dragon boat tragedy singapore

A joint memorial service was held on 29 November 2007 at Mandai Crematorium to mourn the deceased paddlers. Retrieved from NewspaperSG.13. Today, p. 3; Tan, J., & Quek, C. (2008, July 15). Tan, J., & Liaw, W. (2007, November 25). Neo, C. C. (2008, July 15). Please contact the Library for further resources on the topic. 18. 11. Retrieved from NewspaperSG.35. Quek, C., & Sloan, B. Hopefully this could open more racing opportunities between SG … Mr Paraiso recounted what he saw. Tan, J., & Liaw, W. (2007, November 25). Singapore working with Cambodia to fly bodies of five Singaporeans home. c/o Sport Singapore, 3 Stadium Drive, #01-33 Singapore 397630 The second and third bodies retrieved were identified to be Jeremy Goh Tze Xiong and Stephen Loh Soon Ann. Retrieved from NewspaperSG.7. The formation of a dragon boat inquiry panel was announced on 4 December 2007. [15], On 25 November 2007, the first body was recovered by the search party after nearly 40 hours of combing the river. [Press release]. [17] The last two bodies to surface were identified as Poh Boon San and Reuben Kee En Rui. At 19-years-old, Mr Ong survived the boating accident while representing his home country Singapore. Quek, C., Sloan, B., & Liaw, W. (2007, November 27). (2008, May 31). Bodies of dragon boat paddlers recovered. The bodies of the casualties, their family members, and the surviving rowers were then dispatched on a C130 plane back to Singapore.[21]. The 2010 Penang dragon boat tragedy (Chinese: 钟灵龙舟翻覆) was an incident that occurred on 17 January 2010 in Penang, Malaysia. (2007, November 29). Retrieved from NewspaperSG.21. Five missing S’pore rowers feared dead. It would have been about 40 hours since the boat carrying 22 Singapore dragon boat racers capsized in the river on Friday. Age-old tradition lives on in modern Singapore with the Dragon Boat Festival, a traditional Chinese holiday with apocryphal origins dating back to China’s Warring States era. Please contact the Library for further resources on the topic. The panel concluded that the Cambodian organisers had not adhered to the International Dragon Boat Federation (IDBF) guidelines. “Safety Inquiry Reveals Factors That Led To Dragon Boat Incident”. Each dragon boat team consists of 22 members. Sloan, B. A dragon boat has capsized in Sitio Tulubhan in Boracay. By having this plan and an annual competitive schedule, the team will know well in advance how to train and prepare for events. Five of them managed to resurface at the far end of the pontoon, but the remaining five did not.12The Cambodian authorities later revealed that they had cautioned the participating teams against approaching that pontoon, as the waters around it were susceptible to whirlpools and downward rips. FOCUS Adventure. The Straits Times, p. 3. Singapore working with Cambodia to fly bodies of five Singaporeans home. [4] The race was part of a three-day Cambodian Water Festival which marked the water flow reversal from the Mekong River into Tonle Sap. Lee, H. C., & Jaganathan, J. Five members of the team were sucked under the pontoon by the water currents and lost their lives.1 The Singapore team was participating in the 1.5-kilometre boat race held as part of Cambodia’s annual Water Festival.2BackgroundDragon boating is an integral facet of Cambodia’s much-celebrated annual Water Festival, which is locally known as Bon Om Tuk. "2007 Singapore dragonboat tragedy - In memory of", https://www.asiaone.com/News/AsiaOne+News/Singapore/Story/A1Story20071128-38817.html, https://www.nytimes.com/2007/11/25/world/asia/25iht-cambo.1.8467199.html, https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/singapore-dragonboat-tragedy-escaped-death-5-teammates-9402316, https://www.asiaone.com/News/AsiaOne%2BNews/Singapore/Story/A1Story20080530-67870.html, http://eresources.nlb.gov.sg/newspapers/Digitised/Article/straitstimes20071129-, https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/singapore-dragonboat-tragedy-search-recovery-bodies-9415490, http://www3.ntu.edu.sg/corpcomms2/Documents/2008/Oct/ST_081016_B4_DragonBoatFund.pdf, https://www.sportsingapore.gov.sg/Newsroom/Media-Releases/2008/6/Safety-Inquiry-Reveals-Factors-That-Led-To-Dragon-Boat-Incident, https://wiki.sg/index.php?title=Team_Singapore_dragon_boat_tragedy_(2007)&oldid=1863. Sloan, B. (2008, May 31). To Singapore Dragon Boat Association, for working hard to make sure we still get to do the sport we all love, despite the circumstances. The inquiry did not identify the absence of life jackets as a cause of the tragedy. (2008, May 31). Singapore News - When Ms Yvonne Yik, 42, was diagnosed with stage two breast cancer in August 2016, becoming a dragon boater was not on … p. 3; Tan, J., & Quek, C. (2008, July 15). According to the Vice-president of the Cambodian National Committee for Disaster Management, Dr Nhim Vanda, all participating teams had been briefed that one side of the pontoon was “prone to whirlpools and downwards rips”, making it very dangerous. Jacob, P. (2007, December 1). On 23 November 2007, a dragon boat carrying a 22-member team representing Singapore overturned in Cambodia’s Tonle Sap river after strong currents caused it to collide with a tugboat moored at a pontoon. Bodies of dragon boat paddlers recovered. Retrieved from Factiva via NLB’s eResources website: http://eresources.nlb.gov.sg/; Loh, S., Tan, J., & Quek, C. (2007 November 26). Earlier that day, in the morning of Nov 23, 2007, the Singapore national dragonboat team arrived for the first time at the venue for the ASEAN-Cambodia Traditional Boat Race in Phnom Penh.

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