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nus law students have won almost major moot competition it has entered into (competing with the likes of lse, kings college london, even oxford). You're unlikely to be different. They didn't go to Baylor or A&M or Tech or Rice, and they straight up said that in the first info-session for recruiting, they wanted the best of the best. What will likely be the team's second straight 10-win season in more than three decades just happened to come during a pandemic. @dg That’s is what everyone says. Seconded! SMU is 5-0 for the second straight season, a feat it last accomplished in 1983. Some like them, some hate them. She also went from a first-sem GPA of 0.63 to graduating with second-lower honours. The subreddit for Southern Methodist University, a private university in Dallas, Texas. Residing under the Arts & Cultural Fraternity (ACF), these CCAs cultivate a passion and interest in dance, music, culture as well as the visual, performing, media and literary arts. They’ve saved more than enough to pay for SMU but aren’t convinced is worth 72k. Some modules even have like 3 presentations/projects per semester. But I think an important factor is the mods offered by each school. SMU (6-2, 2-2) has played twice since then, but it has come up empty both times despite playing on its own court, falling to then-No. In fact, for some mods (eg legal research, which is itself a core double weightage mod [8 MCs]) it's 30% of the grade. Both NUS and SMU offer a wide range of CCAs, and have decent exchange programmes with their own strengths and weaknesses. He had recently celebrated his 99th birthday on October 20th and remained active and engaged with family and friends until his passing. Business in particular would also have a lot more emphasis on class participation in terms of grades than other degrees so it is very cutthroat on this aspect. Manager, AT&T. We give you the support to push past your career goals — and keep growing. One of the reasons why people think it’s great is because it forces u to have higher involvement in ur school community + fosters interfaculty bonding, which happens in smu via the more exciting ccas! By the SMU Social Media Team The big day is coming. Regarding the prestige between both law schools, I’ve been told that both smu and nus law grads are equally as likely to succeed in whatever field they’re in and that it just rly depends on the individual’s abilities, rather than the school they are from. seniors are also very very friendly in nus. can't speak for smu, but there's this thing called the muggers in nus, which are notes passed down from seniors in the dean's list. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Grounded in a close-knit campus, Cox opens the door to boundless prospects. © Esᴛᴀʙʟɪsʜᴇᴅ MMXVII, Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. SMU quarterback Shane Buechele announced he will enter the 2021 NFL Draft. You'll figure things out by yourself. "Th hollistic SMU BBM programme is relevant and has provided me with a head start for the corporate world. What you can be assured of if you join SMU law is this: seniors who care about your wellbeing, a dean who is extremely concerned about student welfare and quality of education, (probably) friends whom you can trust with anything, should you choose to invest in them, very intensive but rewarding CCAs, various opportunities to step up and take risks, and professors who are quite passionate about teaching. NUS tends to have more variety. If you want to prepare something, the most you can do is to prepare your self introduction. SMU offers a wide range of Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD degree programmes in the disciplinary areas associated with the six schools, as well as in interdisciplinary combinations of these areas. 6 in the U.S. by The Economist, the MS in Management at SMU Cox gives you a strong grasp of the fundamentals: finance, statistics, marketing, accounting, operations and strategic management. SMU business graduate Ho Yan Yan completed three internships as she felt it was important to experience different real-world work environments, which would help decisions on career paths. Ultimately, an SMU business education will equip you with skills to make things happen in any career you choose, and, most importantly, will empower you to be what you want to be. But then again, I prefer cities to small towns. Even with a university-wide Ph.D. program, NUS still holds an advantage due to her additional faculties. They recruited from two schools in Texas, UT and SMU.. that was it. SMU was a blast, too - whatever you are into you can find your people there. The food in town is much cheaper+ better than nus law which is in bukit timah. SMU Cox is located in the heart of Dallas, a world center for commerce and culture. ahh I see! They also have greater community involvement w a lot of overseas opportunities Furthermore, welfare in smu is just so much better haha ... facilities are newer, and they have great funding for initiatives. are you starting your first sem this year? Two things I have to offer: Cox is a great program and Dallas is a fun city, fundamentally different from a town where the main attraction is the local university. The one that sting is Boston College cause I’m from New England, but my college counselor said it’s honestly a crap shoot. My wife and I never left, we live just north of campus and still go to all the football and many of the basketball games. A few people have messaged me on the thread and I thought this might be helpful so I just copy pasted stuff from the convo: SMU is rly convenient for me because i have a straight bus there. SMU football hasn't been this good since 1984. Very safe, and very much a part of the neighborhood. But alas, the kiasu-ism of Singaporeans has crept into the culture of SMU freshies. On a side note: The SMU student body has a very strong banking/finance/analytics/consulting culture, so there are interesting cross-competency opportunities available if that's your thing. Really, go compare the course catalogs of both schools. Double Degrees Students can choose a double degree option and combine their BBM with another area of expertise, such as Economics or Law. LKCSB has acquired global accreditation from AACSB (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business), AMBA (Association of MBAs) and EQUIS (European Quality Improvement System). Some firms prefer NUS students, some prefer SMU students. I did get a significant scholarship from SMU! both schools are excellent, and there is no reason to shun from either one just because you hear rumours of a school being too toxic and competitive, or a school being too mugger and no life. Everything you said is pretty accurate. The people around me shaped my experience. just curious, how many of y’all are choosing SMU law over NUS law? The placement in Dallas is vastly better for jobs and more fun than Waco. When I think back on my university life, it was these factors which made a real difference. pro bono opportunities are plenty as well, since like smu, we have compulsory pro bono hours. It was a social issue. Both schools have a decent amount of JLCs yearly. But no matter the name, the purpose of getting … My parents