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Flashing on Everest: is it worth the money? 7 mountainous places to escape to for Christmas, Ethiopia's Simien Mountains: great trekking, unusual wildlife, and a summit, 5 reasons Ecuador's mountains are great for beginners. Like yesterday, I expected to be bog-hopping for most of the morning, and after stumbling across boggy heather for a few hundred metres, I was pleasantly surprised to join a good, firm trail beside a bubbling brook. Most commonly known for having the Three Sisters on its northern ridges, this massif – the highest in Glencoe – and its two Munro summits offer exceptional views across the … It wasn’t the end of our holiday. The land gradually steepened as we approached the col and we picked a route that skirted above crags. Beyond the Nevis watershed, part 2: the Grey Corries, 5 surprising, educational facts about Everest, all for a good cause, 10 facts about Everest success and death rates, based on scientific data, When Joe Brown went hunting for Inca treasure in Ecuador’s Llanganates Mountains. It was slow going for my injured ankle and I dropped behind Edita. How starting a blog turned me into a mountaineering writer, The Everest Politics Show: available for pre-order now. What’s the highest mountain in the solar system? Grey Corries Dawn was breaking as I drove east from the A82 at Spean Bridge along the south side of the River Spean as far as Corriechoille then the vehicle track going south from this property. In any case, we had a long day ahead of us, and anything that might slow us down was right out. October 7, 2020 Trip reports backpacking, grey corries, hill walking, mamores, munro bagging, munros, scotland, scottish highlands, weather, wild camping 0 Comment Our plan for the second day of our backpacking trip beyond Glen Nevis was to climb the Grey Corries … Dougie, Masoud and Dan report that they had a grand but tiring day on the three Munros. Undiscovered Ecuador: Cotacachi and the Guinea Pig Lake. On Friday we tackled the Grey Corries ridge in a long day taking 4 munros along the way. When does trekking become mountaineering? Down at the col, I was relieved to see that the gradient of the hillside seemed more manageable. Far below, in a dark green basin, we could clearly see the five lonely pine trees that marked the position of our camp. It slackened off in the afternoon, but by then my injured ankle was protesting at the weight. Dreams of Maiella: a shepherd’s life in the Apennines. The marvellous story of Boris of Kathmandu, Hell or high water: a Peak Lenin modern pentathlon, Seven Steps from Snowdon to Everest: please give your feedback on my book cover, The Corno Grande aperitivo: highest mountain in the Apennines, Sunshine and optimism in the High Pamirs: my attempt on Peak Lenin, Walking the Aran Ridge, another Snowdonia secret, To climb or not to climb? Is this the world’s strangest summit cairn? ascent of the Mamores on the south side of the valley, Ascent Into Hell by Fergus White: An authentic account of climbing Everest, How I evolved as a writer by writing one blog post every week for 10 years, The Ghosts Above – 36 minutes of Everest porn, free on YouTube, Doug Scott’s expedition to the Tibesti Mountains in Chad, How not to do the Cuillin Ridge, by cyclist Danny MacAskill. Swearing in travel writing: when is it acceptable? Stob Ban (Grey Corries) - Munro (Walkhighlands) Walks . Side streams washing down into Glen Nevis looked like mighty canyons from above, but when we reached them we found we could step across easily. The Ascent of Rum Doodle vs. Is Dervla Murphy most admired for her writing or her travelling style? The Grey Corries form an impressive ridge between the Aonachs and the Easains and are usually tackled as a circular route from Spean Bridge. As I bumbled about making coffee the peaks of the Grey Corries began to resolve out of layers of pale mist, a familiar scene rendered as Chinese watercolour. [1], Coordinates: .mw-parser-output .geo-default,.mw-parser-output .geo-dms,.mw-parser-output .geo-dec{display:inline}.mw-parser-output .geo-nondefault,.mw-parser-output .geo-multi-punct{display:none}.mw-parser-output .longitude,.mw-parser-output .latitude{white-space:nowrap}56°48′54″N 4°52′26″W / 56.815°N 4.874°W / 56.815; -4.874, images of the Grey Corries on the Geograph website,, Mountains and hills of the Central Highlands, Mountains and hills of Highland (council area), Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 28 September 2020, at 11:00. By the time we reached the top of Stob Coire Cath na Sine, the clouds had closed in and once again it became a monotonous trudge. We’d stopped at just the right time. My feet became wet almost immediately. We appeared to reach a grassy plateau, but then the gradient resumed up another mound of steep rubble. Quartzite is a type of stone formed many moons ago by sandstone that has been heated and compressed by tectonic pressure. The Grey Corries are nothing if not rocky, but I'd hate to stumble down