spongebob and pearl

Puff romancing Mr. Krabs in the same area as Pearl. There are so many presents that SpongeBob needs to get a delivery truck to bring them all to the Krusty Krab, where Pearl's party is taking place. Spongebob pinched her butt, making Pearl bite her lip. Even during the dancing part of the celebration when she gets to hold hands with SpongeBob, she cannot help but feel bad for her dad. Puff and Mr. Krabs' date. respectively. Pearl is normally upbeat, unlike her father, who can be crabby at times. It is revealed in "Bubble Troubles" that she holds air in her nose in order to breathe when underwater. He also leans on a button that causes all of the animatronics in the ride to become evil and hunt SpongeBob and Pearl. For some reasons, Pearl will even refer to another student as one of her best friends, only for that friend to completely absent from the show after that episode. The other students of Bikini Bottom High think that it is the lamest store, but Pearl absolutely loves it there and does not care what they think about it. Discover (and save!) SpongeBob only makes two cameos in each episode. In the book Chuckle and Cringe, when Pearl was auditioning for her second year on the squad, SpongeBob tried to help. 76 and No 77, the two-part epic "Untidaled" reveals that Pearl once saved the entire town of Bikini Bottom from death and destruction. All the while, Pearl performed a tryout cheer. Annual #1: The Coming of the Golden Kelp! Pearl runs away and gets a chance to sing with her favorite rock band, the Electric Skates. In "SpongeBob's Big Birthday Blowout," Pearl helps Sandy and the others decorate SpongeBob's house for his birthday party. They are very unloyal friends and usually laugh at Pearl, make fun of her, or abandon her. [18], Pearl has been on the high school cheer squad for at least two years. In "Tunnel of Glove," Patrick accidentally puts Pearl and SpongeBob in grave danger. This was shown in "Tutor Sauce." Pearl's favorite place to visit is the Bikini Bottom Mall. SpongeBob attaches Sandy to the blowhole on top of Pearl's head, and they share air until the end of the episode when Sandy is back to normal. Pearl agrees, on the condition that she triple her allowance so she won't have to work again. Squidward saves her all by himself and brings her back down into the water. They do not like being seen with each other, as shown in "The Chaperone" when Pearl does not want to go out with him to prom. She decides to do something nice for her Uncle Squiddy by getting him a pet worm to cheer him up. Pearl is a contestant, and when the player guesses her correctly, she looks at SpongeBob and gets hearts in her eyes. She needs them off before the big school dance. Her future inheritance of the place is a plot point in the 2017 Broadway musical and a focus of "Daddy Knows Best," the song that Pearl sings in the production. However, she does not share his interest in fast food management and would rather not work at the Krusty Krab while she is young. In the episode, Pearl's old boyfriend Octavius Rex rudely stands her up and SpongeBob is volunteered to be her new date. First appearance: Patrick is very nervous about his performance, but the training SpongeBob gave him pays off and he shows Pearl his impeccable dancing skills. Pearl and SpongeBob after escaping the Tunnel of Glove. Gender: This saddens Pearl tremendously and she says to him, "You couldn't stop being cheap. She thinks Plankton hates her and says she will run away to find a new daddy. In the comic ". Mr. Krabs is the only character in SpongeBob initially based on a specific person from Stephen Hillenburg's life. Pearl will often be reluctant to do something with SpongeBob, only to end up admitting that she had a lot of fun with him.

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