how to install foam board insulation under siding

Per square foot of R-value, rigid foam board insulation costs about twice as much as fiberglass. Hi Todd, my house was built in 1938. I ask as I have already installed a few windows directly to the sheathing. The layer against the house is sufficient. Excellent article Todd! Use tape supplied by the manufacturer of the foam board. This detail is used with both new construction and also with renovation work. Wrap the house with a moisture barrier, usually some type of polystyrene wrap, and install desired siding by nailing through the foam board into the house framing. Siding can be installed with tar paper underneath, tyvek home wrap, foamboard insulation, foil type insulation, or nothing at all. In Indiana. You’ll also need to pay attention to window and door extension jamb depths as they will increase if the window is mounted flush with the foam board. Exterior rigid foam board insulation can make a significant difference in overall thermal performance for a building. I know you mentioned that house wrap under the foam is the recommended order of operation but based on what I have found, it sounds redundant. 2×4 construction with board sheathing and a black paper then the wood siding. Wood siding applied directly to foam has a history of failures. Should I go with 1/2″ foam board to be safe? Moves the dew point and the drainage plane. Some types of thicker foam board insulation are available, but they may need to be special ordered. Use nails long enough to penetrate the foam and at least 3/4 inch into the wall. Im changing the siding. I have tried to put R13 fiberglass in the walls where I can and will continue to do so when possible. Copyright © 2009-2020 Front Steps Media, LLC. Bob Haring has been a news writer and editor for more than 50 years, mostly with the Associated Press and then as executive editor of the Tulsa, Okla. By installing rigid foam board insulation on the exterior walls you’ll need to pay special attention to the details. Step 4 – Install the Siding. Jan 28, 2015 - Installing Foam Board Insulation Under Vinyl Siding Today more than ever before homes are being built with foam board insulation installed on the outside of the sheathing and under the siding. This reduces the likelihood of condensation within the wall cavity. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. I used poli-iso, fully taped, windows set on top of the foam, and then rain screen details. Maybe it's time to refinish your deck or add some new decorative touches to your tired deck. Looks like it’s from windows leaking and no overhang on roof as well as a poorly installed patio cover. Should I do both the foam board AND the cellulose, or just one or the other. the existing sheathing is aluminum. Use 2-1/2 inch deck screws to drive the furring strips into the foam and the wood framing beyond. Todd, would you recommend using 2″ rigid foam? Greg – This topic is all over the place. Sue – without tearing off the old siding and inspecting the frame of the house it’s very difficult to say what is best. The lower level has 2 in of XPS rigid foam insulation on the interior walls. Step 6 - Use Furring. Over the years someone has installed alum siding over that. It comes in large panels that look like drywall, but are comprised of foam and attach to the interior or exterior of the home. This detail is used with both new construction and also with renovation work. There are people out there using 2″ but you’ve got two issues to deal with. Q. Just a paper/foil barrier directly behind and in contact with the plasterboard walls. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. Cut your polyurethane foam board insulation to fit these measurements. Exterior insulation is a foam-like layer that is applied under the new siding. I recently found the styrofoam under the bay was only press-fit in some areas, no fasteners, held up by a friction fit on the back side of the lap siding. Correct? I would like to switch to vinyl siding. Be very careful with cement in contact with aluminum….it will have an adverse reaction. You can install vinyl siding directly over foam as long as your nails extend through it and attach firmly to a solid nail base. Run tape vertically over the seam on both boards and tape top and bottom edges also. However, if you’re interested, a residing project offers the perfect time to examine your home’s weather barrier and exterior insulation—and improve it, if need be. Thank you, That is a very standard detail. Foam Sheathing Coalition) installation guidance (from Step 7 above). I think r13. All Rights Reserved. He sheathed all the sides of his home (took him 8 years for all 4 sides) before re-siding. The foam board portion of the job will cost about $1500. Bottom line is exterior foam insulation is a good investment. (I guess depending on the gauge I select it could be fairly heavy also.) This is a very dry area but should I use a vapor barrier with the insulation. Use pancake-head timber screws (FastenMaster HeadLok or similar) 24" o.c. Another insulation option available is foam insulation. we are replacing the roof first and adding overhangs and removing the patio covers. Place panels tightly together; some styles have tongue and groove edges, so one panel slips into the next. Will it cause interior moisture problems? Thanks in advance for your advice. Does that sound right?. Then Tyvek home wrap and foam insulation then new vinyl siding. Thanks again. My cape style home in New England was built in the mid-late 1950s. