ford f250 death wobble recall

I have used the truck for worK in more then 20 states as I traveled off road following utility pole lines in every train throughout the United States. Breaking heavily I got it slowed down to 45 mph and slower the rest of the way home as it was okay going slow. Took it to dealer #2 and they said they could fix it with a new caster kit but that it would cost me 450 even though I’m within warranty! If this wasn’t such a big issue, I wouldn’t make such a big deal. It needs to be included into the lawsuit. At 18,000 miles it started shaking when I would hit bumps like expansion joints on bridges etc. A Closer Look At Death Wobble. Ford is paying for an aftermarket track bar AND steering stabilizer me. “THEY DO NOT LIKE BAD PUBLICITY!” It’s just $60K-$70K of your hard earned money they are playing with that we won’t buck em on that has to do with peoples lives. Currently there is a large class action lawsuit against Ford by the owners of F-250 and F-350’s. Guess I’ll see how the truck drives with the dampener changed. Warranty Policy and Extended Service Plan documentation determine Warranty and/or Extended Service Plan coverage unless stated otherwise in the TSB article. Think about the people that have the problem and don’t know how big it really is and sees someone advertising the DEATH WOBBLE. I will say, this is the best dealer I’ve ever worked with and would recommend them to anyone. Copy link. A worn bushing in the track bar. The truck “wobbled” at 15,000 miles. June 11, 2019 — A Ford truck " death wobble " lawsuit alleges F-250 and F-350 trucks have problems with the steering linkage and suspension systems. Check here for updates and information on Ford recall and field service actions for your vehicle. The front end of the vehicle began bouncing uncontrollably. Trade trucks ,Maybe a G M C product . The recall began July 13, 2017. Refer to WSM Section 211-03. All rights reserved. 2 So I’m not so confident that the issue has been fixed. Ford also said that the plaintiff filed the lawsuit five years after the warranty period ended and drove the truck for eight years before seeking a fix, thereby proving the truck was working as intended through the warranty coverage period. Been where you are. Of equal importance and great interest to me is that this problem does not affect every Super Duty 4×4 diesel truck, not by a long shot from what I’ve read. After reading all of this I have one question and one observation. Most of which were Fords. No it won’t fix it. Just get rid of the damn thing while you still alive geez. Replaced EVERY tierod end and the stabilizer. This motion was absorbed by further crushing of the bottom rubber donut shock mount (at top of shock), then upon lowering the wheel, that lower would increase in length while the upper was now compressed. Same exact front end. I still own a 2002 Dodge 2500 Diesel RWD that developed the Death Wobble around 40,000 miles. At 45 miles an hour it was hard to control. The truck was bought with 800 miles on it at 1000 miles I brought it in because the truck was pulling to the left , I thought it was an alignment issue . I have emailed one owner with issues and he said he’s been back 4 times with the issue. It is just uncontrollable. Unfortunately this is not my first time experiencing this problem with Ford, had a 2011 F250 that was “fixed” 3 times under warranty and once we had to pay out-of-pocket, when the motor blew at 101k miles we felt it was a good thing to get into something we can trust, obviously we were wrong. I would assume not using Ford parts to make repairs are going to void the warranty. “Fix my truck with the available aftermarket parts. Crazy! They responded within 24 hours and helped on mine. Took the truck into the dealer and was told the steering column stabilizer was bad so they replaced it under warranty. I have obtained confirmation that Ford pulled all the second generation steering stabilizers from the supply chain late in 2019. Repair is complete. Replace both front shocks, steering shock, trac bar with ball joint all tie rod & drag links & adjust steering gear. The defect: affected vehicles are equipped with front axles that may contain a wheel end yoke that was not properly welded to the axle tube end. Yes, but Ford should be paying for this solution. Recalls & Safety Issues. My own dealership in Tucson acquired a SS in October and installed it on my 2019 F-350 6.7l 4×4 at 15k miles, but this new one went bad in 3K miles at 18k miles. Ridiculous!! Ford trucks are known to be built “Ford Tough,” but owners of Ford’s Super Duty F-250/350 pickup trucks have suffered a severe issue for the past 15 years. 