mount cardigan crag shelter

"Cool and windy day on Mount Cardigan. The Mowglis Trail soon climbs up Firescrew, with excellent views all around, including south, to Cardigan Mountain: Firescrew, Mt. Cardigan via Manning Trail, Mowglis Trail, Clark Trail, Holt Trail There is a composting toilet there. Trust them, not your instinct or GPS device and eventually you’ll arrive at your destination, Cardigan Lodge. According to the 1948 edition of the AMC White Mountain Guide, Crag Camp could accommodate 15 people; today's shelter, however, can fit about six people. Summit of Orange Mtn. Skyland for out / back to Crane Mtn, then over to Rimrock / South Peak. ... snow is still abundant. Then over to South Peak and Mount Cardigan. The Mt Meader Trail reaches rte 113 less than a mile north of the Baldface Circle Trail. Hiked up via West Ridge Trail to Skyland Trail to Rim Rock. Some very long approaches are possible from the West via Eagle Link, which climbs from the Wild River Trail (about midway between Perkins Notch Shelter and Spruce Brook Campsite) to Eagle Crag. Snow still present in areas, but avoidable. Grand Loop - Up Woodland / Clark to Vistamont. Cardigan Lodge, Alexandria, New Hampshire: Managed by Appalachian Mountain Club. This time we decided to do a loop that included Firescrew Mountain to change it up a bit. A two-mile detour not counting the road. Philip Werner has hiked and backpacked over 7500 miles in the United States and the UK and written over 2500 articles as the founder of, noted for its detailed gear reviews and educational content.A devotee of New Hampshire and Maine hiking and backpacking, Philip is the 36th person to hike all 650 of the hiking trails in the White Mountain Guide. Mount Cardigan MODERATE Dayhike: 3.3 miles (2.5 hours) — 25 miles from Hanover The bare rocky summit of Mount Cardigan, at 3,155 feet, affords a panoramic view stretching from rural New Hampshire in the foreground to the summits of the White Mountains in the distance. The goal of this hike is to reach the crag proper. Distance: 7.6 miles round-trip (5.0 miles to Cardigan via Back 80 and Mowglis Trails, with 2.6 miles via Clark, Cathedral Forest, and Holt Trails to return to AMC Cardigan Lodge) Difficulty: moderate elevation gain (1500 feet); also, some rough footing the final 20 yards to Cilley's Cave There are a number of routes up Cardigan Mountain from the AMC Cardigan Lodge. We made it to Crag Shelter. Crag Camp rehab 2013 Formed in 1985 under the direction of Craig Sanborn, the Cardigan Highlanders Volunteer Trail Crew has a primary focus on maintaining hiking trails on Mount Cardigan and Mount Sunapee in western New Hampshire, while periodically venturing farther afield to assist other trail crews across New Hampshire and Vermont. Lunch at Crag Shelter before hitting Elwell and descending to Back 80 trail. When we started hiking the View and Brew list, it came up again, so off we went to hike it once more. Finally up Cardigan and then down to Firescrew. Accessible by car, this beautiful lodge also offers a High Cabin option along the trail to Mount Cardigan . We started at about 8:45AM from the AMC Cardigan Lodge where there was plenty of parking. We first hiked Mt Cardigan back in November for the NH Fire Outlook Tower Quest (it is also on 52 with a View). Mt Cardigan: 3149 ′ This is another mountain, like that above, that lives well away from the White Mountain National Forest. The ride to Appalachian Mountain Club’s (AMC) Cardigan Lodge is an adventure in itself. 30. Red Tape Almost none. Mowgli's Trail is a 3.9 mile out and back trail located near Canaan, New Hampshire that features a great forest setting and is rated as moderate. As you proceed down the back roads of Alexandria, AMC sign leads the way. Mt Parker: ... bog bridges, an Adirondack style three-sided shelter, and several outlooks.

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