how much pork fat per pound of venison

Example 2lb of deer meat requires 1/2 pound of beef fat to get a 80/20 mixture equivalent to what you would buy at the grocery store.. By adding beef fat to your mix it will help remove the vinison taste and help the burger hold together and not be as dry after you cook the meat! I grind up so much deer with absolutely no fat… How much raw bacon should I put into a 5 lb batch of ground venison for a 80/20 mix? Sub Guest. It will just make it drier. Remember, it’s always best to grind meat when it’s kept very cold. 1 pound of beef fat per 4 pounds of deer meat.. We make turkey sausage every year, and have had excellent results with 10% added fat. The mature doe I killed last week all fit into a walmart sack and the meat to be ground weighed 17.5#. The deer's realistic meat yield is about 58.15 pounds. If you are mixing venison with pork, my suggestion is to save your venison for recipes where it can stand on it’s own. If using fat, rather than fatty pork, I'd start with 10% fat. Pro Tip: We use pork because it has a much more neutral flavor than beef and won’t overpower the natural venison taste. I grind 90/10. A butcher (an old-fashion, real butcher) once told me that pork fat does not freeze for long periods of time (6 to 12 months) as well as beef fat. So, for every pound of venison you’ll use a pound of pork. Posts: 2,555 Everybody has their own preferences. My question is how much beef fat should I mix per pound of deer burger? This is completely subjective, though. Firefighter. Venison, for example, comes from deer, which are not domesticated or farmed. So need about 1.5 pounds for my 5 pound batch of summer sausage and then need about 7 pounds for my 25 pound batch of breakfast sausage. Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Next > ... Just grind the stright venison, and add the pork/hamburger before you cook it. I usually add approx 2-3 oz per pound of meat. A top sirloin steak, which is a leaner option, has 240 calories per 4-ounce serving. I understand a pork butt does not have as much fat as pure pork fat so what percentage of pork butt do I add to the venison for breakfast sausage and how much for summer sausage. The young buck yesterday weighed gave me 19.85# to grind and all fit into one walmart sack. The Unknown Chef. This is 80% pure good venison grind and then 20% pork fat (or beef fat if I'm doing Venison Pastrami sandwhich meat). How much fat to add in venison burger Discussion in 'Game Preparation' started by CHUCK n BUCK, Nov 21, 2008. Calories in Venison Sausage based on the calories, fat, protein, carbs and other nutrition information submitted for Venison Sausage. However, this will give it quite a bit of pork flavor. Do you have to? We like to use a 50/50 ratio of ground pork to ground venison. 2 Answers. Trim all the fat off the venison and add between 10% and 15% strip steak trim fat … The pork adds fat to the sausage which is helpful when the sausage is cooked because the venison is incredibly lean and can make very dry sausage. Discussion in 'Food and nutrition' started by Sub, Dec 17, 2003. In general, game meats are rather lean, meaning they contain a higher percentage of protein than fat. 11-15-2011, 03:22 PM #6 redneck. Here's how to make really great burger out of venison. So now, I’ll share a recipe that you can go either way with. I recently found a Mexican market with some beautiful fatty pork but partially due to language barrier I paid way too much . I need to know how much beef burger to add to every pound of ground venison to make good venison burger. You can use more pork to venison or more venison to pork. As shown in the nutritional values, cooked ground venison provides 26.5 grams of protein per 100 grams . How many pounds of fat per pounds of meat do you had to the burger? Run venison and pork back fat through a grinder with a medium die. On Tue, 09 Dec 2003 19:30:50 -0600, sub <[email protected]> wrote: >How much lard does a pound of pork back fat render? Pork butt, bacon, pork belly, or pork back fat are what keep the lean meat juicy after cooking. Porterhouse steak also contains 22 grams of fat. Basically fool proof. Venison Burger Lightly Seasoned - Waitrose 1 burger 159.0 calories 3.0 grams carbs 6.0 grams fat 22.4 grams protein 0 grams fiber 0 mg cholesterol 3.0 grams saturated fat 0 mg sodium 0 grams sugar 0 grams trans fat Do I need to add pork fat to venison to make summer sausage? Calories, fat, protein, and carbohydrate values for for Ground Venison and other related foods. Without it, your sausages will feel dry and crumbly even if they're properly seasoned otherwise. in increments of 5 or 10 pounds more and the math remains simple … No. I use 3 parts venison and 1 part pork butt when making hamburger. Fat accounts for 9 calories per gram. The jury is still out on how much pork you should add to your venison when making sausage. Oct 31, 2015 #20 . As a former chef and having made them along with moose burgers, caribou burgers and kangaroo burgers, I would add regular ground … This is a venison sausage recipe, but the addition of pork fat keeps the lean deer meat from drying out during the cooking process. Most sausage makers increase the fat content of their game sausage by adding enough pork shoulder and pork or beef fat to bring the fat content of the sausage mix up to around 20 percent. I've never measured it since