this in the dark or when there's a snow bridge over it! For the first two hours, the rain continued mercilessly. The Manaslu Adventure is now available as a paperback, Monte Marsicano up the back side: 8 summits in one day. We had to complete the boggy wade from the base of Meall Doire na h-Blah Blah Blah (see last week’s post) to Luibeilt one more time, this time with the added delights of a solid stream of water from above as well as below. Sea to summit on Chimborazo, part 3: the climb, An evening with Mick and Vic, British climbing's answer to Vic and Bob, Sea to summit on Chimborazo, part 2: Carihuairazo and the circumnavigation, Adventure-loving Guardian readers hit back at couch-potato Guardian writers, Sea to summit on Chimborazo, part 1: the bike ride, Sore bums and saddlebags: cycling the North Coast 500, The best guidebook to Nepal is now available as a paperback, The kindness of strangers is helping a young Sherpa recover from frostbite, 5 beginner’s tips for cycling up mountains. Hampered by my injured ankle, we’d been out eleven hours the previous day and arrived back at our tent just before pitch blackness. I plodded along like a tortoise as Edita shot ahead. The Abruzzo Quartet: an autumn feast of mountains, Seven Steps from Snowdon to Everest: read the complete prologue, Book review: The Ghosts of K2 by Mick Conefrey, The first ascent of the Southwest Face of Everest, The Snowdon Horseshoe: Britain's classic hill walk, Snowdon's Pen-y-Gwryd Hotel: a little piece of Everest history, BREAKING NEWS: People with size 14 feet can no longer climb Mount Everest, I'm giving The Chomolungma Diaries away FREE, and here's why, Everest the Movie: my review of the Hollywood blockbuster, Monte Amaro, a mountain worth drinking to, Seven Steps from Snowdon to Everest: a writer's journey to a perfect book cover. Did Everest’s Hillary Step collapse in the Nepal earthquake? I followed a faint track around the side of a small lochan; then the track turned sharp right to climb up Stob Choire Claurigh’s grassy south ridge. What do Prince Philip, an Everest summiteer and a Nepali rock star have in common? Where on earth are Tenzing Peak and Hillary Peak anyway? Why did Harry's Mountain Heroes leave Everest early? If you climb a peak that collapses in an earthquake, did you still climb it? We packed up the tent, strapped it to the outside of my pack and began the slow plod back to Kinlochleven at 10.30. Would you sacrifice a digit for a summit? Stob Coire Gaibhre (958m) lies to the north of the eastern end of the range whilst Stob Ban (977m) lies to the south of the ridge's eastern end. Is disaster reporting becoming too violent? What does Mount Everest look like from space? The Cuillin Traverse - to do or not to do? I used the modern method of navigation, which involves walking a few metres in what you think is the right direction, and seeing if the pin on your favourite mapping app (in this case the OS Maps app) moves the right way. While this Nepal earthquake: who should I donate to? With only a short carry down to Kinlochleven, we were in no hurry to get up until it slackened its relentless pounding. Will the Coalition government protect the UK's forests? Nirmal Purja’s ascent of all fourteen 8,000m peaks: why is it controversial? The sorrowful tale of Little Mo the moorhen chick, Win a signed copy of The Baruntse Adventure, Llanganates, Tungurahua and unexplored Ecuador – the videos, My very first audiobook – Seven Steps from Snowdon to Everest, narrated by Philip Battley. Over the last 3 days i have been out on the Grey Corries munros and the 4 munros either side of Loch Treig. This was just the first week. The traverse of the Grey Corries main ridge gives a long and demanding but superb mountain walk. This greying effect is a result of the blocks of quartzite that line its surface. Is the Manaslu Circuit the new Annapurna Circuit? Had I stopped to wring my socks out, I would have flooded the valley and washed away our tent on the banks of the Abhainn Rath. Then we continued without stopping, over the summit of Stob Coire an Laoigh, our third Munro which we reached just before 3pm. The Ascent of Nanda Devi – how similar are they? The 'Grey Corries' is the name given to the superb range mountains to the east of Ben Nevis and the Lochaber 4000ers. Ice needles and guinea pigs: acclimatising in Ecuador, The truth about the first Lithuanian ascent of Sgurr a’ Chaorachain, The peat-bog method of training for a big adventure, Some thoughts on hiking in the Dolomites and via ferrata, The long road to Chimborazo on legs and wheels, The Corno Grande and Corno Piccolo traverse, Monte Acquaviva: the Maiella massif from both sides, BREAKING NEWS: British man arrested for Photoshopping pictures of Mount Everest’s Hillary Step, The great Everest self-fulfilling prophecy, Thieves, Liars and Mountaineers is now available as a paperback, Exploring Monti della Laga after the Italian earthquake, Move over Lonely Planet – here are the best travel guidebooks to Nepal, What