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Institutional Reforms In the September 2011 indirect elections for the FNC, in the aftermath of the so-called Arab Spring in 2011, 129,274 Emirati citizens – two thirds of the adult population, almost 20 times the number in 2006 – now selected by the National Election Committee established in 2011, were allowed to participate in the selection of 20 of the 40 FNC candidates. The dialling codes for the emirates/cities are: According to Telecommunications Regulatory Authority, there were 2,328,781 fixed lines with an average of 26.2 lines per 100 inhabitants as of August 2019. These facts about poverty in the United Arab Emirates show that although stable in many regards, the UAE could do with foreign aid and government assistance. He served this position since the formation of the UAE on 2 December 1971 until he passed away in 2004. of seven emirates. The Trucial States were initially made up of six states: Dubai, Sharjah, Al Fujayrah, Quwayn, Abu Dhabi, and Ajman. That’s about three Eiffel Towers standing atop each other! Its sessions are open to the public. The UAE’s government is criticized for its refusal to abolish the death penalty, allow migrant workers substantive rights (especially the right of association), or normalize the situation of stateless people to enable them to attain full equality and receive such benefits as unconditional access to employment, health care, and other state benefits. 2. until the early 2020 before the spread of COVID-19. Room for Growth in the UAE. The UAE is located in Asia. Though government services are generally costly, and everything is paid for in cash, there is relatively little corruption in the sense of bribery or profiteering. eServices. Sockets suitable for three-pin 13 AMPs plugs of British standard design are the norm. Its colours of red, green, white and black represent the unity of the Arab countries. The federal system of the UAE combines traditional and modern elements of leadership and government and has been responsible for giving the country a distinct national identity and political stability. The country has laws that prevent financial disclosures for public officials, making it difficult to gauge the extent and depth of possible official corruption. It is thus gradually moving out from under the Saudi umbrella, plotting its own course. Content is offered mainly in Arabic and English. 1-5 Facts You Didn't Know About UAE and Dubai 1. The Emiratis follow the Muslim religion (76%). The UAE Government provides a range of services through its official portal www.government.ae. Keep up with the latest data and most popular content. The fact that the traditional tribal system of government each emirate was based on similar political principles facilitated the establishment of the UAE. In addition, each emirate has its own consultative council. As a result, all state sectors (such as the police and armed forces), governmental ministries (such as Immigration and Naturalization), and semi-public institutions, such as the telecommunications giant Etisalat – tend to be overstaffed with UAE citizens. According to Federal Competitiveness and Statistics Centre, here are the figures for births in 2017: According to Federal Competitiveness and Statistics Centre, here are the figures for deaths in 2017: According to Human Development Report (PDF, 300 KB), issued by the UNDP in 2019, life expectancy in the UAE is 77.8 years. Delegates of the 40-member Federal National Council are partly appointed, partly elected, through an electoral college hand-picked by the leaders of the seven emirates every four years; the council serves only as an advisory body. The federation formed in 1971 after British forces withdrew from the Persian Gulf. Since then the country has become a major center for oil, commerce, and finance in the region. There were 2,888,335 females in 2017, as compared to 2,822,873 in 2016. There are more than 200 nationalities living and working in the UAE. It recognises the sacrifices and dedication of the sons of the nation, who have given their lives in the UAE and abroad in the field of civil, military and humanitarian service. At that time, a holder of the UAE’s passport could travel to 178 countries; 118 destinations offered visa-free travel and 60 offered eVisa or visa on arrival at the airport. The UAE government does not levy income tax, although there is a system of corporate tax in place and value-added tax at 5% was established in 2018. In 2017, the total installed capacity of electricity in the UAE reached 30371 megawatts (MW), which utilises natural gas. Initially, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) was referred to as the Trucial States before it was renamed in 1971. Other reasons for this preference include high salaries, excellent benefits (including pensions), flexible and short working hours, and a