it goes from weight into volume (and don't … At the place where I usually get my pork fat they no longer carry it. Messages: 11,304 Likes Received: 11,871 Location: White Lake. Realistic venison yield = Ideal boneless weight multiplied by .70; Let's say a hunter kills a mature buck, and it weighs 165 pounds field-dressed. Comes out to about 85-15. fish_AK, Oct 31, 2015. fish_AK, Oct 31, 2015. How much lard does a pound of pork back fat render? Add spices, cure and cold beer to the meat and mix thoroughly. If you are looking for pure fat, overpaying for 80% meat is not wise. Pork fat is better, but I prefer to add my own fat later when making the sausage at home. However, since venison is so lean, it will typically make for very dry sausage that is not bound together very well. One constant, whichever meat you choose, is that fat should make up about 30 percent of your sausage mixture by weight. Favorite Answer. Sponsored Links ... My standard recipe is 5 pound venison and 1 pound fat. #1 Sub, Dec 17, 2003. But, as you see in the pictures, I added a little beef fat to it – and I’ll share why after the recipe below! So add 2 lbs beef fat to 6 lbs you get 8 pounds of sausage @%25 fat. You may want to start with a 2 (Pork) to 1 (Venison) ratio and try 5 pounds of total Pepper Sticks before doing large batches. If you have a per pound mix then I would ask the butcher for beef FAT and add enough to make it about 20 to 30 % fat. Now what kind of pork fat do I need to go and get I have a Save-a-lot near and Walmart. If I were adding fat to venison… It has taken some training to get them there but its worth it. Senior Member . Ever since then I have always cut my venison burger and sausage with pork fat but that was always eaten first and the venison burger and sausage with beef fat was eaten last. Four ounces of porterhouse steak contains about 310 calories, while this same serving size of venison contains only 125 calories. Free beef fat here too. If your doing patties for a hamburger sand wich, mix in one egg for each pound of burger. I always get great and consistent results with 80/20 AND the math is easy. What are you paying per pound, if you don't mind? Edit. This summer sausage recipe is amazing with pure venison. Join Date: Jun 2010. 6 pounds pork butt to 14 pounds venison is actually 1/3 pork butt to 2/3 venison which is 33.3 pork butt to 66.7% venison but pretty close to the 70/30 venison/pork butt. 1 pound of ground pork; 3 pounds of ground venison; Note: If your local meat counter makes fresh sausage, and if you’ve tried it and found it to your liking, you might ask if they’ll sell you some seasoning mix. Some people believe you should keep a 50/50 ratio. Now I know the % of how much to add. I think 70%venison to 30% pork butt is lean for my tastes without the added pork back fat. Also need the ratios for ground Venison Sausage . I want to say my guy usually puts 3-5 pound per 20# of deer which is usually what I take him out of these little TN I kill. Thanks Bones Since venison is leaner meat than other options, it provides more protein too. Lv 7. I personally mix it up a lot. Venison and other game meats are more strongly and distinctly flavored than their domestic counterparts. 1 decade ago. Answer Save. Also ask the processor not to freeze the meat. This Venison to pork mix is 50%, Butcher shops will use as much as a 4 (pork) to 1 (venison) ratio, but I have found this too be to much and it will be too fatty or greasy. I have found fat doesn't keep frozen as well (as long of a time) as if it where stright venison. At tom thumb locally I call in the morning and they will set aside as much fat as you If you’re working with limited space in your freezer, and most of us are, a vital question to answer is “ how much meat from a deer?”Read on, and soon you’ll be an expert in figuring out how much venison you’ll be able to get from that beautiful whitetail you just harvested. This category includes very rare meats like alligator and moose, but some foods on the calorie chart, such as lamb and bison, can be found at restaurants and specialty grocers. Tags: Steve Wertz Guest. For example, the table below shows how a cooked half-pound (227g) ground venison patty compares to an equivalent from other ground meat varieties (3, 4, 5); 5 pounds sausage = 4 pounds venison and 1 pound fat 10 pounds of sausage = 8 pounds venison 2 pounds of fat Make 15, 20, 25, etc. Using the above equation, we estimate its carcass will weigh 124 pounds, and it will ideally yield 83.08 pounds of boneless meat. 14 pounds of 95% lean venison = .7 pds of fat Firemedic, Jan 15, 2009. Jan 15, 2009 #11 . More just cooks out and adds calories. (Be sure to ask how much to use per pound of meat.) Video taken from the channel: koshatim . Most sausages are made from pork, but you can use beef, lamb, turkey, chicken or game if you prefer. 10% is a good compromise to keep the texture right without adding too much fat. Relevance. rendered lard per pound. Remove Advertisements. For most hunters, the venison acquired during a hunt is a bonus to the thrill of the hunt itself. This is still considerably higher than venison but lower than other cuts of beef. Stay Sharp said: So many places now get their pork already trimmed and dont actually "butcher" hogs on site making fat harder to come by. Firemedic, Jan 15, 2009.

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