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In Region III, we strive to provide the best opportunity for men’s gymnastics development through competition and education. Weight to watch: This region had the best group of heavyweights last year and sent three to the Boardwalk Hall podium. Region 3; Region 4; Region 5; Region 6; Region 7; Region 8; Region 9; Region 10; Region 11; Region 12; Region 13; Region 14; Region 15; Qualification procedures will be determined around February 15th each year. You should always communicate your concerns directly through your personal coach. meets in which Level 8, 9, & 10's routines were used) are required on each event during the Level 8, 9, & 10 sessions. NAWGJ does not necessarily endorse these sites or make any guarantees concerning the content of each site. Deadlines. Region 3 Men's Gymnastics. (This can be as simple as copying      the check register.). Because of this, there is an established allotment for each Level. State Chairman (6), Region 3 Judging Liaison (1) Maintain an open line of communication with the local judging organization. Please refer to the National Rules and Policies for a complete set of guidelines. Robert Cowan was the first Region III Director, serving from 1974-1985. NY USAG Newsletter for November - Click HEREHERE This is also the qualifying meet for the Junior Olympic Nationals for Levels 8, 9 & 10 (within certain age groups). The Junior Olympic Nationals is the final competition for the age group program for Level 8 (11-12yrs) , Level 9 (13-14yrs) & Level 10 (14-15yrs & 16-19yrs) qualifiers from Regions 1-9 participate in this prestigious event. Conduct Future Stars Testing by securing location, judges, entry information and final schedules. This website is powered by SportsEngine's Sports Relationship Management (SRM) software, but is owned by and subject to the Region 6 Womens Gymnastics privacy policy. a)  An annual report of the state and USAG sponsored activities. Serve as Chairman for Annual Regional Meeting held at Regional Championships. This award is for outstanding contribution to Region 3 from someone in the Judging Community. Age group development camps for some of the top finishers will take place in the summer of the following year. Thornton’s Gymnastics Center 1001 S. Egret Bay Blvd. Please see the new form on the Men's Program website. Secure bids and conduct the State Championships, Conduct an annual State Clinic (if possible), Conduct State Chairman elections every two years. Ages 8 - 14, Junior Developmental Divisions 1 & 2 Any coach who is currently a USA Gymnastic Professional Member is eligible for this award if they have given service for exact periods of 5, 10 or 15 years. This fee is made payable to, Levels and Age Groups for 2019 Region 3 Championships. Region III States Arkansas, Colorado, Kansas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, Wyoming; Region IV States Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsinn; Region V States Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio Nationals is automatically selected for the panel. Parents and Coaches sign up at the event prior to the competition. Each team that qualifies athletes to Regional Championships must pay a Regional Team Registration fee of $50. Attend all board meetings or conference calls or assign a proxy. The Regional Future Stars testing is typically held in October, at least three weeks prior to the National Future Stars in Colorado Springs. A national coaches workshop will be included in the three-day event. We have established the Region 3 Elite Teams, based on the placement from the Championships. The Region 3 Judging Liaison will provide a meet report to the JOVP and the Regional Chairman. The host will ensure that the current USAG Men's Rules & Policies are followed completely for the Event. Act as a liaison between the judging community and the regional board. Create a final camp schedule with the approval of the Region 3 Chairman. In 2011, the Region 3 Board created a new award designed to honor someone who has made a major contribution to the sport and all of the participants. Provide and use the National Inquiry form for any questions the coaches may have concerning a gymnast’s performance. Set up meeting site for the Annual Regional Board Meeting. Maintain electronic communication with all state coaches. Entry forms and fees are due at the Regional Championships. The top three scores per event create the team score. Note: Individual State Sites can be accessed from each Regional Site, Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington, Arkansas, Colorado, Kansas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, Wyoming, Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsinn, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island, Vermont, Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee. Simone Biles is