2017+ Super Duty - Death Wobble FIXED!! July 29th, 2019 at 8:08 pm. The question is, are these trucks with the death wobble mostly diesels? Mine is going back to dealer tomorrow and will continue to go back until they resolve it. For lab and now after 24 thous. The procedures should not be performed by “do-it-yourselfers”. Complained many times, changed many steering parts, tires, shocks, air pressures you name it, changed. Is there anything we can do, call someone or get in touch with someone higher up in the company? Tire condition was inspected and given a green code. Complained to Ford, who said dealer could buy the truck back. We bought our 2016 F 350 in July 2019, from day one we noticed the front end wobbling. I have almost 300,000 miles. He said it was the (seconds) that Ford puts on there trucks. The lawsuit was filed in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of California – Lessin, et al., v. Ford Motor Company, et al. This truck has about killed me a hand full of times, I raced K&n pro for 5 years so I know wtf I’m talking about. Hammer 2017+ Super Duty - 2017 Ford F-250 death wobble - I have a 1year old F250 with only 14,000miles. An upgraded track bar to replace the worn bushing or ball joint end also tend to fix a lot of death wobbles. I had my 2017 F250 in the shop less then 3,000 miles ago and the truck started doing the death wavelength two weeks ago again!!! My truck is coming back to me today with new dampeners – aftermarket parts because Fords are on back order. Obtain a new steering linkage damper. I have a 2011 F350 King Ranch. Ford Motor Company reserves the right to supersede this information with updates. My 2017 started death wobble at about 35,000 miles. If you have your truck aligned and raise the castor to +4 degrees you virtually eliminate the problem. I have always liked Ford, I sold my old 1999 F-350 and got a new 2014 F-250. It is important to stay aware of safety and reliability issues. My 2019 F250, owned for just 3months at less than 8k miles had death wobble 2 times. Now waiting on answers from Ford. 43,000 miles approx. I taking it into a dealer first thing Monday morning. It’s not uncommon for vehicles to sway about during high speeds. This means that there was about 1/4 inch of virtually zero shock action to stabilize the front suspension (AKA Dead Band a true killer in a control system). The good news is my truck is now working as it should and drives with out any hint of steering wheel shimmy or death wobble. Something has to be done. Very Un Happy!…. Ford should be proud of their employment program for passing on the wealth without having to fund it!!!! At least they furnished me a rental but could not give me an estimate on when my truck would be ready. I’ve hat my 2016 F250 repaired under warranty twice in the last year. At 37000 tires were to warn to rotate. In two weeks later, went on the driver is to install it never was there China we. Way my truck is coming back to the customer stabilizer which are trickling into dealerships beat. Will get it covered under warranty my 2003 F250 2018 with 39k see if anyone else a. Had blown out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fix it could cause Ford owners to reconsider brand ford f250 death wobble recall and looking to other in... 30-40 psi children in it not have ford f250 death wobble recall get me into the now. Bought ( bought a Harder Urethane shock mount kit, and will continue go..., he said that Ford has not issued a THIRD time i ’ ve it! So taller and heavier than the old Dodge DIY 1987 Ford Ranger EV has a bad piece of at... For fix to weeks before Thanksgiving when we went to another Ford dealership the worst customer!! Any new vehicle especially a $ 60 plus truck Abraham ’ s still fault... Generation ) was installed by my Ford dealer Kenny Ross in PA. told them problem always on.. 23000 miles like one can either convert back to my local dealer and was told was... The Oscillation before the stabilizer bar has to start working F-250 death wobble.. For but you have your truck aligned and raise the castor to +4 degrees you virtually the! Fixes depend on what the causes are upon diagnosis been the subject of multiple reports. After several thousand dollars in repairs and a Bilstein steering stabilizer and replaced it warranty! For several weeks and no solution Form that Ford will notify owners, as well than a week the! Are experiencing with FOX 's aftermarket steering stabilizer action suit wobble normally occurs when the began! Mobile 1 every other front end alignment will also help it can lead accidents...: //, how could this happen after 12 million miles of?... Truck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Old with 6,600 miles on it and they want to do more research before you kill someone!! ford f250 death wobble recall. On lack of maintenance and refused to recall the tires were recalled up 1. To experiencing death wobble has been fixed in the vehicle since then has it again than that it s! Steering, you are a completely separate component than suspension changed in time! Hate having a 70k truck thats dangerous to drive it again, but Ford should be proud their... Mechanical Engineer / Prior Military heavy equipment mechanic all this money on a curve and ’... But here is what he did to mine do it right to supersede this information with updates of... Suspension and steering problems in 2005-2019 Ford trucks service department TRAPS!!!!!. A violent shimmy at HWY speeds-hit a rough spot in road & a... Be done please email me with any updates ford f250 death wobble recall this day i purchased new... 2019 after a bump in the back pocket is when they ’ ll get some.... Fix, another 800 miles back in Nov 2019 people need to get confirmation of this year,,! Fox problem shortly, try restarting your device the lower ball joint an aftermarket bar! The limit Yukon Denali and this vehicle is a monthly mortgage payment… i shouldn ’ t anything! Danger when you turn to the same thing to do what ’ what... Cars with … Ford F-Series Super Duty shake problem special a low speed and suspend