Ueli Steck meant to ordinary people like me, The fate of Langtang village two years after the Nepal earthquake, For busy executives: the world’s shortest 8,000m peak expedition, Thieves, Liars and Mountaineers has been fully revised in digital format, From wasteland to wonderland: a trek in Langtang. The ridge continues westwards at a high level to join Aonach Beag, Aonach Mor, Carn Mor Dearg and Ben Nevis. Humboldt and Boussingault on Chimborazo: how high did they climb? Is it a bad thing the world is becoming more accessible? Luckily I was able to grab hold of it before it shot off towards Loch Treig, and I managed to hop the remainder of the way without falling into the drink. Stob Ban [Grey Corries], walking routes, pictures, weather, maps and more on all the Munros, Corbetts & Grahams of Scotland. The crossing presented few challenges until one of my flip-flops decided to take a swim. This long horizon of peaks is drizzled in a silver top when viewed from afar. The best weather forecast is to look out of your tent, On parasitic climbers; Manaslu's serac maze, A monsoon trek and first foray onto Manaslu, 8 useful web tools for expedition base camp, Drukpa Kunley's Rhubarb: an extraordinary Himalayan vegetable, 5 reasons why Bhutan is *NOT* worth the $200 per day tourist fee, 5 reasons why Bhutan *IS* worth the $200 per day tourist fee, All experience is an arch: a traveller's motto, Backpacker’s Britain: walking guides for people who like it tough, The Rhinogs: Snowdonia’s best kept secret. Your email address will not be published, but it will be stored. The Helvellyn and Fairfield Horseshoe via Striding Edge, The Snowdon Horseshoe: Britain’s classic hill walk. The Grey Corries are a group of four Munros (Scottish mountains over 3,000ft) that form a natural rocky ridge running south-west from Spean Bridge in the West Highlands of Scotland to Ben Nevis, the UK’s highest peak. It still surprises me that walkers are permitted to drive along this rough … Ascent : 1800m (5910ft) Distance : 25km (16m) The ridge continues westwards at a high level to join Aonach Beag, Aonach Mor, Carn Mor Dearg and Ben Nevis. We’d not seen the weather forecast for a couple of days and although the sky was overcast, the clouds were well above the summits and things looked well set for a pleasant ridge walk with decent views. Rain was intermittent, but the cloud was incessant. Reality Check: Will there be a huge clear up of garbage on Everest this year? There are no obvious paths joining the two pairs so navigation is crucial as is the ability to traverse reasonably steep slopes over rough ground, including peat hags. The brief clearing in the clouds wasn’t to last. The Grey Corries are a fantastic range of 12 quartzite peaks – four of which are munros – lying to the east of Aonach Beag in Lochaber. BBC proves not all Everest documentaries have to be crap, Touching Doug Scott's void: a crawl down The Ogre, Kenton Cool and the Olympic gold medal for climbing Everest, Two great histories of Himalayan mountaineering, Ueli Steck's ridiculous mountaineering career, The snows of Kilimanjaro, and why seeing is believing, Why most books about Everest are irrelevant (but not all of them), Joe Brown provides a rare glimpse of Kangchenjunga, Hi Kickstarters, but this is wrong in so many ways, Why glaciers are amazing in 3 minutes 17 seconds, In defence of Manaslu (and commercial mountaineering). This post describes an ascent of the Grey Corries on the north side. This trail headed north to a narrow valley, the Lairig Leacach, that cuts through to the main road and the village of Spean Bridge on the northern side of the Grey Corries. We descended boulder fields to reach the col between Stob Ban and Stob Choire Claurigh. Eventually the grass disappeared and there was nothing but boulders to cross, dense rectangular blocks of quartzite. Why did a Chinese team climb Everest during the coronavirus pandemic? By now I was running out of energy and it was raining pitilessly. The mother of all avalanches: an eyewitness account, A last desperate bid for Everest glory ... by helicopter, Namche Bazaar and the start of the Everest trail. On the final top of the range we met a few guys who took some pictures of Genghis and I. We feasted on as much food as we could manage, to reduce our loads for the following day. Is The Last Great Mountain by Mick Conefrey the last great book about Kangchenjunga? Why are mountaineering book covers so terribly dull? This section involved some easy scrambling down boulders and there was one exposed move. I paused at the crossing point and considered how to reach the other side. My feet were wetter than a pair of soggy fish swimming in a saucepan of water. If we decided to start along the ridge then we’d have to complete the traverse. The route as described takes in the main three Munros, leaving a fourth for a separate walk. Sgurr nan Gillean and Am Basteir: the Black Cuillin’s hair-raising finale, The best place on the internet to buy new paperback books, Sgurr na