how strong is natsu

The epitome of Fire Dragon King Magic, Igneel's tattoo was a final gift entrusted to Natsu upon his foster father's death. All the mains from most mangas that have fighting. Natsu would win because though he eats fire to gain strength, in the episode where him and jellal fight he eats the ether bank and gets insanely strong. We are building a home for nerds, geeks and anyone sitting at home with super powers that is likely to rule the world with the lot of us. Top 10 Strongest Characters in Fairy Tail, Ranked! Page 3 of 3 < Prev 1 2 3. save. Seeing how Natsu has progressed significantly throughout the Series, who do you think is stronger now between he (Natsu) and Laxus? How strong was EoS Natsu? Natsu as E.N.D. Weve gathered more than 3 million images uploaded by our users and sorted them by the most popular ones. Fairy Tail Anime finally reached its end with epic battles taking place between the Fairy Tail Guild members, Zeref and Acnologia. This website uses cookies to better your experience. When facing Dimaria, he moved freely inside a time-distorted world, thus making him capable of surpassing even the gods. Leave any comments or questions below. Makarov spoke, though he wasn't too worried. Rogue would put up some resistance against Natsu, but he would inevitably lose. Fairy Tail is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Hiro Mashima. He especially hates the fellow guild members around his own age. He walks away suspecting he won when we hear that natsu slurp and he is just flying all over the place Fire Dragon Slayer Magic. Natsu’s E.N.D. Do you know anything about it? share. [Discussion] Discussion. He is seemingly obsessed with fighting his foster brother, Natsu, until one of them turns to ash. Natsu is a lean, muscular young man of average height with a slightly tan skin tone, black eyes, spiky pink-colored hair, and has abnormal sharp canines; Natsu has a scar on the right side of his neck, hidden by his scarf. Copyright © 2020 Epic Media Labs. Natsu Dragneel has 9 major forms; however, there are two that significantly boost his power. Things seemed pretty desperate for the Fiore forces when an Alvarez wizard summoned Ikusa-Tsunagi, one of the Eighteen Battle Gods. So how strong is Current Natsu? Epic Dope is the new home of streaming news, views and reviews. Noah Ammerman is a writer, composer, gamer, and Star Wars fanatic from Eden Prairie, Minnesota. While there are many opinions online, I’ve managed to put together one that stays true to the source material. Now I've been looking at Natsu and he just does not improve. Although the attack doesn't finish him off, the fact that Crimson Lotus: Phoenix Blade deals such a decisive blow to Tartaros' leader earns it a high spot on the list. [Discussion] How strong is Natsu now? We'll get there. Natsu Dragneel’s true form is Etherious Natsu Dragneel, short for END. The importance of this kind of magic is, well, that it shouldn't have even been possible. report. Sort by. Not to be confused with the metal band, Dragon Force is the true ultimate ability of any Dragon Slayer. I fully understand that he gets stronger when he fights for friends etc but it still doesn't add up. Ignia is a male Dragon living in Giltena and the Fire God Dragon. Anonymous said: It's amazing how strong Lucy had gotten, eh? Along with the standard magical power-up, this form transforms its user into a more dragon-like appearance. Natsu is extremely benevolent, driven by his own strong sense of justice and fair play, and firmly stands for truth and freedom, but he is never the one to rest in the face of injustice or oppression. 10.ERZA-100 vs 1 she won. He is also the main male protagonist of the series. Utterly compelled to kill Zeref, Natsu went toe-to-toe with Gray for confronting him about his identity and stalling his mission. Fairy Tail Anime finally reached its end with epic battles taking place between the Fairy Tail Guild members, Zeref and Acnologia. Natsu’s E.N.D. Natsu just nodded, a little eager to start the journey to what would become his new home. hide. He doesn't look that fire type of a dragon to me but atlas looks like a good fire dragon but how come he is weaker than Igneel? I … Is Fairy Tail Worth Watching? 13.HADES-defeated makarov. We’re the tv & anime junkies that can’t watch enough & simply can’t stop talking about it. Created by the Dark Mage, Zeref, Natsu was able to access his demonic power after the mass of Magic in chest was enlarged by Brandish’s Command T. By doing so, his features became more fiendish, and his power immensely increased; After all, he was made to kill an immortal himself. How Strong is Igneel? Zeref is thought to be the strongest dark wizard alive. RELATED: The 10 Most Impractical Special Moves In Anime That We Still Love. He also wears a pendant, where he keeps a childhood picture of Natsu and himself. Now this is a VERY limited post, it is restricted to natsus physical strength alone not magical strength, speed, reaction time, etc. Natsu uses this attack several times, notably in his battles with Zero and (more importantly) Mard Gear. With such an extensive array of powerful magic (that sometimes powers up or down due to plot necessity), it can be difficult to compare the relative strength of his various moves. It was probably a shock for fans when the fabled demon E.N.D., destined to defeat his master, Zeref, turned out to be none other than Natsu. 5.JURA NEEKIS-not as strong as Gildarts but still really strong. To slay a god without God Slayer Magic and only place fifth-best, the top moves really have to be something. Speaking of strategies, erza has shown to use them. 14.MIRA-also s-class. Dragon God's Brilliant Flame was a one-off, improvised attack Natsu used to end his battle with Zancrow, one of the Seven Kin of Purgatory. 9.JELLAL-just to strong. As it turns out, Natsu has the curse of the Power Creep, and it seems he is finally more powerful than Gildarts. But as usual, Natsu found a way, and as a result, created a unique blend of two of the strongest known magic variants in Fairy Tail. But one thing I noticed is that Base Natsu is underestimated, mostly because of gag feats and his non serious demeanor in fights sometimes. An avid reader and writer. He's easily in the top five as far as Fairy Tail mages go, maybe even top three. Unfortunately, due to the Demon Seed and the Book of END being destroyed, we probably won’t be seeing this form again. Using the borrowed power, plus Dragon Force and his usual brand of punching stuff, Natsu destroys the "invincible" dragon's spirit form. While the slayers can enter this form by consuming different substances, such as Natsu eating etherion, flames of rebuke, etc., only a few attain it naturally.

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