relaxed work environment. The UAE marks its Commemoration Day on 30 November. Embassies and consulates are usually open Sunday to Thursday (the UAE work-week) and are closed on Fridays, on all UAE public holidays, and the public holiday of the embassy's home country. In 1973, the Dirham (AED) was introduced. Ethnic groups; Languages and religion; Settlement patterns and demographic trends; Economy. However, oil companies and branches of foreign banks are liable to pay taxes. More telling, the UAE increased its arms imports by 63 per cent between 2012 and 2016. The need to process millions of visitors, resident visas, and work permits, in addition to other daily services (e.g., utilities, phone, Internet services, car registration) is a major challenge to the system. It is a federation of seven absolute monarchies of the seven Emirates. The UAE is a loose federal system consisting of seven emirates, dominated by Abu Dhabi. The literacy rate in the UAE is close to 95 per cent. Disclaimer: You are using Google Translate. The FSC elects or re-confirms a President already in office. Flag: The flag of the United Arab Emirates was adopted in 1971. The UAE does not levy income tax on individuals. It stretches from Al Silah in the emirate of Abu Dhabi to the boundary of Ras Al Khaimah. 31% is allocated to social development, 14% to infrastructure and economic resources, 6.5% to social benefits, and 32.6% to government affairs. E11 - it is the longest road in the UAE. The United Arab Emirates was formed as an independent federation on December 2nd, 1971 and originally included six countries: Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain and Fujairah. On 8 February 2016, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and ruler of Dubai, announced on Twitter the establishment of new ministerial positions. Source: Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure. Some of the major ports are: Give us your feedback so we can improve your experience. Because government jobs are mostly open to UAE citizens preferentially, Emirati nationals tend to prefer working there. Some private companies are closed only on Fridays while others are closed on both Fridays and Saturdays. Corruption Motorists drive on the right hand side of the road. Dubai is its most popular ’emirate,’ but in all, UAE is made up of seven emirates. Changing jobs and residency from one emirate to another (such as from Dubai to Abu Dhabi) would normally require a lengthy and complicated process of changing work permits, sponsors, and residency status. 1. 2. According to the World Shipping Council, one of the world's top 50 container ports is in the UAE. The president is also the Supreme Commander in Chief of the UAE Armed Forces and Chairman of the Supreme Petroleum Council. Get informed on how these revenues and expenditures advance constitutional objectives. In 2009 Sheikh Khalifa’s five-year term as President was renewed. It is situated in the southeastern region of the Asian continent, and in the eastern part of the Arabian Peninsula. Before the Arab Uprising, the most significant reform took place in December 2006, when limited, indirect elections were held for half of the 40-seat Federal National Council (FNC). Federal laws are published in the UAE's Official Gazette within a maximum of two weeks from the date of they are signed by the President. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. In 2018, the UAE contributed 0.93 per cent of its GNI. Sheikh Mohammed serves also as Prime Minister. ‘7 Lines’ design as its logo for the next 50 years. Crown princes and deputy rulers attending meetings when their ruler is present have no formal role in the Council. If a ruler cannot attend Federal Supreme Council meetings he may delegate his crown prince to take his seat. He is said to be a pro-Western modernizer. Males outnumber females. Four reactors are being built at the nuclear power plant in Baraka in the Western Region of the emirate of Abu Dhabi. Bureaucracy The governments are largely in the hands of royal dynasties and their local allies from other rich and powerful merchants and business families. In addition, it stands out as one of the 10 largest donor states in official development aid (ODA). The FNC is empowered to call and ques… The country’s legal code is based on a dual system comprising Sharia (Islamic law) courts and civil courts. These metrics can help you better understand the money the government brings in, where it is spent, and how our nation holds debt. On December 21, 1971, the United Arab Emirates is formed. 