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Then inside, the stud bays are usually insulated with additional insulation (fiberglass, cellulose (dry, not wet), or spray foam). my question is this, is simply putting the wrap then the shake sufficient? Also, is the exterior of the wall sheathed with OSB or something else? I dont have any kind of experience about construction. then your siding. Stay on topic. But if you use wood clapboard siding, foam sheathing can cause trouble. 1″ foam on the lower is a potential double barrier if the lower walls are framed vs block. I will be using 2×6 walls with vinyl siding. Is that insulation ok? Some people prefer using it in their metal frame building because it doesn’t capture moisture like fiberglass insulation does. It is necessary to install furring strips horizontally after every 2 feet. Any opinion about putting Tyvek over or under the foam insulation. Tyvek is NOT designed as a product for older homes. Why insulation under the siding is important. This detail is used with both new construction and also with renovation work. Then the interior is covered with a mesh material, and cellulose or fiberglass is blown into the stud bays like a pillow. Asbestos Siding – Remove It or Leave It Alone? It is also the easiest type of insulation to install if your exterior metal panels are already attached to the frame (and you don’t want to remove them to install radiant barrier insulation). I'm also a licensed civil and structural engineer with extensive experience in civil and structural design and home construction. My house in New Hampshire was built in 1983 and was the original contractor’s home. The fellow whom I ask to do the job told me there is no such. A 1 1/2-inch thick sheet of rigid foam insulation has a R-value of 7.5. A framer who lives in one of those homes said there is metal diagonal bracing. Walls have blown in cellulose. Good luck. that penetrate the sheathing & stud by 1.5". Cover the insulation with a vapor barrier before you install it; all foam boards absorb water vapor. Set panels on the wall, starting at one end of the house, align the edges with the corner and bottom of the wall and nail them to studs with 3/8-inch head galvanized nails. How to Install Rigid Foam Board Insulation at Exterior Wall. The last two projects we built the architects had the foam on top of the building wrap.I think this is good because it allows the building sheathing to breath and not trap moisture against the sheathing or siding. As a result I’m looking at metal siding as an option. The bottom has some stone and some brick exterior against block. Will insulation help with the noise. Fan fold insulation is not as efficient as other insulation types, but the overall look has an aesthetic effect. There is no insulation in any of the downstairs exterior walls. We will be residing the cabin this summer and are wondering if adding 1 inch of XPS rigid insulation on the exterior walls and walk out will cause any moisture issues. Patty – I’d tend to agree with his approach, I’d be more concerned about the actual detail used over the old railing. With budgets tighter than ever now, contractors and do-it-youselfers are tearing off the original siding, and installing a thin foam board underneath claiming it … You’ll need longer nails for nailing trim and siding. Cover an entire wall and use a reciprocal saw to cut out openings for doors and windows, working from inside the house. For BIBS, there is always some sort of exterior sheathing. Readers are constantly asking if the rigid insulation is supposed to be installed over the building wrap or vice versa. Some manufacturers strongly caution against the use of drop-in type foam or fiberboard behind their vinyl siding. The windows are being removed and moved out the 2′ to line up with the foam board. Use nails long enough to penetrate the siding and foam board into the framing. Tyvek is designed for new homes ONLY. Q. But if you use wood clapboard siding, foam sheathing can cause trouble. In the end, the decision to install house wrap under your siding is a personal one that you should make after discussing it with your contractor. I am either going with spray foam or wet cellulose. Thanks so much. Q. I was thinking of installing 3/4″ rigid insulation on the exterior of a stucco house. However, if you’re interested, a residing project offers the perfect time to examine your home’s weather barrier and exterior insulation—and improve it, if need be. My research tells me that it is structural but it is not intended as a nailing base. Would appreciate any wisdom you can share. