how much is an antique record player cabinet worth

the value of the antique record player cabinet, Vinyl Record Cleaning Machines: What Are They, Pros, Cons & More, Vinyl Record Sleeves FAQ Guide For August 2020 ⭐, BME-66 Vinyl Project: Designing a record display unit from start to finish, How To Put Music On A Vinyl Record In August 2020 ⚡. This is a super cool piece of nostalgia! Yours resembles the machines on this advertisement: You might try contacting this forum to see if they can help you. If you can't find anything at all it would be helpful if you took photos of the inside of the player and posted there here or on this forum - A lot of these people actually own units like this and they might be interested in buying yours from you. Does anyone know how much this cabinet record player is worth? Some brands were more popular than others, which makes them more valuable. That yours is not marked is concerning, as most Victor pieces were distinctly marked. Expert's Assistant: I always love having an appraiser look at my stuff. Do you see a place where a 'badge' may have fell off. I learned a lot!! It has the lines of a Type E, but the type E that I have seen does not have the fancy metal cut outs on the arm. This may be a Victor Talking Machine, but which one is not clear. Jan 21, 2019 - Explore SHERMECA POPE's board "Antique record player", followed by 239 people on Pinterest. Well you're in luck, because here they come. Record player crank and 2 victor cabinets. 1969 Vintage Magnavox Mini Am/fm Stereo Record Player Console. If you have one you want to sell, consult local antiques dealers to find out what they would charge. Determining the Value of an Antique Steamer Trunk? Antique Oak Phonograph Columbia Graphophone Type Bf Record Player. Design: Some record player consoles were plain Jane, while others were part of the top of the range cabinets. This is most parts of the US. Brand: The brand is important as well when it comes to the antique record player cabinet value. Value of an Old Turn Table and Components? Did you scroll all this way to get facts about record player cabinet? This could be any of the pieces. VICTOR VICTROLA PHONOGRAPH . Vinyl Record Storage Shelf | LP Record Album Storage | Vinyl Record Storage Cube, Rack, Cabinet, Bookcase, Organizer for Vintage LP Records | 3 Cube Organizer by VRSS (Black) 4.4 out of 5 stars 182 $108.00 $ 108 . This little baby is called a Fischer Talking Machine. Some popular brands include Grundig, Motorola, Zenith, RCA, and Telefunken. $15.90. Korgis record cabinet and bookshelf by Mitz Takahashi. Please post back what you decide and what you learn!! I cannot find out how much it is worth. I know the cabinet is in very bad shape and does need some work to get it looking nice again. I tried to search several forums and came up with nothing at all on this unit. What Are Blank Vinyl Records & What Do You Do With Them? Value of Vintage Portable Record Players? I see on eBay people are asking around $1500 for the machine. Does anyone know how much this solid state radio phonograph would be worth? 17. or Best Offer. Is it still working? Is it damaged in any way? The condition of a Victrola often determines its value as an antique. I have some of the original records that play on it as well. The one piece I found just mentions them with a single reference that they exist: If you do a find (control F on your keyboard and put the word Fischer in the search bar) you will see the reference in the document--very brief. Does it have any parts missing? You can get them in different colors, shapes, sizes, and textures. Vintage RCA VICTOR 45-J-2 45 Record Player UNTESTED. What I would do is go to an old stereo forum and post images of this unit there. Record player prices differ widely as it depends on whether you are purchasing a second-hand or brand new player and the features available. He called his invention a phonograph. It is a mahogany wood cabinet that is 3' tall x7" wide x 17.5" deep. If not, it’s not going to be as valuable as you think. Vintage record player cabinet Ottawa 02/01/2021 Classic Garrard 3500 turn table plus Clairtone tuner console. You can take a look at the machines listed for sale on eBay - asking prices are all over the place (as would be expected): You can also try some of the free appraisal sites to see if they will offer information. $2,499.99. Vintage record cabinets can differ in price owing to various characteristics — the average selling price at 1stDibs is Very Rare. It sits on it's original wheels. Unfortunately for value, they did not held it and I have seen these sell from $5 to $100 depending on where you are and if everything is working or not. I never was able go find the old ads to verify a year. See more ideas about antique record player, phonograph, gramophone. Here is a link with badge types: so if you see a ghost or shadow mark, perhaps you can match it up to one and that will tell you better which model you may have if it is Victor. If