archdiocese of chicago school reopening plan

Trust needs to be established that the top priority in any Plan is the safety and wellbeing of people. CHICAGO — A group of teachers and parents came together Tuesday evening to express their frustrations with the Archdiocese of Chicago and call for a new plan for reopening schools… Infection Protocols: How we will handle instances where students or employees become ill. That line was there almost constantly for the first several days that the church, 825 N. Carpenter St., was open for personal prayer under the Archdiocese of Chicago’s reopening plan. The Archdiocese of Chicago on Friday announced its plan to reopen schools in the fall, allowing students to return to classrooms for in-person instruction. A: You should immediately contact your school’s main office. Generally speaking, buildings will be cleaned very frequently, with a particular focus on high-traffic areas and common surfaces. Given the training schedule noted above, it is anticipated that all parishes, if they choose to do so, could be opened by May 23 for Phase I and by May 30 for Phase IA. A: Yes. Q: My child had COVID-19-like symptoms, but tested negative for COVID-19. A: Gathering as a school community is an integral part of Catholic education. A: Yes. Q: When can a student return to school after receiving a positive COVID-19 test? Dr. Jim Rigg, superintendent of Catholic schools for the archdiocese of Chicago, has an update on the reopening plan of Catholic Schools in the fall. Please note that the School Reopening Plan contains general guidance for schools. A: If a student tests positive for COVID-19 or does not seek medical attention, students must isolate and not return to school until they have met CDC’s criteria to discontinue home isolation. This plan is designed to help schools and parents successfully and safely reopen our school buildings to students this fall. ), including for such subjects as art and music. If more than one student tests positive for COVID-19, it is likely that the entire cohort will be isolated (sent home) for at least 14 days. Verifique con su parroquia la disponibilidad e información sobre cómo registrarse para asistir a misa. Q: Could my child’s school building be closed down due to COVID-19 this year? The Archdiocese of Chicago Catholic schools serve nearly 70,000 students in 199 schools in Cook and Lake counties. A: Your school will make all parents aware that a student has tested positive for COVID-19. We understand your situation and will do our very best to work with you. Cardinal Blase Cupich ordered archdiocese school … Chicago Public Schools’ gradual reopening plan for early 2021 calls for this same approach of teaching in-person and virtual learners simultaneously, and the teachers union is … Review and certify all parish proposals for reopening with celebration of Mass. Each parish is asked to thoughtfully discern the frequency and necessity of in-person gathering within their programs. A: Schools may still conduct recess, but schools must fulfill defined safety requirements. For disposable masks, each mask must be thrown away at the end of every school day and parents should send plenty of extra masks to school with their child. Work with government officials to explore possible increases in crowd size taking into consideration the capacity of church buildings. The Archdiocese of Chicago's Office of Catholic Schools released its plan Friday to open school buildings in the fall as they cope with the COVID-19 pandemic. A: No. This section also includes information on school events (such as masses or assemblies) and extracurricular activities. A: We have taken every step to ensure the safety of students at our schools this fall. While much has been achieved, there remains the potential that the gains could be lost by a second more virulent wave. For more information about how to handle the potential illness of your child, please see the Infection Protocol section. For example, if a fee is collected for a particular field trip, it is likely that the fee will not be collected this year (as field trips will not occur). However, we understand that some families still may not wish to return. Check with your parish for availability and information on how to register to attend mass. Subscribe to our Catholic school parent mailing list to receive the latest communications from the Office of Catholic Schools. Four guiding principles undergird the multi-phased Plan: Everything possible should be done to provide people the solace of the church’s sacramental life in a timely and reasonable way. We have developed an in-depth plan that addresses numerous aspects of the reopening process, and how schools will function once reopened. Parents may opt to buy disposable or reusable masks. A: Our plan asks that schools think differently about lunchtime. Your school will contact you if it is determined that changes to the SSP need to occur. The archdiocese will work with you and your school to provide a high-quality virtual learning alternative. The proposed guidelines are expected to … If the parish will resume programming virtually but incorporate and in-person kickoff, an HSR Team should be created to plan and manage the kickoff events. Has your plan been reviewed by medical professionals? In order to protect classes in cohorts, we are asking that students not move to different classrooms in departmentalized settings. Parishes will also continue to celebrate Baptisms, Weddings, Funerals and Adoration. Similarly, you should ask your child if he/she has any of the other symptoms of COVID-19, such as a sore throat, coughing, or nausea. Religious Ed and Youth Ministry at-a-glance. As such, the archdiocese is developing a virtual learning option that will be available to any family that does not wish to return in the new year. Phase I allows for parishes to reopen for Baptism, Reconciliation, Weddings and Funerals with a limit of 10 attendees. Highlights of this guidance include (by activity): Q: Will schools still collect tuition this year? The Religious Education and Youth Ministry Program Framework is intended to assist parishes in planning quality, relevant faith formation programming as we navigate a rapidly shifting reality in our world, nation, city and communities. ​​​​​​​There are, however, significant differences between this framework and other parish and school reopening plans, owing to the unique challenges of gathering children and youth who attend multiple schools and consequently interact with student cohorts beyond the parish. z udziałem wiernych ze zmniejszoną liczbą wiernych. Q: Can we still have meetings of stakeholder groups, such as the School Board, Home-Family Association and Booster Club? The plan was designed over several weeks