09 for the emirate of Fujairah and city of Khor Fakkan. Fact sheet. Fact: You don’t need it to be the Year of Tolerance to know that there has always been a freedom to practice your own religion here, a value that is innate to the UAE’s core principles. Its members are the seven rulers of the emirates; the Council elects the President and Vice-President from amongst them. It establishes general policies, ratifies federal laws and decrees, approves the nomination of the Prime Minister by the President, and accepts the Prime Minister’s resignation. The UAE is a constitutional federation of seven emirates. In 2018, the assistance reached AED 28.62 billion (USD 7.79 billion). Non-Muslims are tried for criminal offences in Sharia courts, but non-Muslims most often receive civil penalties at the discretion of the judge, rather than Sharia penalties. Constitutional framework White is the purest colour, and is interpreted by some to symbolise cleanliness. The Emirati Dirham is the official currency of the UAE, abbreviated officially as AED. The country's lowest point is at sea level and its highest point is Jebel Jais at 1,934 metres. The UAE's national anthem, Ishy Bilady was originally conceived as an instrumental in 1971. Steps are to be taken to increase cooperation between federal and local government bodies, improve efficiency, revitalize the ministries’ regulatory and policy-making roles, and upgrade the civil services. Sheikh Khalifa highway - it links Dubai and Fujairah. The U.S. State Department estimates the people of the UAE to have an average life expectancy of seventy-seven years. As described by the Minister of State for FNC Affairs, Anwar Gargash, the step is designed to encourage ‘wider participation that will support and strengthen the federal experience as envisioned by His Highness the President’. In Abu Dhabi, a toll of AED 4 is levied on every vehicle passing the toll gate during peak hours from 7 to 9 am and from 5 to 7 pm from Saturday to Thursday. FACTS AND STATISTICS. Traditional government still plays an important part in the government of the UAE, with the institution of the majlis (council) maintaining a role in ensuring that the people have free access to their rulers. The late H. H. Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan was the first President of the UAE and is known as the Father of the Nation. The emirate of Dubai levies a toll (salik) of AED 4 when vehicles pass through the toll gates. Source: Annual Statistical Report 2018- OAPEC. The UAE holds 6.7% of the world's proven oil reserves estimated at 97.8 billion barrels and 3.5% of proven gas reserves, equal to 6091 billion cubic metres. Government: Federal Constitution. The UAE Embassy in Washington, DC will be sharing, via Twitter, 40 facts about the UAE in honor of the 40th UAE National Day.. We encourage you to share your favorite facts about the UAE, using the hashtag #UAE40Facts so that we can retweet our favorites. The breakup is as follows: Source: Federal Competitiveness and Statistics Centre. Close. Data delivered to your inbox. The acquired copyright protected images used on/as featured image of this page are: ©Hollandse Hoogte. Facts about American Government 3: “United States Government” When you want to call the federal government in the country, you can use the word United States Government or Government of the United States of America. The FNC’s functions include discussing constitutional amendments and draft laws, which may be approved, amended, or rejected (although the FNC may not submit its own draft laws); reviewing the annual draft budget of the federation; and debating international treaties and conventions. Indians form the largest foreign community in the UAE, followed by Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, other Asians, Europeans and Africans. Both names are used in the official documents. The term emirate comes from its rulers who are ’emirs.’ The country is united as one, and going from one emirate to the other is simply like visiting another city. Independent NGOs are prohibited, and all such organizations must register with the government and are subject to closure by the government. There were 6,415,942 males in 2017, as compared to 6,298,294 in 2016. The President appoints the Prime Minister and the cabinet, who manage the country’s daily affairs. Non-nationals in the UAE as of 2010 (estimate). The vertical red band can also be interpreted as binding all the other meanings together in unity. The UAE does not levy income tax on individuals. Green represents hope, joy, optimism and love. It takes more than 36 workers three months to clean its glass facade. But in some occasions, it is called National Government or Federal Government. Emirates News Agency (WAM) is the official UAE news agency of the UAE Government. The Constitution of the UAE provides for five federal authorities. Dubai resident accused of $5.5 million fraud fights extradition to Russia. The non-oil foreign trade (direct trade and free zones) amounted to 1.536 trillion dirhams during 2018. The emir of the Abu Dhabi serves as the president. The law provides for public access to government information, but the government follows this provision selectively, and