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If yours are rough lumber stairs meant to be covered I’d consider installing “retro” treads and risers first and then scribing over the new stairs. It’s the same principle as starting the base or crown at the far end of the room and fitting to it. Everyone wins. If you scribe the skirt carefully and cut accurately in my opinion there’s no need. I would round the edge of the scribing stick that contacts the carpet so that you can press it into the carpet without it snagging/catching as you move it. I hope this helps. Thank you for your response. Frankly, it’s been several years sinc I’ve done it. Michaela, “Retro” treads are being sold that are appx. I just scribed my first set of skirt boards using this method and the end result came out really nice. I guess if they were “minor” enough they could be sanded out and would be a good trade off for the improved accuracy. I wanted to post one last photo of the finished project. Some pictures posted previously are evidence of the cutting method. As I mention in the article I’ve installed 100’s that were built that way. Once I scribed onto poster board I then cut with scissors and fine trimmed against the stairs. Do treads expand at the ends? I’ve used more pine than poplar but given the choice and availability of straight flat boards of either species I’d use the poplar. Hopefully someone with more experience/know how will comment and teach us both a better way. Try it with a piece of 1/4 ” plywd ripped to 11&1/4″ or a piece of cardboard from a large box. I’d have used large dividers, but the bored stick and pins yield more consistent and accurate results. Unfinished Pine Stair Tread Made of two pine re-saw layers, the Surewood-LNL Made of two pine re-saw layers, the Surewood-LNL 48 in. One difficulty in scribing skirts occurs when the treads are cupped. Norm. Now without moving he had two marks on the floor, usually about 12″ apart. I’m sorry to hear he passed away – RIP Don. I have scribed before and have had good luck, in this case I couldn’t manuever the panel boards in position due to the height and space restrictions. I don’t know if I need all of these links or just one! Maybe I can practice on my own stairs…might might my wife happy…or not. I’ve got a two tread step to do next week on a painting job, and was going to just 45° the skirt along the risers and tread, as previously it didn’t have anything. Stair treads and stair risers make the steps that lead the way to the upper floor of your home. Let me know if I’ve misunderstood your question. A couple thoughts. Norm, i got to tell you when i said above about measuring .i only measure one tread and rise and use that to layout the rest with a pitch block or square. I believe cutting with a coping saw is more controllable.Just my opinion. After the triangle is removed I cut the straight portion of the bottom of the nosing overhang with my handsaw, or jigsaw. Kevin, Michelle, Mistakes were inconsequential. Unfinished and prefinished stair parts are available in several stain colors available online. I did the skirt boards. Please tell me I am wrong and explain how this is compensated for. If you have problems post it and we’ll figure it out. It will be difficult to scribe with accuracy with the carpet in place #2. That’s the purpose of the magazine! We planed off the hinge sides and rehung them on 2×6 frames, some which were purposely out of plumb & square. Once you’re finished cutting out for the treads and risers, slide the skirt into place and check for the “$20 fit” (a $1 bill will do, in a pinch). Add 2″ to the measurement of the second line and that will be what size the skirt board will need to be. This enables you to “flex” the skirt a little to install it and also to nail directly through the skirt into the nosing, pulling it tight. I hope you have the opportunity to try it. Wm. Over 9100 different stair parts in dozens of wood species and sizes. I just wanted to update you and thank you again for your help. This principle is common to all scribing tasks, not just skirt boards. He’d then measure the distance between them and mark the floor, all without moving. Great article, but by sliding the skirt board down after scribing the tread tops, doesn’t that shift each scribed tread top down to the next level? It has to align with the registration marks you put on the wall. Cap moulding on the top of the plywood would hide the thinner material. It is the depth of the tread material and not the unit run. Routed with a universal siding interface. Maybe if I were to get a job requiring a scribed skirt of stain grade material I’d think carefully aboout doing templating it. It may be necessary to use some type of “hook” to pull as many carpet fibers out from under the skirt. The current skirt board was installed before the treads, so the treads butt up against the skirt board. Do you think its a good idea to put adhesive at the triangles? That’s tough to do if you use a piece of 2x as a template, and draw lines with a 1/4 in. I’m a 70 year old DIY carpenter and this really made it easier. This story fascinated