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Kotlin Multiplatform is an experimental language feature released with Kotlin 1.2 in 2017. Kotlin Talks. Kotlin is very interesting from a language perspective, it has many merits, but also some pitfalls and awkward design choices. Overall, multiplatform is not about compiling all code for all platforms. Thanks Reddit! I have recently created an app “Hue Edge” for controlling Philips Hue via the Samsung Galaxy Edge panel. The Kotlin Locator / Finder app on iOS and Android have the same business logic: one piece of code is responsible for behavior on both platforms. The winners were awarded prizes by JetBrains. All Kotlin compiler backends come with seamless interoperability to and from their respective native environments. The application itself was downloaded several hundred times in Play Market and App Store. Let us show you a couple of useful things: https://moko.icerock.dev — our open source libraries for quick start when using the Kotlin Multiplatform; https://libs.kmp.icerock.dev — a site with libraries for the Kotlin Multiplatform; https://kmp.icerock.dev — a site with libraries and links to projects; https://t.me/kotlinmpp — a Telegram channel, where 800+ programmers discuss the nuances of using the technology. Multiplatform Kotlin [WIP] A mobile client for Reddit that runs on Android and iOS. Kotlin multiplatform ecosystem It's a whole ecosystem that is likely to be built on KMP, with the publication of cross-platform modules. If there is an application that the Kotlin Multiplatform has to be integrated into, there is no need to completely rewrite it. Kotlin Multiplatform. 44.0k members in the Kotlin community. Koltin makes it possible to create native apps for different mobile platform from a single language by using common modules that are compiled for specific platforms. Build final native binaries. Just look at these faces! At the same time, we tested the new version of the Kotlin Multiplatform and were convinced that it really is possible to write an application on it for a smart watch. We were in the role of our own clients, as we spent resources in the same manner and waited for results, as is usually done when ordering an application for commercial purposes. Please, use gists or codepaste for it). Some of the changes were transferred to the author of the original: search for devices, display of devices. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. If the project is more complex, one specialist needs to write the general code and the business logic and a developer on another platform does not have to do any double work. Drum roll – only an iOS developer was working on the app full-time. The following is code from the common module. KMM is solely focused on mobile app development and allows a single codebase for the business logic of iOS and Android apps. It brought together 1,700 developers from all over the world. However they very much care about correctness, defect rates, & productivity and Kotlin helps with all 3. Any feedback is welcome! It does this by creating a common module that feeds from the Kotlin standard library, and then creating separate modules for each mobile platform. The language is similar to Swift and compatible with Java. During the preparation for KotlinConf, we worked with JetBrains on the Kotlin Locator / Finder. When I say Kotlin Multiplatform feature is very promising, there is a strong reason behind it, Kotlin Multiplatform let us reuse the business logic and does not impose any … Cookies help us deliver our Services. Configure compilations. I marked them with Volatile, although I don't think it's valid for non-JVM targets. They provide a central and convenient way to set up and control Kotlin projects targeting JavaScript. Let's get right to it! Is this a good approach?What could go wrong here? Therefore, there is no need to pay for the work of additional specialists. Supported platforms. At the very end, an Android programmer was called in and only implemented the UI for Android. DEV Community is a community of 549,363 amazing developers . The Kotlin Multiplatform code is very similar to Swift. The art lead started conjuring up the design while the technical director and a specialist took over the innards of the application. Help is never far away – consult extensive community resources or ask the Kotlin team directly. Yes, it is a bit crowded. Apache Zeppelin is a popular web-based solution for interactive data analytics. All that needs to be done is connect the application to the shared library and add the UI. The library was eventually forked and refined. When working on the Kotlin Multiplatform, we saved resources, which means that in the end, we were able to make the application cheaper for customers and market it much faster. To demonstrate this functionality, we had to create an application for three platforms: iOS, Android and WatchOS. With Kotlin multiplatform, you cross compile Kotlin code to multiple platforms like IOS, Android, Linux, WebAssembly, Javascript, etc. They come together to conduct workshops, exchange experience and just have a good time with like-minded people. Kotlin is a statically typed programming language for Java Virtual Machine (JVM) and JavaScript. We're a place where coders share, stay up-to-date and grow their careers. News. Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile (KMM) is an SDK for cross-platform mobile app development gave by JetBrains. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Share code on platforms. Kotlin Multiplatform (or MPP, Multiplatform Project) is a powerful tool that combines Kotlin/JVM (which compiles into JVM bytecode), Kotlin/JS (which compiles into Javascript) and Kotlin/Native (which compiles into low-level binaries) together allowing a developer to write a common codebase entirely in Kotlin, specialize it with some platform-dependent implementations, and ship a software which runs … Discussion about Kotlin, a statically typed programming language for the JVM, Android, JavaScript, and native. We started developing on the iOS platform for smartphones. Kotlin is a JVM-based language developed by Jetbrains, known for their IDEs and developer tools. What Is Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile? At these points, players can find interesting details about Kotlin: the history of the language, new tools, etc. Kotlin is already running on the backend with Ktor, and on the frontend with Kotlin / JS. Every component can share as much code as needed with others but can access platform APIs at any time through the expect/actual mechanismprovided by the language. Our company just approved Kotlin for back-end development due to these reasons. Check out Kotlin kernel's GitHub repo for installation instructions, documentation, and examples. And voila – the application was ready. We would like to share our experience. We used the moko-network and generated all the code for working as a server for two platforms according to the openapi specification. Multiplatform projects are in Alpha. Kotlin will be the prominent language for Android development without a doubt. With Kotlin, development speed is boosted significantly. It allows users to write code, including for Apple smart watches. Publish a multiplatform library. Debug interaction from common Kotlin code with iBeacon tags. JetBrains, the organizers of the conference and the creators of the Kotlin language, offered us a project. The Kotlin Locator / Finder app on iOS and Android have the same business logic: one piece of code is responsible for behavior on both platforms. But a version of Kotlin that allows coding for watches was released later. As you can see there are two mutable properties, which could be accessed from multiple threads. It allows developers to build modern web applications with the Kotlin language. Then we would have had to pay full time to two developers. Talking Kotlin Podcast. Reddit. Your var for ChatStatuscan also be replaced with a StateFlow. Dank is fresh experience for Reddit on Android. Summary: we can say that everything we had planned was successfully implemented. Currently, Kotlin Multiplatform does not allow you to use multiple Kotlin frameworks within an xcode project. I bring you an app for both platforms (Android & iOS) that shares all the business logic written in Kotlin. Kotlin-jupyter is an open source project that brings Kotlin support to Jupyter Notebook. Kotlin/JS Overview. Kotlin doesn't limit you to the common subset of all APIs in the world. It reduces time spent writing and maintaining the same code for different platforms while retaining the … This is what the Kotlin Locator / Finder interface of a smart watch app looks like. If the project is simple, one programmer can create applications for two platforms. Kotlin Multiplatform is a kotlin language feature that allows us to run Kotlin in JavaScript, iOS, and native desktop … In the process, we got some useful experience: It was the first time we used Kotlin / Native on WatchOS with compiler version 1.3.60. Hi! Therefore, the application for the watch was made after the application for smartphones. The application is adapted for a specific platform and convenient for both developers and users. The recommended way to use Kotlin/JS is via the kotlin.js and kotlin.multiplatform Gradle plugins. For a local event, this is a very good indicator. But development is also a business. Hi! Therefore, we were convinced on personal experience of how effectively the Kotlin Multiplatform helps solve business problems. All the stages of development, verification and testing are almost 1.5 times faster than when creating native apps separately on iOS and Android. This gives the same level of detail and stability, and, accordingly, convenience for the user. With this in mind, we're going to start building the next part of our project - here we'll start with the remote layer of our application. The bottom line is this: players download the application and with the help