requests for access usually go unanswered. Within each emirate, local governments are based on traditional patriarchal monarchies and ruled by sheikhs from royal families who long held the leadership position of tribal confederations. The UAE Cabinet approved a zero-deficit federal budget of AED 61.354 billion for the year 2020. Check out our country profile, full of essential information about United Arab Emirates's geography, history, government, economy, population, culture, religion and languages. So arrive early or book an appointment as most operate some sort of queuing system, especially for visa applications. This measure, and the participation of nine women in the parliament, is intended to be the first phase of a process designed to enhance public participation and the role played by the FNC in government. The pace of local government reform in each emirate is set primarily by the ruler. The public sector is one of the largest employers in the UAE, and Emiratis fill most positions. The UAE is a leading player in the global campaign against human trafficking, terrorism and in maintaining human rights. White represents peace and honesty. According to Telecommunications Regulatory Authority, there were 18,999,237 active mobile subscriptions with an average of 213.8 mobile subscriptions per 100 inhabitants as of August 2019. The falcon is also shown holding a parchment in its talons which reads 'United Arab Emirates' in Arabic. The government vision was expressed in its strategic plan of 2007, covering six developmental sectors – social, economic, public, justice and safety, infrastructure and rural areas development, based on the National Programme of 2005, prepared by the federal ministries. . In addition, the UAE levies 5 per cent Value Added Tax on the consumption or use of goods and services. How each emirate applies this combination of laws differs. E611 or Emirates Bypass road - it has a length of 110km. It is the only Arab country to have maintained its position among the top 10 competitive countries for 4 years in a row. H. H. Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan is the current President of the UAE. The Prime Minister, who is appointed by the President, heads the Council of Ministers, or cabinet. The United Arab Emirates or UAE, as it is commonly known, is a country in the Middle East. Since then, half of its members have been elected through an electoral college of 6,689 members handpicked by the rulers of the seven emirates, who themselves nominate the other half. The creation of a second semi-governmental company, du, to break Etisalat’s monopoly, has improved the situation by introducing more competition and choice for residents, but the improvement has not been drastic. In the UAE’s dual system, Sharia courts handle criminal and personal-status matters, and secular courts handle matters of civil law. Domestic supply is 220 volts. (WAM) is the official UAE news agency of the UAE Government. was the first President of the UAE and is known as the Father of the Nation. According to the Constitution, federal draft laws have to pass through the FNC for review and recommendations. 40 Fun Facts About Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Many services are done efficiently and quickly, but in many cases these are offered only to certain businesses or for higher-than-normal cost. Other steps include a strengthening of the legislative and legal powers of the FNC and the development of more effective channels of coordination between the FNC and executive authorities such as the cabinet. 03 for Al Ain city in the emirate of Abu Dhabi, 06 for the emirates of Sharjah, Ajman and Umm Al Quwain. In both the federation and the individual emirates’ governments, there are no genuinely representative political institutions. UAE Facts | Religion in the UAE. 1-5 Facts You Didn't Know About UAE and Dubai 1. Capital: Abu Dhabi. The judiciary, whose independence is guaranteed by the Constitution, includes the Supreme Court – the highest institution, whose judges are appointed by the President – and the Courts of First Instance. It is widely believed that nepotism and corrupt financial and legal practices persist, even when the evidence for them is made public. UAE female diplomatic representation add. There were also efforts intended to enhance the effectiveness and transparency of public institutions. At year’s end, there was no information regarding what had happened to the employees. Government of the UAE . The UAE law provides criminal penalties for official corruption, and the government generally implements the law effectively. Agriculture and fishing; Resources and power; Manufacturing; Finance; Trade; Services; Labour and taxation; Transportation and telecommunications; Government and society. He is selected by the President but needs to be approved by the FSC. Bureaucracy is aggravated by the