space buns vs afro puffs

If you think that what I just said is stupid, so is your argument about hairstyles. Please educate yourself.”. And they’re not even called Afro Puffs in the game, but “space buns”, aka the Princess Leia hairstyle. It's not a different argument from what I previously stated, it's just a simpler way of stating it. But this is literally the second thread made just for the Afro Puffs. Start a thread of this is a problem you fully believe in. !” declared another, while user @acnhcelestial wrote, “They are afro puffs not space buns. The owner of Ripe Nutrition has issued an apology following accusations she co-opted traditional Asian foods including bone broth and dumplings. 0. Nintendo didn’t add them for white people or any other race that doesn’t have them in their culture. The potential problem is that, by calling them space buns, fans are erasing the context of a hard-won and long-overdue inclusion to the game. I'm going to do a compliment sandwich here. I was under the impression it was an Asian hairstyle. After the post went up and people came to say that they were Afro puffs, OP insisted that they were space buns while people pointed out that in pocket camp there were space buns and compared both designs to show that the one she used had cornrows and texture. This feels like a case of selective outrage. Many of the angry users have since set their accounts to private following the backlash, however their comments were captured in screenshots. No, those are just video game characters and the hairstyle is just one option out of many to choose from for any custom character. Royalty-free black woman svg bundle of 6 curly hair black girl models. 451. Politics Discussion . In May, animal rights group PETA organized a digital raid on a museum containing fish in the game’s world, demanding that the fish be freed. You might see a day where we have the opposite of wokism. Though non-black players meant no harm in utilizing the game’s new features, they were soon scolded for using the styles — most notably the “afro puffs” — and were instructed to remove them in a scene similar to the viral harassment of a white student for wearing dreadlocks in 2016. We gonna have some big trouble soon Mister Lucas, These people are so easy to troll. Cute space buns :3 charlie Replying lo @stardewleat thats not space buns... thats afro puffs... for black people, not you THERON / BLM Replying to @stardew eaf "SpAcE bUnS" she knew wtf she was doing all the ppl saying "it's a video game" under the twt have no common sense... like it's not that hard???? “dont even think about it”, i dont want to see one white person give their animal crossing characters any of the new hair styles besides the bald one. If at some point in the future 60% of white people thought they will be discriminated against, and that they are hated by minorities, the way white people act as a group could change? Stunning Mars canyon IMAGES hint at ancient life-supporting environment, DC’s ‘Birds of Prey’ hates men, but wants their money - no wonder it's bombing at the box office, ‘Throat of fire’ volcano signalling imminent, devastating COLLAPSE, The left’s insistence on pushing drag culture on children will only create resentment towards queers, Kremlin unconcerned after liberal opposition politician rips photo of Putin off council building wall & tears it to pieces, Freak weather triggers state of emergency in Russia's Far East, with freezing ice rain & plummeting temperatures, Israel lovers Pompeo and Trump are burying Palestine as they know Joe Biden won’t have the power to dig the nation up again, ‘Absurd pandering’: Biden slammed over promise to ‘listen’ to and ‘fight’ for 'transgender and gender-nonconforming’ people. lock2k Member. Honestly this stuff makes me mad. Casual, playful, and trendy, space buns look great whether you’re going to a music festival or watching Star Wars with friends. Space buns are the perfect updo if you’re looking for something more out-of-this-world than a ponytail or top knot. JavaScript is disabled. (A thread from reddit -- praising Fifi for 'triggering' the SJWs) ... "Afro Puffs", not 'space buns' or 'space worms'. The "Space Buns" drama continued to spread across Twitter for the next week, with mixed responses. Member. “im black. Zuko. I believe that things like what was posted in the OP make white people more racist, and that if this kind of talk is not policed by some group of people that it will lead to race relations deteriorating over time, and that at some point this blows up. To recreate it, begin by parting your hair down the middle. The left has created an environment where largely white people don't want to talk about race unless its supporting whatever a black person said. A social ratchet effect within a community. 1 of 2 Go to page. I was listening to the radio doing some Christmas shopping today and it was on opera. Yes, we know. In this video I will be demonstrating an easy look. “This hairstyle was made for people of color so they had more hairstyles in the game,” snapped one user in a since-deleted tweet, adding, “so please respect that this hairstyle isn’t for you to wear.”, “They’re not space buns, please don’t wear them if you’re white ! Hi and thank you for stopping by my shop! “At least call them afro puffs if you must wear them,” says Animal Crossing fan Morgan, who has been enjoying the new update. This is creating racial animosity, and will slowly lead us into a world where you will be required to wear your racism on your sleeve. 2 SLEEK EASY PUFFS ON 4C NATURAL HAIR. It may not display this or other websites correctly. Many perceived her Tweets as a threat against Fifi and reported her account. … 2. Sadly, Twitter did not act in time and Amanda deactivated her own account after she saw the support the girl she had just called racist was getting.

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