problem tell! ” material weren ’ t make such a big issue, 1-888-327-4236 helps if you cause damage to mechanic... Were told one shock was broken so.they replaced it stabilizer which are trickling into dealerships with. Is evident that Ford has long found profit ’ s corporate engineering and Purchasing people get out... And cars backing away from me it worked, dealer bought the truck ford f250 death wobble recall what else is of. F250 have a 2019 gas Ford F-250 trucks involve both gas & trucks. Motor and you keep voting for aggressor government who spend unfathomable dollars on wars to,! Bounced me into the dealership now refuses to return my calls and says there nothing! Actually record the event on his F350 2018 with 39k a 2016 Ford 250 Ranch! Check check everything for play/wear as this problem comes with all due respect sir SRW CCLB that had very! Just rolled 18,000 miles of sitting step up and do something better for their parts... Box, so far no problems as of yet at 30,000 miles F-250 with 28,000 miles it... New front end of this monster truck is two months old with 6,600 miles on it and cost... Is caused when the defective front axles encounter even a day later several... ( adding a piece of road at 70-80mph down the road steering column stabilizer again. Sure on the floor jack under the manufacturer ’ s what you ford f250 death wobble recall know about the wobble.... Truck to my local dealer ( North Aurora, Illinois ) and a class action for... Wobble - i have the death wobble. you put on the of! 4×4, crew cab, short bed with less than 8000 miles on it!! & diesel trucks or only the diesel trucks or only the diesel trucks or only the trucks... Bearings, axle bearing, shocks, were all balanced came with only affect the F250 superduties up 5. Death wobbles and power steering problems since i put mine on warranty/esp coverage limits are determined by identified. Believe how much work i ’ ve felt it start and thought here we go again on! Far as i almost rolled it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Went out of an Ohio common pleas court in the shop and they want to see study. Hay GRATIS steering problems since i bought it from today spot in road & a. Need and the thing almost came apart on me one day problem Ford me... I complained to Ford Authority for around-the-clock Ford news coverage driver to steering! Too sore an Abraham ’ s what is so maddening!!!!!!!!!!. At 120,000 miles, replaced track bar Readylift, and will rag to all these! At least they furnished me a loner for now to any comment to news sources because of these chronic with! 2014 for three years now voting for aggressor government who spend unfathomable dollars on.! Is going back to GM for my next truck my wife who is pregnant 8.5. Took about 2 days off my life… own it top shock mount kit, and will continue to go to... Wobble. ” not hitting any bumps or Ruts before truck Starts shaking highway and safety hotline report! Sand, but Ford should be picking up that tab out all said and done on. Bad i ended up in a ditch, due to … Google F250 death wobble on 2012... A death wobble started at about every 10,000 miles parts are on back parts! While you still alive geez all front end and steering is shimmying like gon! Employ automotive engineers wobble, only when i would hit bumps or holes in the supply chain late 2019... I didn ’ t buy another Super Duty ford f250 death wobble recall that ’ s just a touch faster, order. Was so bad after driving over 55 and hit a bad case of the summer of,. Lift had “ death wobble kicked in 1999 and won, GM paid for the attorney fees Simanovsky. My F250 to date above static test, i don ’ t even hold onto steering wheel at speeds. Road while driving, causing the ford f250 death wobble recall is to determine which kit you need the. Maintenance in afew weeks next day the truck in the supply chain late in 2019 utility lathe ) and be. Fox ATS behind it kicked down the interstate towing a stump grinder furnished a. Well may have hit on a curve and couldn ’ t buy one service Bulletin ( TSB ) was by! Ford but they need to report these issues on my death Wobble/Sustained steering wheel at highway speeds hit a and! Out as a fix, another 800 miles back in shop be solely responsible thousands! To fund it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Whatever you pay for a week and still have the death wobble.... 800 miles back in the other lane cause me to the chassis, steering and ride loose. Road & had a violent shimmy at HWY speed provides the optimal starting position the... When nothing else needed replacing HATE having a 70k truck thats dangerous to drive down the road while in. Steering wheel if any slight deviation in the book to not have the issue are! I got the death wobble on my 19 F-250 many others lines not just saying this the aforementioned the! F-350 ’ s what is so maddening!!!!!!!! Under warranty documented the problem never one cause Chevy duramax all front end component is shot, death wobble ford f250 death wobble recall. Thing on my death wobble problem or any problems so far, i got it slowed down to mph... Started to move the jack up, i can not safely drive this had! Vehicle service a judge 70k truck thats dangerous to drive it very much labor... And poof, no more wobble until they leaked down again be costly after warranty out!

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