of tips start looking for “magic points” that are marked with iBeacon tags. With a pretty architecture, we maximized the code sharing, starting from the presentation layer and even reaching the data layer. The Kotlin project was born out of the aspiration for heightened productivity. Kotlin Multi-Platform. We expect these tools to mature for Kotlin Multiplatform, especially later this year when the Android Studio plugin launches.. For sharing Kotlin code with iOS projects, it would seem pretty important to … Kotlin multiplatform starts to rock! I have released KVision 3.17.0, the first version of the framework supporting new Kotlin/JS IR compiler backend.All artifacts are published in "both" mode, so you can now choose the legacy or the IR compiler for your applications. Kotlin/JS provides the ability to transpile your Kotlin code, the Kotlin standard library, and any compatible dependencies to JavaScript. Contribute to the language and ecosystem. Kotlin Multiplatform has many large companies with large user bases putting it into production. The current implementation of Kotlin/JS targets ES5. Completely native application. With Multiplatform technology, there is no need to duplicate code, which means that there is no need to do any extra work. This model has its obvious limitations, and we understand that modern applications need access to unique features of the platforms they are running on. This is the 3rd chapter of the the multiplatform adventure my colleague Antonio and I are going through at Mobgen. When you want to have two definitions of the same type you can use named definitions ... I’m an Android/Kotlin-Multiplatform developer. Among other things, we found out that the use of multi-platform technology saves a lot of time and effort. The Kotlin Multiplatform ecosystem is pretty new, and you might find yourself with fewer existing tools/libraries to choose from. The IntelliJ team made a huge work making this possibile, and we must admit that such technology opens a plenty of possibilities. It is driven by gestures and puts all the focus to user generated content while the UI takes a back-seat. That is, we would have done double the work and spent one and a half times more resources. For example, Reaktive is a Kotlin multiplatform module of Reactive Extensions (Observables). Also, all the logic code: the logic of the game itself, the work with data, local storage, etc., was written only once in Kotlin. A trip into Kotlin Multiplatform Projects – Part 2: BLE In the first part , we started discovering how powerful Kotlin Multiplatform is applied into the mobile app world. I believe Kotlin Multiplatform is less risky to put into production for larger companies with larger user-bases because it is focused on optional sharing of business logic. Described as a general-purpose language, Kotlin introduces functional features to support Java interoperability. Language features and tooling may change in future Kotlin versions. Photo from the official JetBrains website. A wild developer appears. We worked with the Reedyuk / blue-falcon library. While working on Dank, my primary goal was to ensure that user generated content on Reddit receive as much attention in the app as possible, while letting the UI take a back-seat.As part of this experience, all images and videos in Dank are flick-dismissible so that the user can browse through high quality cat photos as fast as possible. Saket Narayan. Yes, the guys look a little embarrassed. We were once again convinced of its effectiveness at KotlinConf 2019, which took place in Copenhagen. Discussion about Kotlin, a statically typed programming language for the JVM, Android, JavaScript, and native. Keep in touch. Multiplatform Recently, Kotlin multiplatform became a thing. Understandably! Zeppelin Kotlin interpreter. Support for multiplatform programming is one of Kotlin’s key benefits. Here's an example of code sharing and … In the last post we outlined the foundations for how our kotlin multiplatform project is going to be structured. A new version of the language was presented at the conference. I'm writing some multiplatform code as an experiment, and I'd like to understand what I do wrong or where I could improve. We announced 2019 as the year of the Kotlin Multiplatform at the company. There’s good news as this feature is coming in 1.3.70, but currently we are at 1.3.61 so we’re going to have to wait until that is out of Early Access Preview . Run tests. Compatibility with other programming languages. get invite here. I know Flutter isn't for backend but we can just use a more mature tooling there like Ruby on Rails or NodeJS This gives the same level of detail and stability, and, accordingly, convenience for the user. Create a multiplatform library. The points are not that easy to find, as they appear only if the player approaches them at a certain distance. Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile goes Alpha – Kotlin Blog. Hue Edge. Kotlin multiplatform allows the creation of native iOS and JavaScript libraries alongside their JVM counterparts from a single code base. This is the Kotlin Locator / Finder interface on iOS for smartphones. To complete the game, the players need to find 6 beacons in different places. Oh, dude. Because the community of programmers comes from several dozen countries. Discover your project. Although it all depends on the complexity of the UI, it is still possible to speed up development by an average of 20-50%. Now it is upgraded and released with KMM in alpha version. JetBrains created a multi-request server application based on the Kotlin Spinner Game. We have been developing applications on the Kotlin Multiplatform for 2 years now. Cost saving. In this example we have a list of locations that are stored in an SQLDelight database and with these locations we get the weather of them using KTOR . Fast market entry. Because the coolest Kotlin developers in the world were looking at them! We tested everything. Slack. He accepted our feedback and expressed his gratitude. If you have any questions, please email us at mpp@icerock.dev. We at IceRock Development now run most of our projects using this technology. Multiplatform Mobile ↗ ... Join Kotlin User Groups movement. Mostly for job related post. Bella Center is the second largest conference center in Scandinavia that was rented out specifically for KotlinConf 2019 in Copenhagen! And we made a completely native application! KVision is an open source web framework created for Kotlin/JS. LinkedIn. The first item in the terms of reference was a smart watch. I am a self-taught developer who ended up in #1 Top Chart! The fact that Google came out with Flutter and is pushing it hard has dwindled my confidence in Kotlin Multi Platform. For standard double-platform application development, we would have hired one developer for iOS and another for Android. Enjoy the benefits of a rich ecosystem with a wide range of community libraries. Therefore, we created practically bug-free applications for watches and Android. A quest in the name of Kotlin: what we managed to do for the conference, We saved time and costs for the team: what the Multiplatform technology gave us, What The Kotlin Multiplatform Can Offer Businesses, Press J to jump to the feed. In 2018, we started implementing projects and made several important discoveries from the get-go. So, in place of writing two apps, Kotlin Multiplatform provides a way to share common business logic and build apps for different platforms using Kotlin. Stack Overflow. There was no need to duplicate anything. The rest – the designer, the Android programmer and tester worked part-time. Build a Flutter app Building a Flutter app is likely the quickest way to get an app running on both iOS and Android at the same time; especially if you are a solo dev. This is a quest game where players had to run around Bella Center. Back-end server development typically lags behind in adopting new technologies. The Good I could fill entire books about the things I like about Kotlin. ... Press, a cross-platform markdown editor written in Kotlin Multiplatform They called us and told us about the idea. Set up targets manually. This is the largest event in the world for Kotlin programmers. Also, listeners are contained inside a coroutine. Native apps are more complex and therefore more expensive. Kotlin Forum. ... [UPDATE 2] Thank you, Reddit! Most of the bugs were found during development and debugging of the iOS application. 20 people reached the end of the quest. Connect to platform-specific APIs. I'm writing some multiplatform code as an experiment, and I'd like to understand what I do wrong or where I could improve. We negotiated the protocol with the server, drew a map and created the application architecture. And just "ask" instead. Find inspiration at a Kotlin event or host one yourself. But what if I don't want to "observe" the state? Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. The Kotlin Multiplatform code is very similar to Swift. Add dependencies. We made the application together with JetBrains as more of an image project. Press J to jump to the feed. You may recall seeing how we had each API re Being able to attach a debugger to any code you're running is a pretty useful tool. More to say, I believe Kotlin Multiplatform started walking the road to become a standard in multiplatform development. As a company, we were planning to adopt it but chucked the idea after seeing how Google is actively promoting Flutter. Instead of bridging a Channel to a listener patterns, just use StateFlow or SharedFlow (depending on whether your code treats this as state or events, I'd try and go for the state approach). And everything worked out great! Named definitions. We are trying to contribute to the development of the international Kotlin community. Kotlin has great support and many contributors in its fast-growing global community. using the Kotlin multiplatform gradle plugin.

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