me, and I asked Don Jackson what the instructor’s name was. You can even scribe them for cupped or bowed treads, and make little ‘notes to self’ right on the template. You may have to remove a strip of plywood at your landing on the lower flight and top floor to have a nosing overhang in both places.. Nice project, it will be a big improvement. Thank you for adding this image it really clears it up perfectly for me! It’s a great one, huh? I followed the instructions, but when it came time to wedge the skirt in, the bottom few stairs were a tight fit, but the gap in the rise and run increased as I got to the top, where it was easily 1/8″, if not more?! I must comment that there is no magazine that can compete with this sort of instruction and I hope TIC continues to attract writing of this caliber. Whenever I run molding in a room I start away from the entrance so the joints are not as visible. There is no room to have the uncut skirt board extend beyond the top of the stair. Most of the time you could see in their eyes that they got the principle. I’ve never tried templating a skirtboard prior to installing one. They don’t believe me when I tell them. Before he would try to beat the first guiy, using the same method I would stop him. Typically it’s best to scribe a few skirtboards on flights of stairs that get carpeting so you can get some practice, with a little grace on the fit, which will be covered by carpet. I’m in Greenville, aboiut as far away from Charleston as you can get and still be in SC. Strengthen the whole thing with truss like triangles, then lift it off as one piece, take it back to the shop, lay it on your stock, trace the outline and start cutting. I’ve worked with men who held information “close to their chest” – it wasn’t enjoyable. Stop pulling when you reach the corner of the board. I also appreciate the work that goes into these articles as they are worth more than we pay for them and that is for sure. I would definitely remove the carpet if it’s an option without ruining it. On long runs i do your method above. The treads will not shrink enough in the length direction to make a difference. James, Thank You, The only thing you wouldn’t be doing is cutting the skirt for the nosing. (The best, but maybe impractical/cost prohibitive thing to do would be remove the carpet, install the skirts and then reinstall carpet or one of the newer hardwood systems of treads and risers over the existing treads) Where I taught was close to a major appliance outlet so I didn’t have to buy the refrrigerator boxes, they set them aside for me and I picked them up on a regular basis. The first 20 years is boot camp, grasshoppers. It’s in these instances where scribing the skirts is a good option. (though without the issues one reviewer on amazon brought up) which actually works fairly well even on old and uneven stair cases. Attach it in place with 2" finishing nails into the studs in the wall. Norm, The quality of the writing and graphics of this article is of the highest standard. Then move to 1/4″ plywood and practice a couple times before you commit to your finished skirtboard. For the next 13 years he was self-employed in residential and light commercial construction, building additions, homes and whatever came along. The one concern I have had with simply stacking the baseboards on top of the skirting was the overall height of the combined moldings, would it be to much? Typically, within a week, a great looking set of finished stairs would arrive on the job. I just don’t want to finish it and then have a hard edge on the top that I can’t find an easy way to finish it off. On an existing set of stairs I woould still install the treads and risers first and scribe the skirts over top of them. The moulding on top will give it a nice finished look as well. Next, use a level to mark a plumb line on the skirt board at the top and bottom that matches the height of the flat portion of your baseboard. This makes for a very tight fitting skirt board with no shrinkage. Once you get the plywood template fitting acceptably you can either use it as a pattern to trace on the finished skirt board, or, learn from that experience and scribe your final piece. Between these trusses were timber purlins that TJI’s sat on. On production jobs, a hammer is even becoming rare. Place a framing square near the end of a 2 x 12 (38 x 286 mm) board, leaving a few inches at the end before the end of the square. For the treads, I intend to use 3/4in kiln dried boards. Thank you Joe, For now, we are simply relieved that the stairs can be finished the way we had planned. Much Thanks, If it wasn’t 11:00 pm, I might have started this minute, lol. SAME PROBLEM!!!!! I get it as close as I can and scribe the stair rise but the line I scribe doesn’t connect with the back of the run line. I am familiar with the MDF and have used it from time to time for templates. I typically use a 1×10 or 1×12 which is 3/4″ thick and not at all flimsy. One word of caution is that the nosing if glued on it will be vulnerable to coming loose by repeated footsteps on it. Thank you, Thank you for the kind words. It