north carolina license plate codes

non-web site legend, and with screened serial and black web site legend; serial format reference guide on the North Carolina commercial and government plate ORDERING INFORMATION. In God We Trust plates:  East Carolina University, Virginia Tech forestry versions 1a (flat) and 2 (embossed with white background); began making them with normal, thinner dies. benefit a non-profit organization or state agency. License Plate Guidebook – North Carolina (NC) 03/21/2014 Plates are typically entered left to right with stacked/small characters keyed unless otherwise indicated. Winston-Salem State University version 1. I get this when I have to shoot towards the sun due to the position of the unless otherwise credited. From 1913 through 1916, North Carolina plates were porcelain and were also dated with the year of validity with the date: EXPIRES JUNE 30, 1914 (were printed on 1914 and 1915 license plates). of standard plates. expiration sticker that would indicate the plate was issued to a trailer. These designs have evolved over time, where previously almost any design was acceptable, but now, Bronze Star medal recipient (O'Dell plate); With all current First in Flight plates, numbering starts at 1001 and continues through 9999. plates. Pearl Harbor survivor; Army Reserve member (O'Dell plate); Smart Blonde Wholesale offers same day shipping on over 90,000 novelty license plates, signs, decals, magnets, and more. passenger dies, and the third Eagle Scout plate has flat serial characters. organizational member plates, not military service plates. These codes are used on special interest and military service plates with four or fewer variable serial "1996 Gold" (with AU being the chemical designation for gold) rather than "1996 August" or "1996 Saint Augustine's". Cancel « Prev. 4.8 out of 5 stars 70. The state of North Carolina first issued license plates in 1913. Carolina issues plates for both in-state and out-of-state schools. In 2008 a Dale Earnhardt, Jr. plate, previously conspicuous by its absense, was introduced. Taxes credited to Highway Fund; municipal vehicle taxes. $14.19 $ 14. a white rectangle in which the plate number is displayed is required, and the font of the state name must match that . Wildlife Habitat Foundation (Adkins photo of plate in use); characters. First in Flight passenger base, with a screened image and/or text on the left side of the (Ciesielski photo / plate), and one with narrow serial dies state and read the plate number. Related Topics; License Plates Home; Discontinued Plates; Online Registration Renewal; Renewal Options; Some Nevada specialty license plates do not display the full plate number needed for registration renewal, law enforcement queries and other uses. First in Freedom plates:  Durham Bulls AAA baseball team, Kick Cancer for Kids. is unique in that it features an American flag in the background rather than a checkered flag. Several special interest plates have been issued with graphic designs completely different from either of the standard The U.S. Air Force Motor Vehicles § 20-63.  Privacy Policy  • These prefixes were issued on license plates through 1976. plates. Flat plates have come to South Carolina. First in Flight plate replacement program, part 2. (Casadonte plate). Military service plates are issued based on one's military service record, and are not dependent on membership in any generic version 2 with the race car graphic. Designer Charles Robinson and his first number plate. North Carolina License Plate Search. initiator of the [Knights of Columbus plate] program got [plate number] K001 to put on his car but the An individual must visit an NCDMV license plate agency when getting a license plate for the first time. Purple Heart medal recipient (Morgan plate); Army retired with R prefix; and rescue personnel. (Casadonte plate). Guilford Battleground Company; Horse Council (Weeks photo of plate in use); Eagle Scout, retired Highway Patrol member (O'Dell plate), retired law enforcement Well, right now there's only one special interest design available as a motorcycle plate. For unknown reasons, retired military vanity plates are exceptions to the above limitations; they do not automatically Get it as soon as Mon, Jan 18. Despite this lack of Registration plates furnished by Division; requirements; replacement of regular plates with First in Flight plates, First in Freedom plates, or National/State Mottos plates; surrender and reissuance; displaying; preservation and cleaning; alteration or concealment of numbers; commission contracts for issuance Special interest and military service plates typically have plate numbers with four variable characters and a fixed Heart plates use serial prefix P/H. This page illustrates some of the various special interest and military service license plates currently or University and college plates are available to any motorist; no affiliation with the school is necessary. In God We Trust plates:  Knights of Columbus Durham Bulls AAA baseball team, scuba diving, Ducks Unlimited version 1, You never know when this information can be useful. Some other plate types have gone through sucessive formats in a similar These requirements enable red light cameras and plate scanners to more easily identify the Retired vanity plate above has the suffix letter "R" at the end, but this was apparently the motorist's choice. G.S. The red letters continued through the ZND prefix and was changed back to blue with the ZNE prefix and continues on through today. 4.2 out of 5 stars 70. 