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, suggestions or you'd like to inquire about advertising on this site. This is fairly typical however Dupont suggests leaving them “open” to help the wall assembly breath. This is because some brands of foam insulation are stored folded and it unfolds like an accordion for easy installation. I run their design-build division that specializes in custom homes, commercial design-build projects and sub-divisions. Rigid Foam R-Value . Hi Todd, I’m insulating a 700 square foot cabin with a walkout lower level with a concrete block Foundation. XPS rigid-foam insulation outboard of my structural sheathing, so my question is: Is it OK to fasten the vinyl siding through the foam, or … Exterior insulation is a foam-like layer that is applied under the new siding. Now before I put up the new vinyl siding, I’m thinking that adding at least a 1/4″ fanfold foam layer would be a good idea, especially after reading your article. Install 1 by 3 furring strips over the insulation panels on top of each stud. There is no foam board under the siding now. Thanks in advance. Generally, the thicker the foam, the greater the insulator. Do you think there is any issues so far. This is especially true if the wall is filled with fiberglass batt insulation. Want to save 10% on a major purchase at Lowe's? The installation of the home outer layer on this flat foam panel is easy and has a perfectly professional look. 2″ is a mixed bag. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. A.Joe Lstiburek responds: Wood siding, including cedar siding, should be installed over an air space, regardless of the type of sheathing used. Foam insulation is an important part of maintaining energy efficiency inside and outside the home. OK. I’ll make sure I seal the sheets well. Out of these, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. Paul – I would likely install the building wrap over the old sheathing, then the foam, then firing strips, then siding as you outlined. Enter keywords like, 'insulation' or 'kitchens' etc to find your topic. Type your search KEYWORDS In the Box Above. Keep it clean. If it were my home, I’d save some extra money and do the sheathing. Vinyl siding alone offers very little improvement to reducing heat loss. if so that sounds fine. The second type of insulation is fan fold. If 1/2″ works better around the windows and doors, I’d stick with that, but do a great job sealing the sheets, air infiltration is a far bigger problem than the R value. under the vinyl siding. We live outside of Las Vegas so it very dry and hot but the temperatures will get to freezing sometimes. Is it a truly necessary step to have the foam on the sheathing before installing windows/doors or will it suffice to bring it right up the edges and just make sure things are taped securely? Could I create a new problem in the process? If so this is an offer you can't afford to miss! What are the risks of installing cedar siding directly over foil-faced rigid foam insulation?Should tar paper or housewrap be used as well? any water that will get behind your siding will be diverted by the foam insulation. Tyvek recommends putting the HomeWrap over the foam board. Pls. House wrap or foam board insulation helps insulate and level out the exterior of a house. We just don’t deal with stucco here much in our area. Todd, I am considering building a new house. Home is in New England. I think this will work, but I’ve never done it. Based on the findings of the inspection, revise the wall assembly plans and review specific detailing as needed. Rigid Board Spray Applied ... plus rigid foam insulation applied over the outside walls. Putting an insulation layer could help you to stay away from this issue. This type of insulation may change and flatten the contour of the panel, causing the siding … Thanks! Can vinyl siding be installed directly over foil-faced rigid foam? The bid I just got is from a company that wants to put vinyl siding with foam insulation attached to the siding on over the existing siding. The siding, a sheet product designed to mimic vertical boards, is structurally sound so it is being left in place and then covered with house wrap and foam. Not just another vinyl siding installation video. An architect in the Rocky Mountain west puzzles over details on a house that is to have an exterior layer of rigid foam insulation and board-and-batten siding. The house was built in the 1910s. To secure the foam, use two-inch cap nails. I s there any advantage/disadvantage to using both osb and rigid foam? No spam. I am thinking about replacing my siding. I thought I should show why continuous foam under the exterior siding is so important. I will be building in central Illinois. Currently the home has simply studs, batting, thin tar paper and the wood siding. I’ll use only moisture resistant sheetrock. Many people install vinyl siding or concrete board sding to improve the look and value of their home. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. PLEASE! Is it plywood, then building wrap, then siding? You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. Read also : Why Installing Insulation Under Metal Roof Matters? The furring strips should run vertically from floor to ceiling, or from eaves to rafters, if you are installing them on a sloped ceiling. In the next few weeks I am having the old siding stripped. I appreciate the help. If there is any bare foam board insulation on the exterior wall, it needs to be enclosed with cement board, stucco or metal. Using exterior rigid foam board insulation is a great way to make a building more energy efficient, quieter and more likely to prevent moisture infiltration problems. If I go with the exterior foam board, I am concerned about hanging heavy hardie board siding 2-4 inches away from the studs. Drive nails with a hammer through the foam board into the studs, nails spaced 24 inches apart along each stud. When installing the foam, use caulk or tape for maximum insulation between the material and the board … Put tape along the sides of windows and doors and fold it over onto the wood framing. Or just go with the siding. These panels can go on the exterior of a house, over the studs (typically a weak spot in an insulation system) but under the siding, a technique that works well in hot, humid climates, as the boards … The best installation of foam board insulation is at least an R-10 nailed to the sheathing surface with all seams taped. Have you moved recently are about to move? It typically is installed over rigid foam board insulation fastened to wood wall sheathing. Behind vinyl siding? Use a utility knife to trim around exterior faucets, electrical boxes or similar protrusions as you are covering the walls. Since retiring he has written freelance stories and a weekly computer security column. By clicking on 'Accept' or continuing to use this website, you agree that cookies can be placed. To attach the insulation, you can use screws with large washers, a special adhesive made for adhering foam board insulation or, for smaller pieces, you can seal them in with caulk or spray foam. © Copyright 2020 Hearst Communications, Inc. XPS is the most common type of exterior foam board but there are other types. It is a foam paneled insulation type with a thickness between ¼” and ¾”. To attach the foam board we use a cool tool from Paslode, their Cap Stapler does a great job holding the foam in place and also attaching the house wrap. If an interior vapor barrier isn’t used, then this is less of an issue. When we opened up the inside walls there was batt type insulation, between the studs and it has no sheeting at all, no moisture wrap either. I am not thinking about just residing all areas with vinyl. I don’t think builders should install wood siding directly over plastic foam insulation. Many houses built today have a "double wall" type of insulation, with fiberglass batts fastened between the studs on the inside and rigid foam board over the wall sheathing on the outside. I’m trying to do my homework before I start. Learn how your comment data is processed. By Glenn Hooper June 2, 2015. I’ve been searching the web looking for an answer to a siding question and came across this site so perhaps you’ll be able to ease my mind. I'm full time builder for a large construction company in New Hampshire. The upper part of the cabin has standard batting and no form of exterior insulation under the siding. The method works for both new construction and remodeling and doesn’t affect siding and trim details very much. Miles – The 1/4″ won’t cause a moisture problem in my opinion (it will breath). Generally, the thicker the foam, the greater the insulator. Taking old alum and clap board off. With foam sheathing, an air space is essential, both to reduce the siding’s water uptake and to provide … Thought about getting spray foam in that. Installation of this insulation type under fiber cement siding can create an incredible 600% more energy efficient home. Fan board then vinyl siding. I am in Canada and found places in the states however they don’t have distributors here in Canada. I am in the process of modernizing a 1960 ranch, on the water in Downeast Maine. I have a cement block wall on my garage that i want to side with vinyl siding…what type of insulation should i put betwwen the siding and the block wall, i am using firing strips 24oc…..i think the insulation will help firm up the siding as well. You’ll need to properly flash window and door openings. Some people use roofing nails, but if a strong gust of wind gets under the siding it may not hold. In fact, you can check if it is a correct insulation installation by pressing on the house siding. Foam plus wood siding is one thing (the wood has some strength, especially for impact loads), but foam and vinyl does give me some heart burn. Check with a building supply store in your area for specific suggestions, as there can be regional variations. The rim joist under the window appears to have only the 1/8" green foam, vinyl, and lap siding covering it, no other insulation. When you go to thicker insulation, it usually means modifying the trim too accommodate the thicker combination of insulation and siding. Very confused how to repair the siding. Putting an insulation layer could help you to stay away from this issue. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. Drainage with corrugated. If I were to install Tyvec, would it go on top of the OSB and under the insulation board? In speaking with manufacturers of the rigid foam (R-Max specifically) they have said that House Wrap is not required as long as you seal the seams well. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Probably the best bet is to get a local insulation company out, ask them for an opinion on any moisture issues. How about a printable…, Tips for Deck and Fence Projects With Spring finally here many of us are considering deck and fencing projects. Foam board insulation is easy to use and is a great DIY way to add some insulation. By Todd Fratzel on Insulation, Siding & Trim. Will this cause any condensation issues. Home Construction & Improvement™ is a Trademark of Front Steps Media, LLC. Check the wall framing for any deficiencies, rot, insect damage, etc. Read also : Why Installing Insulation Under Metal Roof Matters? Energy costs are never going down at least in the near future. And even though some manufacturers call it rigid foam insulation (for the purpose of vinyl siding), it basically has the same insulating value as a piece of plywood. Pat – The issue is a bit more complex. Thicker foam requires different details that make it tough to do after the fact. I still want to put 2-in. 3/4″ is pretty thick to not have some sort of solid blocking. It’s a great detail, but there’s lots of confusion around the industry on the topic. • To help the furring installer know where the framing members are so as to attach the furring to the framing, o Transfer the frame layout directly from wall framing to each attachment of rigid foam insulation or The windows were installed and flashed to the openings before the house wrap, and the house wrap is sealed to the windows with a flashing tape. Below are some of the design details along with the benefits of installing exterior rigid foam board insulation. hi todd I have a ranch home in MD built in 1988,I recently took off the brick on the front which only went half way up and vinyl siding and wanted to replace the windows with anderson,well I found out that the house was only sheated on the corners and silver foam on the walls,I removed the foam and found areas missing isulation and a few areas that were not up to my Icorrected them,sheated the front and put in anderson new construction windows put house wrap on then bricked the front all the way after seeing a mess on the front, I want to take off the vinyl siding and silver foam on rest of the house and correct any problems,then sheat the rest of the house with plywood and fir out around the windows with 3/4″ put new construction anderson windows in ,house wrap it and put on 3/4″ foam because we live in the country around many farm fields and we get much wind. I live in Alberta Canada and am worried about condensation. I have a guest at my store who wants to do this. Todd, Thanks for taking the time to answer my question. Hi Don, we are thinking of doing the exact same thing to our house in Ottawa, except our house is Angel stone instead of stucco. I have cut and replaced some of it and also had to replace some of the studs and bottom plate due to rot. In reality, rigid foam board (which sometimes comes in fanfold) usually only has an insulating factor of R-1, and DOES NOT add any appreciable insulation effect to your home. Hi Todd: I am having the siding removed from our house and 2″ foam board but under the siding. House was built in 1960. Anyone have some help and possible suggestions? Foam insulation is often referred to as fanfold. I was thinking to install strapping over the insulation and siding over the stapping. Step 3 – Install the Insulation. Please take some more time to explain the BIB system. i have never seen it done the other way, the staples will hold better in the Osb then the foam. Boards made from extruded polystyrene (XPS) or polyisocyanurate foam ("iso board"). The exterior insulation also helps keep the siding (all vinyl siding leaks!) There are several ways you can do to insulate the metal roof. This detail is used with both new construction and also with renovation work. Thanks for the info, Todd. One of the biggest advantages to installing exterior rigid foam board insulation is improved moisture control. You can install 3/4″ foam board to match the firing strips. Nailing wood siding directly to foam doesn’t work because nails have to be extra long to reach through the siding and foam to a solid nail base. February 13, 2013 Exteriors, Insulation & Air Sealing, Siding I’ve become a big fan of utilizing Outsulation on all my houses over the last 2-3 years. The reason the foam board should be at least an R-10 in because the thermal transference will be much less between the outside and the inside making condensation issues from thermal conductivity much less likely. What are your thoughts? Brick or cedar shakes require furring strip adaptation to be installed over foam. Thanks Karyn Ullyott. For more information, check out our. Luckily, if you know how to install traditional hollow vinyl siding, you can install insulated vinyl siding. In addition to the increase R value, the bigger advantage in my opinion is the improved air infiltration that’s realized with a properly installed layer of rigid foam insulation. The Vinyl Siding Institute recommends 3/4-inch nail penetration, but the International Residential Code requires 1 1/2 inch nail penetration for vinyl siding. More Home Improvement Cost Savings articles », DEWALT Table Saws DWE7480, DWE7490X, DWE7491RS. Hi Todd, Please explain the BIB system. My gut is telling me: house wrap, strapping, foam, then siding, so that there is an air space between foam and stucco….but I’d say speak with an local insulation contractor. Thank for your input. Also, if you’re putting fiberglass on the inside, do not use a vapor barrier. Almost any type of siding can be installed over the rigid foam -- cedar or redwood planks, exterior plywood sheets, cement fiber board or vinyl siding are common options. Fit the rigid foam insulation snugly and seal all seams with the specialized tape. It comes in standard-size 4×8 sheets, and smaller sizes, in many different thicknesses from 1/4 inch to 2 inches. The new line includes 3 new models; DWE7480 - 10" Compact Table Saw, DWE7491X - 10" Table Saw with Scissor Stand, and DWE7491RS - 10" Table Saw with….

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