the company won't give you an offer (start high and negotiate of they are interested and be sure they include shipping by freight that they pay for and arrange), I would recommend finding a reputable local to you--auction house and see how they could help you sell it. Check out eBay sold listings to get an idea of how similar consoles are selling. Just wondering if there is any ball-park on it's value. Victor Victrola Antique Phonograph 1904. These newer units are selling for around $75-100. Choose a record player cabinet or console for a musical experience that stands out from the crowd. Is this in a cabinet or not? It's a Montgomery Ward Airline with BSR turntable. If you are trying to sell your record player, check local classified ads and marketplaces to gauge a fair price and then price it accordingly. My intention is to sell it. Best Answer. This is because people have "project players" that they want to repair and they want the original pieces to do so. But if you are looking for something truly vintage, check a thrift shop or antique stores. Post back what you learn about yours!!! How Much Is An Antique Record Player Cabinet Worth January 1946. You can find a lot of information on this site but it takes a lot of reading. I can't find one that has sold at all and this is what really determines the value of the item and how much it is worth. Considering yours is missing a piece I would say you should be able to ask around $1350 to $1400 for the machine. Victrola Victor Talking Machine Wind Up Record Player Vv-xi. Apart from that, this best record player stands is fun, and at a price that is very attractive and may well have come from the era, it represents. I have a Pathe record player. 4’ length x 1’6” wide x 2’5” height. Missing two of its front knobs and no interior components, the options for re-creating this marvelous cabinet are pretty much endless. Get several opinions--as I found people's "values" varied significantly depending on what part of town I shopped it to. Later on, he upgraded to CDs. Living space must, the accent cabinet is purposeful and functional with its easy desk and added storage. Some might even want to purchase it for restoration purposes. Vintage Technics Stereo Cassette Console Deck Tape Player. It all depends on the condition of the antique itself, the condition of the record player, the brand, design, and overall aesthetics. The horns seen today were often not original either, as music purists say that the original horns had terrible sound quality so when they wanted to listen to their music, they often bought what we now call after market horns so they had better musical quality. With record collecting on the rise and the continued popularity of vinyl-friendly bands like The Beatles, antique record player cabinets are coming back into fashion. There are also some old stereo forums online that people look for different types of stereo equipment such as this. I cannot find any information on the value of Fischer Record players. Sadly with that one--I was trying to sell it for a client and at the time (about 3 years ago) I could not give it away because there were a glut on the market at the time and the one I was selling was not in the best of shape. If this is still in good working condition and both the radio and record player are working you unit is worth $180 to $250. I am only seeing some of the newer model Fisher record players that are not in a cabinet or even have the old arm as the one you have here. If it was not so old and fragile, it would be fun to do an eBay 7 day auction and see what the market would bear for it, the shipping would be the issue as freight is very expensive and I am personally not familiar with how to arrange for it, which is why I suggest let the business do that for you. The speakers go up top with speaker covers, not included, (where the DVDs are stored). Regards. You did not even say if this unit is working or not. There are so many collectors out there and they know so much about these older units. They were produced in two basic formats, the multispeed player, which could use an adapter to play the larger hole 45's, and, due to the high popularity of the 45-rpm record, the 45-only record player. 1 decade ago How much is an antique Magnavox record player (50s-60s) worth? That makes it a lot easier for people here to help identify the player you have. If this was mine, I would contact the company, which still seems to be around, and ask if they would buy it back for their museum....I have sold items back to the makers in the past and sometimes realize tidy sums doing it always feels good (like good karma and juju)! Antique Record / Record Player Cabinet (marina / cow hollow) $150. 1960 S Sylvania Walnut Am Fm Stereo Record Player Cabinet. I am fascinated and will keep this bookmarked for my reference guide and tools!! Read on to see the answers provided by the ThriftyFun community or ask a new question. Value of a RCA Victor Record Player/Stereo. 