during the early summer, and integrates feedback from parents, educators, medical professionals, and others. Q: How will lunch take place when school reopens? Exceptions may be made for activities outdoors (such as outdoor physical education classes). A: Our plan provides guidance on specific extracurricular activities. Phase II allows for reopening for weekday and weekend Masses for larger groups depending on the guidelines from the state and the capacity of the church building. All Archdiocese of Chicago Parish Religious Education Programs (inclusive of Youth Ministry) must complete specific steps prior to certifying preparedness and receiving approval to reopen on-site components this Fall. Create and distribute to parishes a video message from the local bishop to explain the Plan for reopening churches. The Reopening with Trust: A Planning Framework for the 2020/21 School Year is available in English, Spanish and a Polish-version is forthcoming. Health and Safety Requirements and Infection Protocol. Our plan is to reopen our school buildings to students this fall. For example, cohorts must be spread out from one another. Q: What happens if there is a COVID-19 surge in greater Chicago and the state imposes more restrictions on schools? In early July, the Archdiocese of Chicago released Reopening with Trust: A Planning Framework for the 2020/21 School Year. The current situation in Illinois remains dangerous and fragile. Reopening Teams and Pre-Opening Checklist and Certification. Implement a safe and secure attendance reservation/ ticketing system to maintain order and facilitate possible contact tracing of infection. Począwszy od 6 -7 czerwca, parafie które uzyskały certyfikaty mogą odprawiać Msze św. As such, you should anticipate tests to be administered in your child’s class. Provide parishes information on securing supplies or a list of preferred vendors for supplies throughout the phases of the Plan. Q: How will drop off and pick-up be handled? The pastor will need the assistance of the parish community, as he will be required to create a parish leadership team consisting of 6 people, including himself, to co-manage operations and to supervise cleaning, set-up and greeting. CHICAGO (WLS) -- Cardinal Blase Cupich announced that the Archdiocese of Chicago is planning to reopen schools for in-class learning in the fall. Schools will use various entrances and exits to minimize contact between student cohorts. Especially during this time of great uncertainty and turmoil for the individuals, families and communities served by our Church, we must seek new and creative ways to lead them closer to Christ and one another and to share the Gospel as a light to our world. Parents will be asked not to congregate near school doors. Q: I need to meet with a teacher or my school principal. Each Catholic will need to take personal responsibility for the common good as well as their own safety. Q: Is it okay for my family to travel out of town during the COVID-19 pandemic? The Archdiocese of Chicago will develop a standard webinar based on these guidelines and make it available to the other dioceses in the Chicago Province. We believe the cohort model provides for better containment should there be a positive case of COVID-19 (see the Infection Protocol section). If your child complains of these symptoms, you should keep him/her home and contact your doctor and the school office. In constructing our reopening plan, we have closely studied guidance from federal and state authorities, as well as the Illinois Department of Health (IDPH). In early July, the Archdiocese of Chicago released Reopening with Trust: A Planning Framework for the 2020/21 School Year. A: Yes. Plan for Reopening (Link) Phase 2 Reopening Requirements, Phase 2 Reopening Requirements (English | Español | Polski) Online Reservation Solution for Parishes, Online Reservation Solution for Parishes (PDF) Parishioner Reopening Guide, Parishioner Reopening Guide (English | Español | Polski) Phase 1/1A Certification Documents, Certification Form (PDF) Reopening Training Webinar - May 2020, Tips for Viewing the Reopening Training (PDF) Video Recording (English | Español | Polski) Reopening Training Presentation, Presentation Material (English | Español | Polski), Guidelines and Directives for Holy Day / Holiday Celebrations 2020, Holiday Guide (English | Español | Polski), Baptism Preparation Guide (English | Español | Polski), Baptism Rite Guide (English | Español | Polski) Exposition-Adoration, Exposition Preparation Guide (English | Español | Polski), Exposition Rite Guide (English | Español | Polski) Funeral, Funeral Preparation Guide (English | Español | Polski), Funeral Rite Guide (English | Español | Polski) Matrimony, Matrimony Preparation Guide (English | Español | Polski), Matrimony Rite Guide (English | Español | Polski Private Prayer, Private Prayer Preparation Guide (English | Español | Polski), Private Prayer Guide (English | Español | Polski) Reconciliation, Reconciliation Preparation Guide (English | Español | Polski), Reconciliation Rite Guide (English | Español | Polski) Receiving Eucharist, Receiving Eucharist Preparation Guide (English | Español | Polski) Distrubuting Holy Communion on the Tongue, Distrubuting Holy Communion on the Tongue (English | Español | Polski) Drive-In Mass, Drive-In Mass Sacramental Guideline (English | Español | Polski) First Communion, First Communion Sacramental Guideline (English | Español | Polski) Communion to the Sick or Homebound, Communion to the Sick or Homebound Sacramental Guideline (English) Quinceañeras, Quinceañeras Sacramental Guideline (English | Español) RCIA: Adult Baptisms, RCIA: Adult Baptisms Sacramental Guideline (English | Español | Polski) RCIA: Receiving a Baptized Non-Catholic into Full Communion, RCIA: Receiving a Baptized Non-Catholic into Full Communion Sacramental Guideline (English | Español | Polski) Confirmation, Confirmation Sacramental Guideline (English | Español | Polski) Daily and Sunday Masses, Daily and Sunday Masses Sacramental Guideline (English | Polski) Celebration of Public Mass. A: Such meetings should take place virtually. Catholic Schools in Chicago … Q: My child and/or another member of my household is in an at-risk group for COVID-19. Q: Will my child’s classroom look different? We will spend time at the beginning of the year helping children learn how to safely keep masks in place. The plan was … Schools will be asked to follow this plan, in close coordination with the local pastor and parish, in determining how/whether masses may be celebrated. You should alert your school’s main office and not send your child to school. A: Each school develops their own fees based upon their own local needs.

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