witcher 3 sell jewelry or dismantle

This mod will allow you to sell bolts (arrows) to merchants. Dismantle some of them. 4 years ago. Read on to learn how to dismantle items, as well as where and whether you should dismantle items or sell … I've never had to dismantle anything to get mats for crafting. I dont know if its only with B&W but jewelry usually gives me several of the gems listed, and they sell for more together than the jewelry did. As for the jewelery, I waited until the end of the main game thinking I would eventually need it for crafting something but there's only a few things that gets crafted with it so you can sell most of that too. © 2021 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Jewelry in The Witcher is used for three main purposes: as gifts (rings and necklaces), as means of entry into restricted areas, or as quest items. I see people say this a lot, but i'm level 30 and have been constantly out of money. Well you're in luck, because here they come. Any PC gamers have any mods to recommend? ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. ". May 21, 2015 @ 4:05am Sell or dismantle Hi all, I have been playing on the first map, and after killing every enemy, dismantle stuff and so on I still have 10 coins. So I would recommend just selling … Emerald dust is available at vendors, but for several hundred crowns. All Witcher school sets have been crafted and upgraded to grandmaster. Did you scroll all this way to get facts about witcher 3 jewelry? I find far in excess of the materials sell worth, so no. I have a eternal struggle between dismantling and selling items since im so damn broke. Thanks in advance for the help! And since they cost so hight, it's breaks the economic system of the game, so I made different pricing for them: 100 - the bolts cost 100% of the vanilla game. Or are there some I should keep? You guessed it: silver. I dismantled gear at the start to get some mats but later where gear sells for more it's better to just sell. unique weapons or armor too since dismantling them usually gives you rare mats, Dismantling for specific mats that you know you need will always be better than buying said mats. break it up and get valuable materials for later gear? I found a few posts about this but all were archived and don't think I saw any explicit answers to my question, which is: My stash is full of low-level items, from blues to relics -- do I sell or dismantle them? (Triss, Yen, Ciri etc). You will start getting armour and weapons to sell later. Or am i better off dismantling them and selling their gems. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt > General Discussions > Topic Details. ^^^^ this or just sell common junk and keep the blue master junk as they usually come in useful for materials.. Emerald dust is available at vendors, but for several hundred crowns. Sap × 2 It is needed to craft the following items: Hardened timber Ursine crossbow It can be purchased from the following merchants: Quartermaster at the Nilfgaardian Garrison I know to not keep "Junk", but what about all of these other items? How do you know if what you dismantle will give you something good versus something less good? I will keep them just in case for future crafting. When you do a NG+ run, you can get all the gear again, this time in Legendary form. Glyphs and runestones Why does the game always load in dialogue. This time, however, some junk items can be dismantled into useful crafting components. It seems like pretty much any common item is worth selling instead of dismantling. You can also dismantle it, but if you need the coin, just sell it. However their buy price is greatly inflated to their sell value (big spread), so if you KNOW you will be needing this Diamond for this sword soon, it is better to dismantle to get it that one instance opposed to buying it. The Witcher 3 features an equipment system that rewards players for either dismantling or selling their gear, and here is how and where to do it. I like to dismantle anything made of gold or silver. Items with higher rarity come with better crafting components after being dismantled, and these items are going to be important later in the game to get stronger, so it is often better to dismantle the junk instead of selling it as is. I go to a blacksmith and click on dismantle, but the necrophage hide is not available to me to dismantle. A: The items will be sold at 20%(1/5) of the selling price, if you have 5 herbs with a selling price of 1, they will be sell for 1 crown, Q: why you do that? As junk items have weight, it is better to either sell or dismantle … In The Witcher 3 anything can be dismantled, aside from certain quest items, but only Armorsmiths or Blacksmiths can perform this action.

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