Testing Partners →, What is Open, Closed, or Reopening Soon →, Hawaii COVID-19 Travel News & Headlines →, Hawaii International Trusted Travel Partners →, Disclaimer of Warranty and Limitation of Liability.

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