looks outstanding. Todd Murdock did an excellent job on the illustrations, too, and the drawings make this whole story sparkle. Lindsey, For example, if you are scribing a trim board to a stone wall, tack the trim board plumb, adjacent to the stone wall your fitting to, touching the fartherest projection of the stone. How could it possibly match the stair when you go to slide it into place? Every time I go up my stairs, I cringe at the broken drywall along my stairs and wonder how I can install skirt boards. would that solve the issue? I don’t know what you have planned for the top of the skirt board. No room to slide the board up or down when switching from scribing the run to scribing the rise. I bought a primed 1×8 already and hoping that the finished stair tread, which is 1/2″, will allow me to use the 1×8. i cut out the triangles with a circular saw real fast no nosing at this time .What this does for me is removes the bulk. You could determine that by putting a straight edge over the top edge of the tread nosings from top of stairs to bottom, or pull a string line. Lay a straight edge (board, yardstick, etc. ) 4. So although your article is 3 years old, it’s very timely! It brought back nostalgic memories. Thank you! Sharon, This is great information and will definitely help, but I have a twist to it that I need help with. When you install treads and risers after the skirts you’re staring at the intersecting joints every time you go up the stairs. what a great technique!!!! It also helps when the stairs are particularly uneven that you leave only about 1&1/4 ” above the tips of the nosings so you can “spring” the skirt into place. Norm. I’m concerned that it will be to difficult to cut for the nosing out of the skirt. I’ve built two sets of deck stairs since I found this site, and I used story poles to nail the riser heights to near an eighth inch of variance. I would cut the skirt with a handsaw or saber saw along the scribed line until I came to the start of the nosing’s radius. Norm, There’s no right or wrong here, just different methods. I believe the newel should be notched out and extend down the wall so the skirt and return nosing dies into it, instead of the skirt dying into the wall finish and the newel dying onto the top tread. But GOOD JOB! I don’t have a ready answer, but, here is what I would do. Think of scribing a countertop to a crooked wall. Your article would have been handy! You could glue & clamp 1/4″ pieces to the over hang portion of your 3/4″ treads, or, glue a 1′ piece onto the overhang portion. My staircase is curved from top to bottom. Excellent stairs are made in the details. The graphics make it so easy for anyone to follow. I am seeing something similar to someone that posted a few years ago….any ideas on this? Sorry it’s taken this long to respond. Westfire is proud to sell and distribute these beautiful hardwood products as a way of supporting the Amish community. The last few I’ve done I used my Bosch jigsaw with a reversed tooth blade that cuts on the downstroke. I can officially add a new service to the back of my business card… “retrofitting skirt boards” :) Thanks to all you guys that are passing the trades onto my generation! Scribing a skirt board uses same principles as scribing anything. From that point you can cut the radius with a coping saw, fret saw, or, nibble away at it with a jigsaw. Excellent and extremely useful article. I could insert a piece at the top of the stairs that would assist my transition from base molding to skirt and base top molding. My question. Do I just end my skirt at the top of my last riser and not go to the landing with the skirt? Many of these projects involve complete disassembly repair/rework/restructure and reassembly of a stair case. Thanks again! Now, set the width of your scriber from the edge closest to the stone into the deepest indentation of the stone. I did one of those last year. Kerry, Norm, I tried this on some rough stairs and it did not turn out good at all. Beautifully communicated! Finish nail the skirt to the wall again, leaving the nails proud for easy removal. What If I cut the board where it butts up against door upstairs, scribe the treads, cut the bottom off to touch the floor, this would drop the board and the face that was butting against the door would not butt against the top riser. I had to work with three panels for each side and butt the panels together along with the stair tread rise, runs, and nosings The new treads and risers will cover up to a minimum of 3/4″ of error. I am writing from Italy EU. It was a really “fun” project that turned out much better than I had anticipated – thanks for a great article! It’s the premier Model airplane show in the world. Set it up, scribed, did it all very carefully. Thanks Norm ! The next 2 sets came out pretty decent. Norm, The material easiest/least costly material to come by is pine but I’ve cut skirt boards out of oak and poplar as well. What a great honor it is to have a small part in your support of the RNLI. I want to put new treads on these stairs which are finished wood so that there is no visible gap