are a little worried about the money/frat/party culture there. My D is a very active conservative republican with hopes of going into politics. Push ahead of the pack with a master’s program that puts you in the driver’s seat of your career. Foreigners who know that Singapore exists generally know about NUS but not SMU. The intangible aspects of SMU are the most valuable in my opinion. This was way cheaper than what my parents thought they would need to pay for college so I’ll end up close to debt free out of college! I'd pick SMU simply to avoid having to live in Waco for 4 years. While some may call it “Results Day” and others “D-Day”. Explore learning culture at SMU Cox. I would say career opportunities wise or in terms of quality of education there is really no meaningful distinction between the two schools. That’s why SMU deferred my early action as well. Afaik, the only compulsory core mods which still work on the lecture/tutorial system are contract, torts, property, constitutional law, and probably evidence law. Ranked No. SMU has a compulsory conflicts of law mod. Then, three hours before the game, SMU students, faculty, alumni and friends come out to enjoy food, drinks and games on the Boulevard. The boys usually sport dress shirts with colorful ties and bowties. the only difference lies in frequency (if i'm not wrong, all of smu's mods are seminar-style, while only some nus mods are seminar-style. For more information on SMU’s latest news related to COVID-19, please click here. I think the reason why I was initially apprehensive about going to SMU is because I thought the people there were noobs (LOL sry) and that they were not as ‘smart’ as NUS. Beautiful campus, affluent but diverse student body, the athletics programs are on the upswing if you love sports. However, I am very concerned reading some reviews of SMU being a party school. Boardroom Diversity: A Question of Culture. SMU is the 3rd best college in the state and the majority of the students are from outside texas, while at Baylor most students are locals. The global exposure from an international exchange programme to an overseas internship stint widened my perspective of both societal and working cultures that has helped me gain employment. The rest have slowly become seminar-style teaching (whether it's because of the benefits of seminar-style, or simply disagreement between profs, we'll never know lol), some mods have project work; highly dependent on individual profs, presentations: again, highly independent on individual profs. Plus I think people from SMULaw are definitely more articulate than NUS because they’re trained in presentations and class part :-) I did take the whole class participation thing in smu into consideration, but I do think that it does help to have a more engaged class that understands concepts as compared to one that just takes down notes and studies, especially in the context of law. The education I received while in school was top notch and the reputation/brand of the business school has only gotten better since then. All unofficial transcripts/test scores can be sent via e-mail to or via postal mail to: Mailing Address: SMU Cox School of Business MSA Admissions PO Box 750521 Dallas, TX 75275 Prerequisites and Background Courses. I know one who made individual presentations 35% of a double weightage core mod, and presentations began in week 2 (literally one week after you start learning the mod proper). Culture. And you can be sure that people will be rather judgmental. But, Baylor has been involved in some shady as hell practices lately, read about their sexual assault scandal (here)[]. A premier university in Asia, the Singapore Management University (SMU) is internationally recognised for its world-class research and distinguished teaching. And how did you get rejected from Cox? Can confirm summit food is pretty bad (except for the chicken rice). I actually think that SMU suits my learning style more because I could never ever pay attention in JC in either tutorial or lecture ... so a more engaging learning environment is definitely a big plus for me. Unlike its name, it is NOT the pinnacle of food excellence. With the scholarships and financial aid I’ve received, it will be roughly 25k per year for me which is steal. But I think that really differs from cohort to cohort. While some may think the project work in modules are redundant, every uni has its pros and cons. Many of my friends in college were from out of state and stayed because Texas is just an awesome place to live too. i'm actually really confused where the whole "stereotype" that smu law students are more vocal while nus law students are more academic comes from. I feel like there are no current smu law students on this thread LOL and this is just what I gathered after scouring the entire internet. In NUS, you have to bid for conflicts/ICL. Guess we will see. Nice work. Environmental law, shipping law etc. Since graduation I've hopped jobs several times. you can leave smu after 4 years with a 6 figure job from cox. NUS law seems to be doing better at mooting in recent years. SlimJim001 November 9, 2019, 9:34pm #8. My friends in Cox love it, especially the opportunities it presents for internships and jobs in Dallas. hmm as for SMU's culture I think it's mostly true, but it could be a stereotype as well. Will likely visit again with both parents if I get in EA. SMU is amazing and definitely the best decision I’ve ever made, there’s so many activities to choose from and you can definitely find your people no matter what you’re interested in. If your into research, religious stuff, and volunteering, I'd recommend baylor, otherwise go to SMU, especially for business. It’s not incredibly hard to get, but worth considering (especially since TYL teaches conflicts). How did you get rejected from so many schools with that GPA and SAT score? What’s area around SMU like? New program draws from Cox and Simmons Schools, delivered through SMU Professional and Online DALLAS (SMU) – SMU is proud of its history of developing courses that address student interest in emerging markets. NUS has a law + forensic science class and minor, NUS Electives:, Agreed with all my nus pals - this quote ^ is golden - couldn't have put it any better =). You have to go out of your way to learn about business in NUS. … SMU has not lost to Tulane since 2012. I can do it" Femi Olamolu Full-Time Two-Year MBA, 2018 Sr. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Wᴇʟᴄᴏᴍᴇ ᴛᴏ ʀ/SGExᴀᴍs – the largest community on reddit discussing Singapore schools and examinations. I’m not sure. I got into Cox via direct admission, but was deferred by SMU initially. My D is looking at SMU and the school fits her in many ways. And you can be sure that people will be rather judgmental. Feel free to discuss in the comments if u have any concerns.. With more than 150 student clubs and countless events to be involved in, you can make university days as colourful as you want it. You definitely won't regret coming here! I'll let someone more recent than me answer in more detail. At SMU, life begins outside of class. i also think the view that smu students are more well-spoken, more articulated, and more extroverted to be an exaggeration.

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