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The Santa Ana Winds Guy is all four members of the Four Seasons combined with all four actors playing the Four Season in Jersey Boys. I'm a real jerk face weather pattern, Watch out, love, the trickster winds are coming for you, and your only salvation is Geoff. "How To Clean Up" It gives me so much impish cheer (hee hee), "(Tell Me I'm Okay) Patrick" After Everything I've Done For You - Rose's Turn from Gypsy. “Without Love You Can Save the World”, “Fit Hot Guys Have Problems Too” When weird things happen in the episode—like Paula’s (Donna Lynne Champlin) dream about a dead Darryl’s (Pete Gardner) obsession or Rebecca’s Magic Mike XXL-like explosive grip on coffee creamer—the drumbeat motif re-establishes its heart-pumping throb. "Flooded with Justice (reprise) "If You Ever Need A Favor In Fifty Years" "Thought Bubbles (reprise)" Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. "Women Gotta Stick Together" Movies & Tv shows 'Santa Ana Winds (feat. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Cast Feat. Santa Ana Winds 6 A.M. I freaking love messing with people's lives, "Cold Showers" Santa Ana Winds: And then Stephnie Weir sings a reprise of “The Math of Love Triangles” about a prisoner and a snake. Mr. Santa Ana walks down the aisle of stationary vehicles while the air fills with debris behind him, flipping toupees and meshing real weather science with mystical superstition in a way only Californians can. "I'm a Good Person (silent)" The Santa Ana “devil winds” blow their portentous gusts through “Josh is the Man of My Dreams, Right?” and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is definitely getting strange. The Santa Ana winds are personified in The CW musical series Crazy Ex-Girlfriend as a prankster narrator responsible for main characters and enemies Rebecca and Nathaniel kissing for the first time. "The Moment Is Me" ... Santa Ana Winds, Part 1-5. "Hello, Nice To Meet You (reprise)", "Hello, Nice To Meet You (reprise 2)" “I've Got My Head In The Clouds” Eric Michael Roy), Pts. "West Covina (II)" "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Theme" Released 3 March 2017. Super weird, you're super weird, Wonderfully selfish lyrics married to the perfect parodic musical sensibility and some wonderfully sexual choreography from the consistently great Kathryn Burns make Scott Michael Foster’s excellent voice an afterthought. We see a weatherman pop up like an omen when Rebecca (Rachel Bloom) tries showing Josh (Vincent Rodriguez III) her planned Malibu wedding destination. It was done early in the morning hence the time mentioned in the title. 235. Post-song serendipity blows open Rebecca’s shirt in front of her chiseled-from-business-marble boss, Nathaniel (Scott Michael Foster), which also blows open the low-key attraction we’ve seen between them in the last few episodes. The devil’s never appeared to anyone as an attractive, unthreatening presence, right? Move aside wind! "Heavy Boobs" I'll complete the line, SEX, they're gonna have sex! "Eleven O'Clock", "West Covina (I)" 3,062. "Apple Man" It’s because of George that Nathaniel’s John Mayer-style “Let’s Have Intercourse” begins, and things start to get douche-sexy. "Stuck in the Bathroom" Santa Ana Winds: "Slow Motion (reprise)" "The Sexy Gonna Do It Song" Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: Original Television Soundtrack (Season 2), After Everything I've Done For You (That You Didn't Ask For), We Should Definitely Not Have Sex Right Now, You’re My Best Friend (And I Know I’m Not Yours), Maybe She's Not Such A Heinous Bitch After All, The Group Mind Has Decided You're In Love, Trapped In A Car With Someone You Don't Want To Be Trapped In A Car With, After Everything You Made Me Do (That You Didn’t Ask For), The song is track number 27 on the Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: Original Television Soundtrack (Season 2) Song and lyrics [edit | edit source] Rebecca lies about caring for the chase (which we know, after watching two full seasons of chase) and then makes her move, completely apart from the excuse of demonic winds. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (Original Television Soundtrack) [Season 2], an Album by Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Cast. When the Santa Ana winds blow into town, they cause everyone in West Covina to act a little strangely and question their relationships and priorities. © 2021 Paste Media Group. Rebecca: Hear Bloom's "Santa Ana Winds" demo and get scoop on … "One Indescribable Instant", "Love Kernels" In the song they refer to the Santa Ana winds as “fire wind” and “desert wind.” Now that she has what she wants, she still wants more. He warns of continued high winds with a wink and some suggestive body language that makes everything feel just a little… off. I still don't think a weather pattern needed to drive the main plot, but personifying winds is pretty weird, and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend specializes in weird. She has, in fact, ruined everything. You ruined everything, you stupid bitch! "Nostalgia Cat song" Something’s about to happen, and only Crazy Ex-Girlfriend could make something lit this brightly and pitched this majorly so ominous. 66. "West Covina (Final Reprise)", "It's Not Difficult To Define Miss Douche". Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. In the latest episode of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, the Santa Ana winds bring Paula and Darryl closer together while stirring up sexual tension for Rebecca and Nathaniel. He quickly began a career with leading roles on Broadway, TV, & feature films. Jacob Oller is a writer and film critic whose writing has appeared in The Guardian, Playboy, Roger Ebert, Film School Rejects, Chicagoist, Vague Visages, and other publications. Somewhere, Dr. Akopian is still exhausted. "Who's The New Guy?" “Back In Action” “Santa Ana Winds” is a bold song choice, because unlike with Jersey Boys, no one signs up to watch Crazy Ex-Girlfriend to endure ridiculously high-voiced singing almost non-stop. "Romantic Moments" "You Do/You Don’t Want To Be Crazy" Who Needs Josh When You Have a Girl Group? His ukulele song about friendship is a delightfully light and emotionally intelligent jaunt in an episode filled with serious, immature strangeness. "What a Rush to Be a Bride", "Where's Rebecca Bunch?" You can follow him on Twitter here: @jacoboller. "Sexy French Depression" Santa Ana Winds 6 A.M. is the demo version of " Santa Ana Winds " which was performed by Rachel Bloom.

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