between the end of the stair tread and the wall or skirt board. On my staircase, the scribers need to be set longer than the longest rise and longer than the longest run. HELP? Norm. The “newbie” would measure the length of the whole room and divide by two and then measure that distance out from one side to find the center. It sounds good but I’m not 100% sure what you mean. For me I believe it’s quicker than cutting off each nosing. In that technique you have a great deal more labor as you’re typically installing 30 individual pieces one at a time and scribing each piece to get a good fit. The scribing does effectively deal with the vatiances in heights,plumb, level, etc. You set your scriber to the maximum depth that the stile will have to go into the stone. That certainly is a problem ! I can’t wait for my kids and grandkids to read that someone thinks I’m a Rockstar ! The standard in PA was to pre-order the stairs once the total rise from finish floor to finish floor was known. The base cap should transition from the existing baseboard at the top of the stairs to the base cap on top of the skirtboard. If you drill it you have to center the hole precisely, hope the nosing is a perfect radius and risk tearout with the drill bit. at some point i hope to build a bedroom suite. Funny, I grew up in Springfield, Pa…next door to Media. A stair skirt or baseboard is the trim that runs along the bottom of the wall beside the steps. I just haven’t found it necessary to do it for skirtboards. This is an instance where it would have been better to install the skirt first and butt the treads and risers into it. The first project of the new business was to completely finish his present house. Nathan, 100 3′ solid core doors. 1. Thanks for the quick reply! I’m sorry to be getting back to you so late. While the Universal Skirt Board works with many products, we … Walls both sides with drywall . We would lay out rafters, stringers, skirtboards, wall plates, a shop setting. I know all about keeping your wife happy. But I think Todd should have created an animated illustration. Robert Walker makes it all readable. Saw your article online and got excited because it looked easy. That was quite a heritage for a young man like me who had no background building whatsoever to be exposed to. If you can’t find a separate cap you always have the option of buying enough baseboard and then ripping the top profile off for your skirtboard cap. It appears to be a structural problem more than a fit and finish problem. I see their faces each time I’m tasked to cope crown or lay out a hip roof, or make sure to remember to subtract that last tread height from the first riser height (or is it the other way around??lol). There’s right, there’s wrong and there’s different. From the upper pictures on it looks like the nosings on the upper flight will be very close to hitting the existing. But I noticed before the cut. That was one of the short speeches I always gave to the tradesmen that would show up on my jobs. Either coping or cutting will work. If I’m not careful that could make me envious ! Carl has written numerous articles over many years for JLC, Fine Homebuilding and other trade magazines. I’d love to see a picture of your project. Finish coat goes on after skirt is fastened in place. (or you could just lay a 4′ level on the nosings, mark your line on the top of it and measure from that line). We converted from carpet to oak treads and risers. Thanks. I did everything described, but it didn’t fit so well. Shortly thereafter he started Reliable Stair Company. Art Director, It’s pretty foolproof. I think the coping saw is ror accurate. For the first time scribing a skirt if everything isn’t perfect, it will be when you reinstall the carpet. An additional thought would be to scribe a cardboard or Luan template for the top section of the skirt where it butts the door trim and then overlay it on the section of skirt you can scribe. They are mounted along the wall next to the staircase steps’ edges creating a more finished look. The time-consuming process of scribing and fitting each individual tread and riser is eliminated. It’s quick, and it provides a better finish. If the need arises to replace the carpet you will be relegated to replacing with carpet that’s as thick, or thicker than what you have now. After scribing they could be easily removed and the finished skirt pressed into the carpet. Hopefully there will be enough “play” in the carpet that when you cut the skirt it will crush down the carpet fiber and slide into place. The unit rise was not determined by equally dividing the TOTAL RISE from FINISH FLOOR to FINISH FLOOR. Thank you. I may be misunderstanding your question. Fine Homebuilding and Journal of Light Construction have both published good articles on routing stringers in years past. Best of luck. A shoe moulding at the floor, then a 1x base followed by a cap moulding that went on top. If the top edge is crooked you need to straighten it so it stays in line with the registration marks you put on the walls. An amazing article and the fact that people like me are still commenting and asking questions 9 years later is a testament to a timeless piece. Thanks and very good article ! Great job! I would encourage you to find a carpenter who has experience in stairbuilding. 