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upadte hate skse and Smp only for armor , they do that for console can't get all mods ( and se is for console in first way) and enb still weak and demanding lot of resouce ( fps) , Bethesda didin't fix any shit in se even it 64 bits the cell load still and ugly lod still and it ugly +low poly= it for console if they did for pc they could at minim use smae as fallout4 This patch was made to ensure players who followed those deities via the Wintersun mod could still accrue favor with them , while being "married" to Serana. Enjoy the mod! If you like it, please endorse! As for Mara and Morwha, they don't seem to have any obvious disdain towards vampires.. - Support for the SexLab animation framework for romance scenes. Also, the Snuggly Serana mod is now rendered obsolete and incompatible with the release of the Campfire patch). Enjoy the mod! Bugfix/Improvement Update for 2.0. Requires the Campfire mod by Chesko to be installed, and this patch is also incompatible with Snuggly Serana. Page 140 of 205 - Serana Dialogue Add-On - posted in File topics: Since I am getting forced into choosing between AA and SDA for a romance, is it possible to know what exactly I would be choosing with SDA? To start, during the Chasing Echoes quest, read Valerica's Journal placed in the Castle Courtyard. Between and Nexus Mods, the Serana Dialogue Add-On has been downloaded upwards of 180,000 times. If you like it, please endorse! Voice-acting is a hard craft, and on top of that Kerstyn also does the work of a sound engineer. - The bugfix of the previous 1.9.5 patch created another bug, which prevented the Bannered Mare quest from progressing from a certain point. If installing from NMM, just click on the mod and let NMM install it. - - Optional patch for the Wintersun mod, so that it recognizes SDA's custom Serana marriage for Mara, Dibella, and Morwha's religious tenets. A bunch of you probably already know this, but the Serana Romance update has been out on SE for about a day or two now. It is a very easy mod to do, except that it will take a lot of time to write dialogue options for the whole vanilla game. This has since been fixed. - Fixed some conditions in the SDA_SeranaRomance7 quest, so the conversation should fire off more reliably now if it wasn't already, - Dialogue priority for the "I love you, Serana" dialogue prompt was moved up in the topic list, - Added in a safeguard to ensure the Serana Alias for the radiant love quest was filled on quest start. #77156973 is also a reply to the same post. - The romance quests can be experienced regardless of which side you choose in Dawnguard. The Romance Update is here! - Patch release. New “wait” dialogue. Tweaks lover hello dialogue to be less repetitive and naggy. To see what's been fixed/improved (along with what new content is in Version 2.2), please read the changelog. - Sofia Banter (Built-into the mod, without requiring the Sofia mod as a Masterfile). There's currently recorded dialogue for the civil war, thieves guild, and companions topics, under the "What's your opinion on..." dialogue choice. Meine gesammelten Werke findet Ihr hier Thank you so much Martimius for this wonderful port ! Skyrim LE. Check the changelog for the fixes. Optional (but highly recommended patch) for the DX Crimson Blood Armor, adding a conversation with Serana about said armor and Valerica's legacy for her. Enjoy the mod! Serana Dialogue Add-On is … serana dialogue addon, It can be either spliced dialogue of existing content, or a new VA. If you like it, please endorse! If you like it, please endorse! Optional patch for those who use Amorous Adventures (any version). Some players may be wondering if they are able to marry Serana after finishing the Dawnguard DLC; however, it is actually impossible to do so. close. Just make sure you talk with her while in that same room, with that bed already rented. Serana won't just say the same 4 things each time- this has been doubled to a total of 8 random possible responses once the player chooses to trade items with her. This is a bugfix update for version 1.9. Be sure to track this page for notifs on future updates. It's an expansion of Serana's dialogue and general features as an NPC to make her more immersive and organic within the world of Skyrim. and when will she follow you again? Enjoy the mod! Incompatible with Amorous Adventures Plus. Spoiler Ragonight wrote: This is amazing and exactly what I was looking for to round out a new playthrough. open the console. And there is no doubt that many good mods are becoming SE exclusives. Be sure to track this page for notifs on future updates. - Condition adjustments for some dialogue lines, - A bunch of backend tweaks to make future development easier, - Moved location commentary out of the "Can I Talk to you for a bit" dialogue option, and into its own dialogue branch, - Changed "House of Horrors" dialogue to a ForceGreet under it's own quest entry so it would fire off to the player more reliably, - Added conditions for some of Serana's radiant dialogue to only occur if she likes the player romantically, - Made the facial animations for some dialogues