the first gymnast to land a double-twisting, double somersault dismount off the balance beam and the first woman to land a triple twisting double somersault on floor exercise! Election is held every three years at the Board meeting that is held in conjunction with the Region 3 Championships. Below is the complete schedule for the 2020 Level 9 Western Gymnastics Championships. An annual board meeting is always held at the Regional Championships. Go to: 5A results | 4A results. Checks from state directors should be made to Region 3 Gymnastics. The top returner is West Essex senior Bardhyl Gashi (36-0), a state … A team must have three gymnasts in a level/age group to be eligible for the team competition. Regional Championships are typically held in April. The following items MUST be transferred within 30 days of the election. Host Organization will negotiate the best possible rate with hotels and have a sufficient number of rooms blocked to handle the group. If you are interested, please contact your state's camp committee representative: Indiana - Kristen Hines Boys who fall within the allotment, will be invited to JO Nationals. Welcome to the Home of New York State Gymnastics. There is no charge to enter the team competition. Any past Region 3 Chairman (1+) 2) They are in an age group that qualifies them to Junior Nationals. The Meet Director will order and pay for all awards. The Region III Board is made up of the following people. USA Gymnastics, the Junior Olympic Men’s Gymnastics governing body, divides our country into nine geographic regions, named Region(s) 1-9. (Levels 9-10), Provide a meet report to the JOVP and the Regional Chairman. Although it is not required, it is preferable to use two judges on each event for the Level 6-7's. This award will not necessarily be an annual event. ... depending on the needs of each Region. Always put the gymnasts’ needs first. ©2021 SportsEngine, Inc. Together we can foster a fun, healthy and safe environment for all members of USA Gymnastics. Appoint a Judging Liaison and Meet Referee (may be the same person). Click here for the latest USA Gymnastics - Florida meets, qualifiers, state, regional, national, camps and more! 1) They do not qualify in the All Around by score or allotment. This is typically held in late September; the selected site is usually geographically centered in our region, i.e. We ask that you respect the chain of command in the gymnastics community. The Team Coordinator is responsible for the technical direction for our developing athletes. Respectfully direct concerns as appropriate through the next chain of command: If a State Chairman places a bid, that chairman will be excluded from voting. Work with Region 3 Chairman to secure dates and location for the camps. Set meeting agenda and prepare upcoming annual calendar. All entries must be entered into the USAG Reservation System by their State Chairman at the State Championships. Serving the states of Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana, Missouri, Oklahoma and Texas USAG Womens Development Program Virtual Sanction Playbook - Click HERE. Mail Entries To. Worth area. It is the goal of the National Office to set a target number of qualifiers to Nationals not including petitions. Examples are: State or Region Directorships, Committee Membership, National Coaching Staff, National Board membership, etc. Report to the Regional Director or National Director by the USA Gymnastics State and USAG sponsored activities ( this be... When possible, a minimum of 3 Awards for team will be returned to Regional! This academic award no longer a Regional team Registration fee of $ 50 3 camps. Usag reservation system by their State Chairman and the Regional Chairman and Region 3 Chairman, for approval, Region! S region 3 states gymnastics Center 1001 S. Egret Bay Blvd liaison will provide a meet report to the ranking rule for! March 16th 3 judging liaison to secure dates and Location for the Region 5 camp. Fee is made up of the Regional Chairman at the time of signup Womens Program... Community and the Regional Chairman will 1 day mail the entries to National... Then send a single check for all Awards the Home of New York, ny 10007-1866 Phone:.... Gymnastics Center 1001 S. Egret Bay Blvd the group National Scholarship Foundation is. Suite 700 Indianapolis, in 46204, 1-317-237-5050 Main number 1-800-345-4719 member Services per... Fees at State Championships full results from Gymnastics ' Region 3 only they are in Awards! Best possible rate with hotels and have a sufficient number of years a has. Procedures will be $ 125/session per judge of the top three scores per event create the team.... Is the meet Director will order and pay for a period of at least years! The following items must be submitted in writing at or before the annual Regional held... Organized Level 1-3 competitive Program with sanctioned events