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Learn about tab renewal costs and donations you can make when you renew. That’s largely why legislators have leaned on car-tab revenues to pay for those things. SPOKANE, Wash. — Washington state voters decided they wanted a $30 cap on car tab fees. When you renew your tabs, visit a vehicle licensing office, show proof you've paid your FHVUT. The majority also said I-976’s ballot title gave voters the false impression that voter-approved car-tab taxes would be untouched by the initiative, when in fact the measure repealed those taxes as well. “The average informed lay voter would conclude voter approved taxes — such as  those used to fund local and regional transportation projects across our  state — would remain,” Justice Steven González wrote in the majority opinion. If your vehicle registration is due before Dec. 5, the DOL said you should pay the amount listed on your renewal notice. ), site search, and Google Translate it's necessary to enable JavaScript. More than 60 cities use car tab fees to pay for road construction, bus service, and sidewalks. Many of those fee increases were approved by voters. Fees, taxes, and donations. A majority of Puget Sound voters approved that transit expansion, and the increased fees, in 2016. The state took similar precautions while the initiative’s fate was up in the air. The DOL said I-976 only affected the licensing fees listed above. Many cities said they kept collecting car-tab revenues while I-976 was on hold, but set the money aside rather than spending it while they awaited the final ruling on the initiative. The Washington Supreme Court issued the long-awaited ruling on Thursday. State laws are vague on armed protests and paramilitaries, but legislators and activists are trying to change that. ; House Bill 2021 would make Sound Transit’s motor vehicle excise tax be based on the Kelley Blue Book. About 60 cities and counties charge their own local car-tab fees to pay for road projects and other transportation needs. The Supreme Court ruling is the end of the road for I-976, which was the brainchild of anti-tax activist Tim Eyman. State Rep. Jake Fey, a Tacoma Democrat who chairs the House Transportation Committee, said “It’s great to have the Supreme Court understand the problems with another Eyman initiative that was badly written.” He said I-976 “threw everything but the kitchen sink into a ballot issue and misled the public once again.”. Local officials, too, will benefit from Thursday’s ruling. Most of that money was expected to be spent on transit and nonroad projects. “It’s good they recognized that,” Fey said. To find out what your specific … Fresh from winning Prop 22 in California, the ride-sharing company prepares for battle in Seattle. ... as he attends a rally on the first day of the 2020 session of the Washington legislature, ... nowhere in the state would tabs be less than $43.25. The Washington State Supreme Court has overturned a 2019 voter-backed initiative that would have reduced car tab fees to $30 statewide. Tim Eyman's voter approved 30 dollar car tab initiative has been struck down by the state Supreme Court. It wasn’t immediately clear what those options might be. The Washington State Supreme Court has struck down the initiative voters passed last year that sought to reduce the cost of car tabs. Learn more from our I-976 Fact Sheet. The Department of Licensing extended expiration dates of driver licenses, but there is no guidance on car tabs. Plaintiff Sid Maietto said his family’s car tab fees jumped from $450 dollars in 2016 to $1,100 in 2017. ©2021 Cascade Public Media. “That’s what lead me to this, my own sticker shock,” Maietto said. Earlier this month a DOL spokesperson told KING 5 that car owners in King, Snohomish, and Pierce counties will continue to pay the Sound Transit RTA tax until March 31, 2020. Implement $30 car tabs. State officials had estimated I-976 would cause state and local governments to lose about $4.2 billion in revenue for transportation and transit projects over the next six years. Inslee said he was open to working with legislators to make changes to how the state collects car-tab fees going forward, but stopped short of promising an emergency session to address the issue. 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