more expressive. type: prid 04002b74 type: moveto player VOILA. Therefore, only fade-to-blacks with messageboxes will happen for the romance scenes. Enjoy the mod! All she says is "lets go" and just stands there and I can't continue the quest. She will be able to provide a home cooked meal daily. Martimius ported the … This has since been fixed. You have to be logged in to download files. If you like it, please endorse! The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Tous Discussions Captures d'écran Artworks Diffusions Vidéos Workshop Actualités Guides Évaluations Tous Discussions Captures d'écran Artworks Diffusions Vidéos Workshop Actualités Guides Évaluations Do not use this if you have CACO installed. - Looks like I didn't change the Odahviig/Durnehviir dialogue last time. Makes it so that Serana can snuggle next to the player if Campfire is installed. Back when I was still on LE, I had started to sour on Relationship Dialogue Overhaul because of feature bloat. - Reduced frequency of Serana's humming a bit (from 5% to 3%), - Reduced frequency of Serana lovey-dovey radiant greets (-20% less frequent), - Reduced frequency of prequel meme lines a bit more (-25% less frequent), - Sofia should no longer start her first conversation with Serana while she is still sleeping at the Whiterun Stables. Check out the Changelog for what's new in 0.92. This script is only for beta testers. Changes are in the changelog under the 1.3 version header. I'm on the quest where you meet Serana at Dimhollow Crypt for the Dawnguard storyline. (Professional, Platonic, or Romantic relationship), - However, if the player installs the mod after a particular point in Dawnguard (Unseen Visions) it is automatically assumed that the player and Serana are in a romantic relationship. ESL-Flagged. - Serana was addressing the player as a lover with a specific sleeping dialogue topic, when she shouldn't have yet. Nearly 300 new voice lines. RELATED: Skyrim: 10 Things You Didn't Know About Babette Although it is not possible to marry Serana, it is possible to ask for her hand in marriage if the player is wearing an Amulet of Mara. Backport for LE/Oldrim version testing, do not use if otherwise. its game related not a mod related. - Changed debug notification of Flower Girls install to say Flower Girls SE, to properly represent the Special Edition version. To bring back the “Come with me” dialogue after dismissing Serana click on her body until you get her hex id. This is a bugfix update for version 1.9. - Some backend changes for the dialogue conditions of various dialogue. The fabled version 2.0 of SDA has been released. Enjoy the mod! I recently published a mod that expands upon Serana's dialogue pool, making her a more immersive and alive character in general. Serana won't just say the same 4 things each time- this has been doubled to a total of 8 random possible responses once the player chooses to trade items with her. If you have any more recommendations for making Serana better, let me know. This patch edits out some of the dialogue Serana Dialogue Edit adds, as to not thematically conflict with the additions my mod makes to similar dialogue branches and reduce voice overlap with Serana's radiant lines. ESL-Flagged. Serana will also tend to initiate the conversation with you about how she feels on current Main Quest-related events. PC SSE/Oldrim/Xbox - Mod. - Subtitle fixes, courtesy of GuerillaTech, - More radiant location commentary for these specific loc types (Falmer Hives, Forsworn Camps, Giant Camps, Hagraven Nests, Lumber Mills, Shipwrecks, Graveyards, Farms), - Serana can now train the player in Conjuration, Alchemy, Speech, Light Armor, Destruction (once a day), - Sneak greets and goodbyes, trading, wait dialogue, - New Serana combat dialogue (with her more repetitive vanilla lines frequency dialed down). A patch for the Relationship Dialogue Overhaul mod; this patch prevents dialogue overlap in a lot of Serana's radiant dialogue added by RDO, to ensure a consistent VA experience with Serana's radiant lines. it do give information but didnt gave me the ID of serana. Same with the trading dialogue, there are now more responses when she is being asked to wait somewhere. Requires the main file. I believe that Serana Dialogue Add-on has a new VA doing a Serana impression, while Serana Dialogue Edit uses spliced Serana dialogue (both are compatible with each other). Check out the Changelog for what's new in 0.95. Kommentare überarbeitet. Did it for sure this time. #83957023, #84063343, #84066708 are all replies on the same post. - College of Winterhold general location awareness and commentary. Additionally, the entire Dawnguard questline revolves around Serana’s blood- and what good does blood circulation and a beating heart do without making the person breathe? 2.1, the Radiant Update, is here. :D. - New RP conversations with Serana, about: - Serana asking about the player's backstory, -Comments on the player's race (she gives different insights on all the different races), - Solstheim location awareness (both for the main region and the various settlements within it.

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