presence of monopolies and the tendency to centralize some major services, which excludes competitors from the private sector and reduces the effectiveness and quality of these services. As part of the fiscal reforms, it has created the Abu Dhabi Accountability Authority (ADAA), which closely monitors the revenues and expenditure of all government institutions and ensures that state funds are managed properly. and marks the UAE's formal nationalisation and the start of the federal unification of the emirates in 1971. Here are 25 Facts You Didn't Know About UAE and Dubai. This logo is to represent the UAE in all its initiatives and events and convey its story to the world. Some, such as Dubai, tend to be more liberal and open, while others, such as Sharja, are more conservative and guarded. The UAE, although a small country tucked away along the coastline of the Arabian Peninsula, has a vast and colourful history, culture and lifestyle truly unique to the region and to the world.Although most people only focus on its recent growth and boom, the country has been thriving and has been home to fascinating traditions for thousands of years. Since 1972, the FNC has completed 14 legislative sessions. It has various alternate names: Sheikh Maktoum Road in Abu Dhabi, Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai and Sheikh Muhammad bin Salem Road in Ras Al Khaimah. In addition to planning and ratifying federal laws, the Supreme Council approves the Presidents nominated Prime Minister and is equipped to accept his resignation, if required. While the country has impressive employment rates and GDP per capita, the percentage of citizens living in or at poverty level is striking. On 26 May 1981, in Abu Dhabi the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Charter was signed by the heads of state of Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). According to Telecommunications Regulatory Authority, there were 3,016,318 broadband internet subscribers with an average of 33.94 broadband internet subscriptions per 100 inhabitants as of August 2019. Here are 25 Facts You Didn't Know About UAE and Dubai. As of November 2019, the UAE's consumer price index reached 108.48. Opening times vary depending on embassy and purpose of visit. Other reforms include the amendment of Article 62 of the Constitution, forbidding the Prime Minister, his deputies, and any federal minister from entering into business transactions with the federal or local governments or to hold any other jobs. Health. The country has a federal president and prime minister which makes up its executive branch but each emirate also has a separate ruler (called an emir) who controls the local government. This is a modern country with class-apart infrastructure and hosts millions of tourists every year. Through the eServices, it is now very easy for the people of the UAE to avail a variety of services … They are: The UAE supports developmental, humanitarian and charitable programmes in a number of developing countries. The popular uprisings in the region that began in January 2011 in Tunisia and quickly spread to Egypt, Libya, Bahrain, Oman, Yemen, and Syria, led the UAE to introduce political reforms. It falls on 2 December and marks the UAE's formal nationalisation and the start of the federal unification of the emirates in 1971. 10 Facts About the United Arab Emirates: 1. 1 USD = AED 3.6725. Every emirate has a voice in the civil administration of the country, in both the supreme council and the cabinet, though the status and power of the powerful emirates of Abu Dhabi and Dubai are apparent. The logo represents the seven emirates and the seven founding fathers, and complements the slogan ‘Make it Happen’. Since February 2002, the Arab Emirati Dirham (AED) is pegged to the US dollar (USD). Ordinary people are able to communicate their problems to local leaders by talking to them directly in the traditional consultative forum the leaders hold regularly, known as the majlis (council). In addition, the UAE levies. The rulers of Abu Dhabi and Dubai have effective veto powers. In addition to the Supreme Council and the Council of Ministers, a 40-member parliament known as the Federal National Council (FNC) also examines proposed new legislation and provides advice to the UAE Cabinet, as required. The UAE has set a body of legislations to ensure sustainable environment for life. Positioned as a global commercial hub and top tourist destination, English is widely spoken. Location: Middle East, bordering the Gulf of Oman and the Persian Gulf, between Oman and Saudi Arabia. In 1986, Dr. Aref Al Sheikh was given the task to write the words to the UAE's national anthem, and the Cabinet approved the lyrics. In 2018, the UAE contributed 0.93 per cent of its GNI. The Supreme Council has both legislative and executive powers.

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