Banachdich to Sgurr a Ghreadaidh: touching cloth in the Black Cuillin. What a box of mountaineering books tells me about our post-coronavirus future, Learning about the Manang Valley in the early days of the Annapurna Circuit, Ojos del Salado and the Puña de Atacama: the videos, Cool Conversations: experience the mountains during lockdown by social distancing Kenton Cool-style, Revised edition of The Baruntse Adventure available from all good e-bookstores, An interview and audio excerpt from Feet and Wheels to Chimborazo, An audio excerpt from my book Seven Steps from Snowdon to Everest, What I’m learning from Robert Macfarlane’s reading group about Nan Shepherd’s The Living Mountain, Why the outdoor community should not ignore coronavirus restrictions, Kangchenjunga Base Camps Trek: the videos, Keep safe from coronavirus with namaste, the ‘Nepali handshake’, Introducing Wilderness Prime: a superb introduction to the Great Himalaya Trail, Much ado about yetis: Nepal’s latest tourism blunder, How the Duke of Cornwall stole a footpath and I rediscovered it, BREAKING NEWS: False alarm as climber’s tracking device suggests he is trapped inside toilet tent, The true summit of Manaslu: a long-standing mystery solved, The tragedy of Armero: the 1985 eruption of Nevado del Ruiz, Los Nevados: exploring the volcanoes of Colombia’s Cordillera Central, How the Colombian páramo thwarted the Spanish conquistadors, The five days of Colombia's Cocuy Circuit trek on video, A return to the mountains of Colombia, with a volcanic twist, Climbing Cotopaxi: the ‘most beautiful of all the colossal peaks of the Andes’, Review: Touching the Void, on stage in London's West End, Climbing Tungurahua and entering the throat of fire, Paperback of Feet and Wheels to Chimborazo: the perfect gift to slip inside your Christmas stocking, Monte Amaro up the backside: a bittersweet ascent in the Apennines. There are 3 munros on this range, this took us to 232/282 non repeated munros. The final Munro in the Gray Corries is Stob Choire Claurigh which is clearly visible but looks a long way away and looks much higher. Only three of these – Stob Choire Claurigh, Stob Coire an Laoigh and Sgurr Choinnich Mor – are Munros, so for completeness’s sake we would first have to climb the small outlier of Stob Ban (977m, which is also a Munro), then descend nearly 200m to a bealach (col) before climbing back up again to gain the ridge. It was raining heavily and there appeared to be little hope of clear views along the Grey Corries’ ridge. Then on the steep descent to Kinlochleven, my left knee bent backwards and hyperextended. The Everest avalanche: how did it happen? In some ways the weather was going to work in our favour. Which is harder, the Second Seven Summits or the first one? To the north-east, the Grey Corries ridge was still clear. We reached the Water of Nevis down in the valley floor and followed it upstream until it met the Abhainn Rath. What's next? Both the app and a couple of guidebooks indicated a crossing point at Luibeilt, but it wasn’t obvious. Summit day on Manaslu: what's it really like? The Grey Corries are probably seen at their finest from above Spean Bridge with the quartzite rock shimmering in sunshine and framed with the Commando Memorial in the foreground. Farewell to the Pilgrim's Book House, Kathmandu, A tribute to Sherpas, the tigers of the snow. Is the mountaineer Phil Crampton Richard III's distant relative? Terrain:This route traverses rough, rocky and steep mountain ridges, narrow in places. Did Edward Whymper make the first ascent of Carihuairazo? All you need to know about the Everest fist fight, Top rock climber accuses sunbathers of cheating, Why Tenzing is the greatest Everest climber, A winter wonderland above the Bridge of Orchy, Sherpa hospitality as a cure for frostbite. To receive email notifications of my blog posts about mountains and occasional info about new releases, join my mailing list and get a free ebook. From west to east the principal peaks of the range are Sgurr Choinnich Beag (963m), Sgurr Choinnich Mor (1094m), Stob Coire Easain (1080m), Stob Coire an Laoigh (1116m), Caisteal (1106m), Stob Coire Cath na Sine (1079m), Stob a' Choire Leith (1105m), Stob Choire Claurigh (the highest peak of the range at 1177m) and Stob Coire na Ceannan (1123m). Peak bagging the Cuillin ridge on Scotland’s Isle of Skye, The strange life and death of Kim Chang-ho, An introduction to ExplorersWeb, the adventurers’ website on a new journey, Banished to Room 101: the Inaccessible Pinnacle, The first ever successful Everesting of Everest, Islands in the Snow is now available as a paperback, 7 countries with mountains on their flags, Cycling the North Coast 500: a teaser from my next book, The great Nepal helicopter rescue fraud: an introduction, 5 stepping stones on the path to high altitude, Introduction to the Apennines – Part 3: Abruzzo National Park, Revised digital edition of Islands of the Snow is now available.

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