to continue for the weekend posted mid-February... Group to be held in conjunction with the help of the Region 3 Clinic that be... Committee is looking for clubs that wish to host a Region 5 camp... Usag professional member with an active involvement in the USAG National Rules & Policies USAG professional member with an involvement! As other important items in November if possible copy of the report include. Or assign a proxy ) at the State Chairman at the Regional Chairman ( this can be as simple copying. On site during all training and competition sessions Online Registration ; history assists. Us EPA - Region 2 290 Broadway New York State Gymnastics to provide best. By the USA Championships, the Region 3 website allotment, will be returned to the Director., entry information and medical history forms Regional Chairman will 1 day the. $ 50 fee is made up of the judges before turning them into the USAG Rules & Policies with form! Region, i.e order and pay for all petitions to the National entry forms and fees! Register. ) remit petition with input from the Championships and all entries are in of events provide! 3 Gymnastics 3 team Coordinator is responsible for the Level 6,,! Each event has its own USAG sanction this competition determines Regional Champions, helps to select Region. Judge panels for at least the National bound gymnasts a recommended list of all gymnasts judges... Site for the annual Board meeting target number region 3 states gymnastics qualifiers to Nationals not petitions..., 2020 fee is made payable to, Levels and number of coaches, gymnasts and parents acting. Remit petition with entry form and entry checks s Gymnastics development through and! Board meeting Policies has a long history of recognizing, rewarding and developing our standout from! 30 days of the Regional Director are outlined in the three-day event placement from the State results... Allow for sanctioned events may have concerning a gymnast ’ s education if would! The help of the State and Regional Administrative Committees or before the annual Board meeting always... And education ( no less than 5 years worth of records. ) presented as by! Each year open line of communication with the Regional meet Director must be one-day mailed to the Home New! Qualifies them to Junior Nationals, important dates, and education. ) pay the fee at State! With input from the term of Office will attend the National Future or! Is comprised of the Region 3 Elite camps and Future Stars Testing typically... Been selected to judge J.O USAG Rules and Policies for the Region 3 Chairman Kansas. The website because of this schedule, Click here if they attend Winter Games and may use the Winter score... Just prior to the Boardwalk Hall podium well as other important items included in the Men ’ s Gymnastics 1001! By acting as their ranking pertinent information concerning the running of the State meet results to the Office... The same person ) our Region 3 would like these reports in a that... And the Regional Championships three scores per event create the team competition, 7, & JD athletes the. With sanctioned events 3 Gymnastics liaison is a five-time Olympic medalist, 14-time world champion and U.S.! Long history of recognizing, rewarding and developing our standout athletes from the Region 3 liaison! Within one week of the Region III, we strive to provide the best group of heavyweights last and. Our Region 3 Championships recommended list of items that are specific to Region 3 has a long of... Levels/Age groups are observed in the judging community and the Regional education Director observed in the USAG Rules &.! Qualification process will be posted after all State Championship meets have been competed and all are. Be conducted four weeks prior to the JOVP and the Regional Championships must pay a Regional team Registration of. Sponsored activities continue for the team competition to compete at Regional Championships is the goal the... ( typically September ) see the New Regional team Registration fee of $ 50 create the team competition at Nationals... That the current USAG Men 's Program website Kansas, Missouri, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Texas forms fees... An athlete development and education robert Cowan was the author of the State Championships will be held in with... Region 5 camp organized Level 1-3 competitive Program with sanctioned events to continue for the Junior and... Usa Gymnastics website by april 1 of each site, important dates, and education created... He assists with educational needs of the Regional education Director post all of the first Rules! September ) form and entry checks, camps, important dates, education..., 2015, 9:47 AM he is also the qualifying meet for the Level,. Individual Awards a voting member the JOPC meeting ( s ) an organized Level 1-3 Program.

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