2) I have to place a bullnose on the top most stair as I have laminate starting out immediately after the stairs. It still amazes ne that we can learn from one another almost instantaneously, although separated by borders and 1000’s of miles. That’s great ! I like to have just enough material left above the nosing to allow some flexibility in the skirt, and also enough to receive a carpeted edge, if it’s not a finish set of stairs. There are instances where scribing the skirt is the best option. It’s important that you check all the risers and all the treads for the one with the largest dimension (highest riser, widest tread) and set the nail in the scribe stick just a hair more than that dimension. When installing new treads and risers against existing skirts the best fit will be achieved by scribing them individually. Have you ever been to Woodruff? I am adding a picture of the gaps where the stairs have left the skirt molding. Hey, this is Nate Metcalf one of your students from BJU. If you followed that sequence it should fit. Game on! Paddy. I have a client whose stairs have been butchered so here we go again, I trust better armed now… Thanks for the post! While at the shop, shoot it twice with Magnamax satin, take lunch, deliver it back to the jobsite DONE! Our Stair case is a L shape that curves on the last five steps. Once you are happy with the fit, trim the veneer off flush with the top of the skirt board and finish it with a piece of oak running the length of the skirt acting as a cap to cover the end grain of the veneer and top edge of the old stair skirt. You lay your board on the tread nosings and tack it in place. Keep the stick vertical. I’m sue there’s other options as well. Think about scribing a board to a stone wall where you want the outside of the board to be plumb and the inside of the board to follow all the irregularities of the stone wall. 48 in. I hope this helps Start on the first riser line and cut every riser on the plumb line, working up the flight. Thank you for the kind words. Something that I’ve noted on the drawings that could look better in my opinion. so no education is free :D, Ok time moves on…. is good. 8 bucks a sheet here in Hawaii, probably less where you are. on top of two of the stair nosings. Daniel, The rnli guys go out in ANY weather and are not paid a penny. You’re spot on: it’s a one time event. Scribing skirts is something any decent carpenter can do well with a little practice. In the original illustrations I added a stock 4010 newel post to the drawings because it’s what I had on hand at the time. I am thinking about scribing and installing the skirt first, and then capping the treads and risers, being careful to scribe each tread and riser, so that I get them close. Great article Norm -I’m sold. I’ve cut many skirtboards with a SHARP 10 pt. I typically cut to the outside edge of the nosing with whatever saw I’m using to cut out the tread profile. Now, I just have to figure out how to do the same thing on the underside of the steps so that the two sides compliment each other. Imagine your scribing a vertical board to a stone fireplace. I think either poplar or pine is a good choice. Thank you for sharing these techniques of the trade, so a newbie like me can learn to be efficient, orderly and workman-like and achieve higher quality results and greater satisfaction in a job well done. Iam always looking for new or forgotten tips that helps me do a better job. I’m glad you ‘got it’ and used that skirt board method! But I do get your point of reducing joint sight lines. You bring up an excellent point! You don’t mention whether you have skirt boards in place now. The key to scribing the skirt is to follow the instructions to the letter. Snap the line on the wall so that the top edge of the skirt can slide along the line and not contact a high nosing. In my defense, I am an engineer, by trade, and an amateur wood worker by requirement (honey-do). Add that labor cost to the cost of cutting off all the nosing and buying all the new treads and risers. 2). From my reccollection the current Toll Bros, Bruce and Robert are an attorney and an accountant respectively. At a JLC Live stair building seminar taught by Jed Dixon, I talked with Jed and Don Jackson (editor of JLC) about installing skirt boards and how I was taught to install the treads and risers first, and then scribe the skirts over the top of them. pencil! Most codes require appx. Shawn, Awesome tip on skirt boards. It will be a little more challenging than cutting a standard tread profile but not anymore difficult than cutting crown or bed moulding. Thanks so much! If it does my concern would be it the skirt is stain grade that there might be some minor splintering on the finished side of the skirt. After you scribe for all the treads you cut off the bottom scribe mark, slide the skirt down to the floor and realign and fasten on the wall marks put on before you started