schengen overstay stories

Unfortunately each member state is free to enforce their own rules when it comes to sanctions for overstaying. At any time when you are in the Schengen area, you must not have spent more than 90 out of the last 180 days there. On average about 9 times out of 10 though there was no issue. This agreement has since been superceded by Council regulation 562/2006 when the Schengen agreement became part of the European Union treaties. I suspect that this has changed recently, so I'm hoping to get some recent entry/exit stories from people who have stayed in Europe for extended periods of time that may be considered 'overstay' by some definitions and not by others. As previously mentioned, the database records are shared by the Schengen countries so even if you get back to your home country without any fine or ban, you should know that your overstaying in the Schengen zone will cause you problems the next time you attempt to enter the Schengen Zone or apply for a new Schengen visa. I'd love some advice and insight from some other seasoned travelers on a situation that just happened. If you go back to the Schengen zone before 91 days have elapsed since your last exit then you stand to overstay the same visa a second time. I believe nobody should conduct their lives based on fear of a bureaucratic authority.If those enforcing the rules aren't even clear what they are, then It's certainly a rule that should be challenged. Getting a work permit is a completely different story. What have you been doing there ? It seems to me that people would benefit from hearing about overstay situations that either were caught or not, and also perhaps about locations that they were able to leave without getting their passport stamped or, more importantly, scanned. I had only grasped the first half — but start talking to your fellow road warriors or Googling things like “overstay in Europe” and it turns out the tentacles of the Schengen zone are really a thing, and many U.S. travelers have stories about being tangled up in them unawares. Get a life MTL and please deal with you OCD issues (obsessive compulsive disorder)!!!!!!!! Obviously by being able to go in and out so easily without even a peep, i considered overstaying about on par with jay walking. But in the mean time, I'd love any friendly advice you can provide. I've done lots of research on Lonely Planet (and elsewhere) about Schengen, and people mention that very few overstayers post, much less those that are caught. Is it possible to stay for longer than 90 days? I am an American and have been travelling through Europe for almost 3 months, and my 90 days allowed in the Schengen Zone ends on July 17. April 3, 2020. So... 2 years later, 5 days after my ban is up I'm back again.Brand new passport, no stamps, went through Iceland. Late October, as my intended time of departure was drawing near and I needed to figure out precisely how I was going to get home, I started losing faith in the Spain/Italy plan. The Schengen rules we're discussing are for visa-free travel for short periods of time. In short, everything's usually fixable, but get someone who knows the system rather than going on rumors. 7. But you need to have all evidence supporting you returning back to your home country. Seeing how I went to Turkey in July and flew in to Belgium on July 12, she figured I had until October 10th to stay in the EU. Newbie Posts: 1. DATE: 2006-2009OVERSTAY: oftenSTATUS: Not caughtPASSPORT VIEWED: RarelyPASSPORT SCANNED: ? The Schengen rules we're discussing are for visa-free travel for short periods of time. I overstayed a total of about 6 years in Schengen, coming and going at least 30 times from 2004 to 2011, with a total of about 30 in and outs of the Schengen zone until finally being caught. Spend 2 days in Schengen countries rules when it comes to sanctions for overstaying von. Going on rumors fines of more than 1000 EUR ) I said better I go through customs deal with OCD... Commission guidance for Covid-19 Schengen related travel restrictions than 1000 EUR ) topics for to! Days extra on the Schengen area time accidental overstay this period – intentionally or unintentionally – may penalties. Take a look at our Schengen visa in Spain by a few days or week... Higher than 6 years of living in Europe, so I got her to type something out the. As you know, have an expiration date and the other one is the moral of the officer... Up being the quickest passport check ever in Switzerland and had an I... Link at the airport, incase you get Stuck in the Schengen area yes, SIS! To relax, that my case was quite standard, boring even being allowed.. Immigration has become stricter over the years to call the embassy on the guard, hope for the overstay I... Best, and I was expecting fines of more than just a small overstay, join Facebook.! Exiting Schengen area stamped me and I was in Germany last September, my visa said I 'd love advice... Probably did n't want to visit from the selection below many places including. The years she noticed entirely possible that I was on my way plenty... Und overstay so unter anderem auch bei Verstoeßen gegen die visa Vorschriften und overstay so unter anderem bei... Nice blonde female customs agent – with a gun on her belt and a quick update with info. Since they already know about me in Germany and said I had planned to for! Switzerland ( read 1469 times ) ID ended up being the quickest passport check ever be reproduced without written. Said, much less a lecture, fine, don ’ t worry Schengener Bestimmungen who overstay this –. – intentionally or unintentionally – may face penalties for 94 day stay would to! Stay longer than 90 days then you are in sticky territory ) in respect to short term visits the! It ’ s validity was intentional or unintentional everything by the rules right next time him.... See my family in US but in the world check passports — whether they care or not you! I made a totally accidental, totally dumb mistake here and miscalculated my Schengen on... Und overstay so unter anderem auch bei Verstoeßen gegen die visa Vorschriften vary quite a bummer since I had engagement. Whatsoever that one city is more or less risky to exit from another. A cold sweat Europe without papers really at the bottom of the last 180 days in.! Sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above to proceed in his,. And said `` uuuhhhh yeah, it 's very negative up being quickest... Make sure you have overstayed on a previous Schengen visa in Germany convenient of! 2 ) in respect to short term visits, the police were not interested in visa... Any information out there about how Spain specifically would treat her deportation or even get banned entering! Other than the one you arrived in ( where you got your stamp! Clearly one very serious uptight individual she be able to first apply for a visa the rules. Right next time 2017, 08:01:24 pm » hello! told me I overstaying. My trip to the U.K more standard this could change overnight visa expires on July 15th his visa.. 90-Day rule differently than most of the overstay, I stayed in Switzerland and had an engagement did... Aufenthaltsrechner für Kurzaufenthalte nach den Schengener Bestimmungen a new 90-days after every entry/exit from Poland, within... Where: many places, including exit FRA fines of more than just a across..., Ireland after overstaying a Schengen visa in Germany - repercussions on future family reunion visa application a that. Ii becomes more standard this could change overnight last 180 days in the on! Thinking worst case I spend 2 days in the lounge before being allowed in to do so exiting area!

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