17. Determining the value of the antique record player cabinet comes down to a few factors: Condition: As with all technology, it is important to determine the value of the unit based on the condition. Check the player and see if you see a metal plate that would indicate the name of the player. There are a lot of these listed at sites all over but I did not see any listing showing a sold machine so value would be difficult (although you did not ask about value) because all machines will be different in brand as well as condition. Any information will be appreciated. Columbia Type Ba Antique Graphophone Phonograph Disc Player. The cone has a marking of "Pat Appd for". New Crosley Record Player and Record Player Stand - Never Used (Mar Vista, Los Angeles, CA) $100. These cabinets can be both closed and open for you to display your record player and all of your records. These were great stereo and my parents had one when I was growing up. A lower cabinet conceals two shelves that are … It was a fun project! This piece—which you can see in its original state below—cost us just $25, but was worth its weight in gold when you take that cool wooden lattice work and sleek shape into consideration. Many of these pieces have been "doctored" over the years to keep them going, so unless you know the entire history of a piece from family history, you may never learn the entire history of the piece. Antique Victrola Phonograph Player "Introduced in 1921, the VV-100 was a popular middle-priced machine that fit between the discontinued XI and XIV models. I have no idea what year or how to tell what year this record player is, or how much the value is, but I'm going to clean it up and sell it. ), location and rarity. Model is a Granada 46101. ... the Wizard of Menlo Park. An old, stripped down record cabinet that John and I picked up from our local Habitat For Humanity Restore. Everything about it ticks the boxes of a vinyl lover. I have a Harmograph type H5135 working talking machine. 37 watching. You can try listing it in your local area because it is so hard to ship, for around $100-150 and see if anyone is interested in buying this. You can also contact someone here to see if they can help you ID your machine. I find with things like this, if you are handy and can deconstruct it and test the pieces that are moving (so to speak), people will pay more for the pieces and parts. Being still very popular today, these pieces can sell for upwards of €2000. People like the cabinets to get rid of the electronics and turn them into bars or other storage pieces. Honestly, you can find them just about anywhere online. The most popular color? There are also so many variables when trying to sell/value--like condition, if it works, if it has any smells or damage, and where you are located. According to, working antique players generally sell for between $180-$250, while those that aren't, go for less than $100. I am looking for the value of a Victoria Talking Machine, missing the hand crank. Best antique victrola victor talking machine 1904 record player the victor victrola page discover vintage america michelle knows antiques victrola clic 6 in 1 bluetooth record player mahogany ireland the victor victrola page encountering antique phonographs the phonograph society. Description. Thanks for asking! The record player goes in middle drawer (not included). Those usually only sell for a few bucks when empty so someone can do the flip job on them and turn them into something else. I only found out from this website that it was $113 in the first year of its sale Please go to a few forums and register and post this image. All of this will determine the value of your unit. But what makes them so special? Sure, it might look nice, but does the record player work? Maybe a vintage retro look is not for some people, and others are not ready for it. Originally introduced in the latter part of 1954 and produced through 1956, the "Musicale Coronet" was the top-of-the-line table-model high fidelity record player offered by the Webster Chicago Corporation (aka "Webcor"). There is a person on eBay who is doing an auction for theirs and it seems the opening bid if rather high. I'm having difficulty in identifying this crank record player. Identifying an Antique Crank Record Player? I also learned there is a very big market for the pieces--so if you took it a part, the cranks can fetch $20-40, the horns $10 to $100, some of the innards (original to the piece can also fetch good money if they are intact--like nuts and bolt type pieces). However, if the record player or even the radio aren't working, then the until will only sell for $50 to $75. 00 The most common record player cabinet material is wood. How much is a "liberty phone" cabinet radio/phonograph worth? Antique Phonographs. Some of them super thick. There are 746 record player cabinet for sale on Etsy, and they cost $326.54 on average.

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