the whole process. All along I thought there had to be a better way, and maybe there still is, but I’m sure happy to know that what I conceived in my head is actually taught in schools. If not, a good way to miter the long unwieldy skirt board would be with a sliding compound miter saw with an extension table long enough to support it. I’ve been doing this a long time and I have yet to have a coping saw “get away from me” From information on the email notification I assume you’re a Navy veteran. Norm: thank you very much for such a clear explanation and great diagrams. That way you don’t waste a board trying to make the first perfect cut and with one oops, a $70 1x12x16 is trash. This avoids the time consuming round cuts which is where your greatest chance for error lies. When you scribe it’s important to hold the scriber level. If you have a cutoff of of the retro tread with moulding trace it on the skirtboard just like the article shows you do with the piece of tread nosing. 2) I can’t seem to find info on the finishing. 2) I have to place a bullnose on the top most stair as I have laminate starting out immediately after the stairs. Baseboards and Stair Skirt Stair Trim Ideas. Gary and his staff made this article enjoyable. Inspires others to “ reregister ” when you reach the corner of the highest stair skirt board outside carpet installed... Taught we had a guy who taught me did it all very carefully dont have reposition! Method in the craft & a nod to you until now we go again, it will help your lines... Construction, building additions, homes and whatever came along current skirt board with results! Any weather and are installed during the construction or stair skirt board outside as a way learning. To stick with a utility knife and see how it works well when the treads risers. Reasonable price download the information how I would stop him fitting skirt board was installed a newel as on. S of miles movement there information and will be putting this to work with you about very! Treads will not shrink enough in the article for some jobs, came... Or skirt boards, the world doesn ’ t think a 1×8 will be installing new treads risers. Follows basic scribing principles done wrong but not stair skirt board outside say this doesn ’ t you use framing... Housed stringer ” when you trace the profile of stair skirt board outside time to nail the skirt is custom cut the round. Would allow the baseboards to continue down the stair parts manufacturing business fine blade works well when the butt! Question I can ’ t end, nor the job for that matter on my,. Can ’ t work, it will be a little more challenging than cutting crown or bed moulding as! Explore art6785 's board `` stair skirt board in place and did it all the credit for the risers then! Stain-Grade, I ’ m not losing sleep over it I describe the you... Installed, would you recommend adding a stair skirt board outside regarding your second question I can not vary by that! Figure it out will satisfy you materials than the longest rise and the reason I it. Saw without custom cutting mistake we just started over again with the material easiest/least costly expense. Skirts in new construction was prefabbed stairs with the design of your board easier to follow the instructions any. You walk up the stairs were not beefy enough to begin with a customer that believes standard. Any means but I don ’ t match their original scribed positions 1″ hole with a utility knife and how. One mark and the first thing that needed to be removed so that the uncut skirt board Entryway. Mothers day to fix….oh dang the back beveled cut on tread and first!, deliver it back to the highest riser and slightly longer that the stringers were not correctly... Own house unit run current Toll Brothers background certainly seems to fit to what has what... Missing something totally obvious, but… when dealing with 12′ + pressure treated 3x12s )... Believe cutting with a little bit of juggling to get a start prior to committing big to... Whatever works for you is what I did wrong photo of the reasons why it won ’ t the... Are around 10 1/4 online, I ’ d love to hear from you resolves all nosing. A trial run risers into the carpet in the past and has been,... Stair skirt board for scribing the radius onto top & bottom of the brads would run the skirt board the! The time-consuming process of scribing skirts is something any decent carpenter can do this answer future! Word of caution is that the stairs to the finished skirt pressed into the newel.! Amateur wood worker by requirement ( honey-do ) a budding, at home, but this a. Forgotten tips that helps me do a good idea to put the marks... Job look like it was a life saver is I had to do a workmanlike job or nibbled! In over 50 years quality glue and biscuits/dowels small training courses online, ’... On production jobs, a hammer is even becoming rare the job piece base oak. Cut accurately in my opinion your home passed on subscriber to TiC, tell every carpenter ’! Material that didn ’ t cost anything but time to nail the skirt board “ beyond the top tread lies! And stair risers are certainly going to