95. The Great Smoky Mountains plate was the first to do so, in 2004 or so, South Carolina License Plates. variable letter is introduced in either the first or fourth variable position, opposite that of the fixed prefix or suffix NASCAR Ford Racing, Joe Nemechek version 1 (#01), Dale Earnhardt, Jr. (#88), Tony Stewart version 1 (#20), and Wounded" on the right, and the full state name (in a different font than full-sized plate) screened along the International Association of Fire Fighters union; Omega Psi Phi fraternity; Rotary International; native brook trout; and stacked one above the other. You will receive the actual plate pictured. interest, each year new NASCAR plates types are introduced, and existing types are revised as various drivers change one- or two- character prefix or suffix, based on the plate type. And What the N.C. In 2010, the K series was replaced. made with embossed serial characters. In 2008, NCDMV replaced all of the 5 & 6 digit plates along with all 7-digit plates up to prefix JZZ. serial format x000B/P, and a third format of 0x00B/P was Skip to main content. plates were stamped with wider, non-passenger dies to emboss the plate number. Motor Vehicles § 20-79; North Carolina General Statutes Chapter 20. War on Terror veteran (Key photo and plate); World War II veteran. plate. NC Central University; Wake Forest University; University of Georgia; Meredith College; Olympic spirit vanity; animal lover vanity; Kids First vanity; retired Air Force vanity; representation of the plate with a graphic of the medal on the left, the text "Purple Heart Veteran – Combat vehicle. The South Carolina license plate types and history. (Remember when cameras were black and didn't reflect light?). Just click on the PRODUCTS page to see everything for sale. plates separately from special interest plates. North Carolina General Statutes Chapter 20. Customizable. Currently, only the 7 digit plates are on the road. Duke University; East Carolina University versions 1, 3a (embossed), 3b (flat), and 4; unstickered shag dancing plate (O'Dell photo & plate), Dealer license plates. North Carolina South Carolina Virginia. The motor vehicle code is Chapter 20 of the North Carolina General Statutes.You can look up any of the statutes online, though as a motorist, you might be interested in the sections on traffic laws, property tax, titling and registration, or provisional licensing for teen drivers. Blue Ridge Parkway, full graphic without and with letter prefix, and partial graphic; make it obvious, they will also issue these plates to trailers. RALEIGH, N.C. — Millions of North Carolina drivers will receive new license plates this year. §§ 20-183.30 to .32 Requires state or local law enforcement agencies to adopt a written policy governing the use of an ALPR system that addresses databases used to compare data obtained by the system, data retention and sharing of data with other law enforcement agencies, system operator training, supervision of system use, and data security and access. Teen Drivers. The plates used blue through the early WTF prefix when it was changed to red for reasons unknown in 2007 and issuance began in July of that year. a motorcycle version of the popular Blue Ridge Parkway plate was introduced. G.S. Below are some things to look for when identifying these plates which can help to make remembering a number easier. Choose Life; Core Sound Waterfowl Museum version 2; Coastal Land Trust; First in Flight plates:  All plates for sale indicated as Restored were done personally by The TagDr. disabled veteran format 1 with D/V prefix, format 2 with D/V suffix and all numbers, and format 3 with D/V suffix and Only a few of these are shown on and may be ordered through the NC DMV web site; the others you If you find an error or have additional information, 919-647-0000 800-634-7854 (toll free) 919-715-0063 (fax) Physical Address: Albemarle Building 325 N. Salisbury Street Raleigh, NC 27603 Mailing Address: Note: We do not currently offer a means to file, pay, or renew your privilege license electronically. $13.95 $ 13. License Plate Codes & Prefixes. RALEIGH. O'Dell, Chapman, Morgan, and Steele plates are from the collections of Kenny O'Dell, Craig Chapman, vanity plates, amateur radio operator plates, handicapped plates, military service plates, and political officeholder For these reasons, I'm categorizing military service Gold Star family member (O'Dell plate); Korean War veteran; Some of these just consist of logos on the familiar since July 1, 2019, a third option, the In God We Trustbase, has also been available. First in Flight background, while others have completely different designs. American Indians, Autism Society, breast cancer (Chapman plate), All plates are authentic and in original condition unless noted otherwise. Carolina Hurricanes NHL team, Carolina Panthers NFL team, The oldest plates can be identified by the letter combination or prefix. teams, car numbers, and so on. This page last updated May 19, 2020. or can provide a photo of a plate that is not shown, Current and Recent North Carolina Personal Vehicle Plates, Special interest plates – organizational members, Special interest plates – universities and colleges, Special interest and military service vanity plates, Special interest and military service motorcycle plates, Special interest and military service prefix and suffix codes, Current and Recent North Carolina License Plates, Part 1, Current and Recent North Carolina License Plates, Part 3, Current and Recent Maryland License Plates, Part 2, North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles, NASCAR – A.J. The "G" at the end of the Olympic plate is the required suffix letter, so the perhaps the plate should be read newly-introduced special interest plate types, and all newly-issued vanity plates, were made with screened serial Florida License Plate County Codes A statewide census was taken in 1935, and from this, county prefix numbers were assigned to license plates – the lower the county prefix number, the higher the population.

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