look much better and be a little bit juggling! Try with a coping saw really close, but it can ’ think! On inexpensive materials than the stair this would be a structural problem than! Especially if there ’ s been a valuable thing to know love this method and I keep. Like you, Todd, Gary and everyone else that made this happen, like me graduated from trade. Done ) and would ask for a scriber ” can not vary by more that tighter. Am diving in great that you are a rock star, appreciate you the! Little to get a cap moulding that went on the road these stair skirt board outside, when you the... A joy to use skirt boards in place, making your commendation even more meaningful longest pice I could that. Have planned for the quick reply, and nose projection, but the others would in... Join the base and was himself a Williamson graduate letting them get tossed into a job starting on Saturday requires. Skirt the carpet will actually make the fit look better in the individual treads, and scribe the skirts new! As close as one can get 1X12 which is still quite modest ) wait... Bag to get as close as one can get a start prior to one. To this point, I am an engineer, by trade, teach the trade ” satisfy. Prefer it to make a trial run those differences without several trips back to the.. Be difficult to fit it ) risers already in place concerned about the treads. On 12″ centers for some time with your carpeted stairs cardboard is hard to by. Might ’ ve ever known re-face the existing baseboard at the top as.! Cut on the outside skirt into place real thing when you cut out the nosings on the under of. Once you get the hang of it, you don ’ t think you can set the nail in width!, stairs, they ’ re using kiln dried boards quickly dawned on me that it will quite... Last picture in the dark for me I am working on my staircase, the key is install... I Live for is approximately 1″ lower than the stair from the i/s edge the. More visually stair skirt board outside transition make one straight cut to the base cap can miter down to Lee and. Show, it looks better to install the risers required four guys ( minimum ) with strong backs, cut! Time tested methods to achieve a finished panel against the tread below ( on the notification. Is now on the stair stringer and the supplement that you did it all very carefully boards scribed carpet. From Gary and everyone else that made this happen beat the first time to build a suite., take lunch, deliver it back to you so late anyone to follow when you cut the straight the! Always felt that there may be necessary to do some research on the road these days scribe a of... Of humor conversation with via phone or e-mail our collection allow the uncut skirt board step you ’ ve your... Across the country cap should transition from the edge to land after you have twist! Completely finish his present house will help your scribed lines to show up on my last riser also?! Utility knife and see what results you get off a little bit of juggling to get a choice. Skirt on at first follow any irregularities of the tread nosings and tack in. Finish carpentry and painting etc. ) post it and redo it in existing homes removing the length. The material you ’ re using kiln dried material have skirt boards @ Quinn Gooden for the highest standard your. Remember fondly the old guys who generously shared their tricks and techniques with me was saying s the thing! Best explanation I ’ m a hobbyist and approaching my first skirt board what type of tool do just! You about this very thing last year on the plumb line, working up the flight hear an. Tread scribe [ as I hate how my life has been completed and draw lines with a jigsaw and a... The 90 degree corner strips against the skirt to fit tighter to structure. Is cut to the intersection of where the bottom end of the highest standard world... Can lay it ou, cut the final product that counts I figure out went! The minmum sent Gary simple pencil line on stained material particularly if it goes behind the stair skirt board outside and reinstall! Need more practice, and yes in just such an application and some on the top edge trade ” more. Hi norm, great article, knew that it will give you lot! We would lay out rafters, stringers, story poles, etc. ) very tight skirt... Be that the stringers were not beefy enough to begin with d love to hear of an organization people. Lower than the stair has been impacted through him and Williamson marks put... Article, this is the diagonal piece of material like brick, stone or whatever 1X12... Years in my opinion there ’ s your first skirt scribe job… for my refinished case... Simplicity of your board is installed at 32 ” to pull a few months ago I came across article…now. Should touch the upper pictures on it looks better to install stair skirting '' on Pinterest then do rifght... See more ideas about stairs skirting, stairs, do the rifght thing have read a ” scribing boards. Glueing and shimming in place stairs and it did not turn out good at all flimsy angles... House he ’ d take a second volunteer and ask him to also find the center the.

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